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Students vow to propel professor to upset Tunisia presidential win

Tunis - At the political science faculty where Tunisian presidential candidate Kais Saied taught law, a devoted following of young voters swayed by his campaign propelled the political novice to the second round.

Sidelined young Afghans pen 'letters of pain' as war rages

Kabul - Omaid Sharifi, who heads a Kabul-based art collective, sits in his studio and leafs through a stack of dozens of hand-written letters, reading out sentences at random.

Beats replace bombs: young Iraqis revel at summer festival

Baghdad - Hundreds of Iraqi teenagers clapped along exuberantly to techno beats pumping across a makeshift dance hall on Friday night, a scene their capital had not witnessed in decades.

Protests pile pressure on Hong Kong's already-stressed youth

Fpo - Hong Kong's protests have ratcheted up already high stress levels among young people as they despair for their future under Beijing's heel in a city where anger has long simmered over inequality and sky-high property prices, experts warn.

Disenchanted activists demand Kazakhs 'wake up' before presidential vote

Almaty - In a country tightly run by one man for three decades, even small protests are a rarity.

Hong Kong's alienated youngsters split over Tiananmen vigil

Fpo - Hong Kong's youth are shunning their city's annual Tiananmen vigil, focused on fighting their own pro-democracy battles instead of commemorating a historical atrocity against compatriots from whom they feel steadily more alienated.

After crisis, Greek youth divided about EU

Atenas - As she ponders her future abroad, Greek university graduate Alexandra is unsure she wants to vote on May 26 for an EU structure she holds responsible for ravaging her country after its debt crisis.

A quarter-century later, Rwanda's genocide weighs heavily on its youth

Kigali - Every April 7, Rwanda recalls the hundreds of thousands of people who perished in the 1994 genocide -- an occasion that for many survivors triggers terrifying memories.

Pope warns against hate-fomenting 'fake news'

Vatican City - Internet-based "fake news" is fomenting prejudice and hatred, Pope Francis said on Tuesday, warning our culture "has lost its sense of truth and bends the facts to suit particular interests".

'Generation Nazarbayev' jokes, hopes after Kazakh leader resigns

Almaty - People under 30 in Kazakhstan have only known one leader -- Nursultan Nazarbayev, who announced his resignation this week after shepherding the country from the Soviet era.

Resist, forgive, submit? Afghan youth on hopes for peace

Kabul - Sitting in his male beauty shop, 25-year-old Zabihullah longs for peace in Afghanistan -- but not one that would see religious police beating people in the streets for their hairstyles or outfits.

Young and restless: Albanian youth see a future elsewhere

Tirana - After emerging from his hiding place inside a truck packed with children's toys at a British port, Alban Tufa saw the police and realised his attempt to slip into the country had failed.

Young Moldovans fight corruption as election nears

Chisinau - For Andrei Trupceac, the breaking point came when courts in his native Moldova overturned the results of a local election that had been won by an opposition candidate.

Facing cronyism and no work, young Haitians protest or flee

Port-au-prince - Whether using social media to fight corruption or marching in protests that have brought the country to a halt, the anger of Haiti's youth at their lack of prospects is boiling over in increasingly dramatic ways.

Pope to tackle dwindling vocations to priesthood at Panama meeting

Panama - Pope Francis will meet young student priests on Saturday on the fourth day of his visit to Panama for World Youth Day celebrations, a day after the clergy sex abuse scandal haunting his papacy returned to the spotlight.

'We exist' gays say in message to pope in Panama

Panama - A long and tender kiss between two women in downtown Panama on Friday was a quiet but symbolic message from the LGBT community to the visiting Pope Francis: "We exist!

Church sex abuse summit a bid for 'concrete change': Vatican

Panama - The Vatican said Friday that next month's meeting of Church leaders in Rome was a unique chance to tackle the "terrible plague" of child sex abuse by Catholic clergy.

Pope defends migrants, marginalized, at Panama meeting with young

Panama - Pope Francis railed Friday against the marginalization of convicts and others who society has deemed "sinners," and staunchly defended migrants as he joined hundreds of thousands of young Catholics in Panama.

Pope in Panama calls for rejection of 'all forms of corruption'

Panama - Pope Francis began his visit to Panama on Wednesday with a call to political leaders to reject "all forms of corruption" in a speech to the diplomatic community.

Pope in Panama blasts 'fears and suspicions' over migration

Panama - Pope Francis said in Panama Thursday that the Church must work to overcome the world's "fears and suspicions" of migration, and pledged his support for "all efforts" to avoid further suffering in crisis-torn Venezuela.

Bolivian youth orchestra plays for the future

- When Mariel Chura joined a youth orchestra at age 14, she did not even know what a viola was. Seven years later, she loves the instrument, which has offered her an escape from the hardships of everyday life in Bolivia's biggest coca-producing area.

Catholic Church fails to get on youth wavelength

Vatican City - Hailed as a chance for the Catholic Church to reconnect with today's young, a month-long meeting at the Vatican ended with a whimper Saturday as bishops from across continents fail to see eye to eye.

Catholic Church fails to get on youth wavelength

Vatican City - Hailed as a chance for the Catholic Church to reconnect with today's young, a month-long meeting at the Vatican has ended with a whimper as bishops from across continents fail to see eye to eye.

Sex: the elephant in the room at Vatican youth synod

Vatican City - "We mustn't be afraid of sexuality!" French prelate Emmanuel Gobillard urged the Vatican synod on the role of young people, trying to break down the enduring taboo in the 1.3 billion-member Church.

Advancing the participation of young women in tech

Toronto - A movement called #movethedial has been established, with the aim of advancing the participation and leadership of all women in tech. The organization is now accepting applications from youth (ages 14 – 24) with a passion for STEM subjects.

Film-maker talks about Greek youth documentary 'Freedom Besieged' Special

Award-winning Canadian-Greek film-maker Panayioti Yannitsos chatted with Digital Journal about his Greek youth documentary "Freedom Besieged."

Burger on wheels: Saudis try once 'lowly' jobs as economy bites

Apo - Dishing out burgers and fries slathered with melted cheese, "One Way Burger" is like any other trendy food truck in Riyadh. But it offers something rare -- the cook behind the sizzling hot grill is a Saudi.

Ukraine teens pen plays to bridge war divide

Kiev - A boy flees his war-scarred hometown, leaving his mother behind. A gay youth struggles for acceptance from his parents. A gang harasses a young black footballer.

Bane of Pakistani politicians: young voters with smartphones

Islamabad - The crowd of young Pakistanis, many armed with smartphones, surround the politician's car and begin streaming live footage of something extraordinary: angry voters asking their elected representatives what they have done for them lately.

2018 EDGY Conference to assist LGBTQ youth in Los Angeles

Los Angeles - On November 9, 2018, the EDGY Conference and its Garden Party fundraiser will be held in Los Angeles. This event benefits the LGBTQ youth.
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Youth have their own place at Toronto s Pride Week  2011
Youth have their own place at Toronto's Pride Week, 2011
Shane Mullins
Palestinian youth protest economy in Ramallah
Palestinian youth protest economy in Ramallah
File photo: Enjoying a game.
File photo: Enjoying a game.
Youth have their own place at Toronto s Pride Week  2011
Youth have their own place at Toronto's Pride Week, 2011
Shane Mullins
Students visiting Kensington Market
Students crossing the intersection.
David Silverberg
Wyatt Barber was a nine-year-old third-grader.
Wyatt Barber was a nine-year-old third-grader.
Jeff Fudge
Obama to Northern Ireland s youth:  You re an inheritor of a just and hard-earned peace
Obama to Northern Ireland's youth: "You're an inheritor of a just and hard-earned peace"
White House
Hanging out in New Orleans
Hanging out in New Orleans

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