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Youth News

Young Vietnamese quiz Obama on rap, weed and good looks

Ho Chi Minh - Barack Obama fielded questions Wednesday on everything from rap and weed smoking to his good looks at a lively meeting with young Vietnamese, who see the US leader as a far cry from their staid Communist rulers.

Pope tells teens 'happiness not an app'

Vatican City - Happiness is not an app you can download on your mobile phone, Pope Francis told thousands of teenagers on Sunday at a mass to mark a weekend dedicated to youth."Freedom is not always about doing what you want.

Pope Francis hears teenagers' sins

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Saturday heard confessions from 16 teenagers after a surprise appearance in St Peter's square to greet thousands of young people attending his holy year youth day.

Beleaguered Molenbeek struggles to fend off jihadist recruiters

Brussels - In Molenbeek, the rundown Brussels neighbourhood with the unenviable reputation as a haven for jihadists, residents are struggling to confront the threat of radicalism as recruiters increasingly go underground to prey on the area's youngsters.

Muslim mothers fight 'toxic' merchants of terror

Vienna - There were small signs that her son was changing: He prayed more and swapped jeans for traditional long tunics."But I wasn't worried. Not for one second did Syria enter my mind," Fatima Ezzarhouni told AFP.

Review: New on DVD for March 22 Special

This week’s releases include a couple of excellent TV series; a loyal adaptation of a childhood favourite; a comedy that exceeds expectations of hilariousness; and an Oscar winner’s feature follow-up.

Gaza rockers and rappers struggle to carve out a space

Gaza - Khamiss Abu Shaban's band would love to wow the kinds of crowds seen elsewhere, but in Hamas-run Gaza they struggle to find venues and instruments, let alone get permission to play.

Norwegian teens play refugees for a day

Norway - In a dark snowy forest, two military vehicles thunder by, the wailing sirens waking those who have just dozed off. Exhausted, the group must quickly pack up camp and resume their night march.

U.S. 'affluenza' teen faces Mexico deportation soon

- A US teenager known for using an "affluenza" defense in a deadly Texas drunk-driving accident could soon be deported from Mexico after dropping an appeal, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Mother of US 'affluenza' teen arrives back in US

Washington - A Texas woman accused of helping her teenage son flee the US in violation of his probation for killing four people while driving drunk arrived back in the US Thursday after being deported from Mexico, news reports said.

U.S. 'affluenza' teen wins Mexico deportation delay

- A fugitive US teenager on Wednesday won a three-day delay from deportation from Mexico where he was detained weeks after fleeing probation imposed for a deadly drunk-driving crash in Texas.

US 'affluenza' teen detained in Mexico

Guadalajara - A notorious Texas teenager has been detained in Mexico with his mother, weeks after holding a "going-away party" and fleeing probation imposed for a deadly drunk-driving crash, officials said Tuesday.

The street drug wreaking havoc in South African townships

- More than two decades after the end of apartheid, South Africa's youth hoped to be reaping the benefits of the country's fresh start, but a potent drug is taking a heavy toll on the most vulnerable.

Fed up and angry, Generation Oslo leads Palestinian unrest

Ramallah - An 18-year-old Palestinian, his face covered with a black-and-white keffiyeh, is fed up with talk about negotiations.

'Alexis betrayed us': Young Greeks turn their backs on Syriza

Atenas - Greece's radical-left Syriza party channelled the anger and hope of a generation when it swept to power in January -- but winning young voters over again in Sunday's elections will not be so easy.

Pope signs up for World Youth Day using iPad

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Sunday became the first person registered for next year's World Youth Day festivities, using an iPad to sign up while addressing thousands of pilgrims and tourists in Saint Peter's Square.

Young Hong Kongers seek new path in democracy battle

Hong Kong - With the defeat this week of the Beijing-backed political reform plan they slammed as "fake democracy", Hong Kong's young protesters are questioning how to take their fight forward as the gulf between them and mainland China widens.

Disengaged or disillusioned: Millions opt out of UK vote

Manchester - Inside the Paradise Mini-Mart, older residents of Manchester's notorious Moss Side district are taking a young man to task for his refusal to vote in next month's British election.

Youthful passion fuels 'Madama Butterfly' Special

Toronto - Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly” has been accused of racism, misogyny, and gross stereotyping. But at its heart, the opera is really about the passion of youth, and the consequences of choice.

Op-Ed: National service program: Better than today's Executive Action Special

President Obama has signed an Executive Action, allowing undocumented immigrants who came to the United States with their parents prior to age 16, to serve in U.S. military forces.

A tale of two forums on the future of Europe Special

Athens - Two drastically different forums focused on young people took place in the last two weeks, showing the deep divide over the role the new generation should have in bringing about change in Europe.

Myanmar opposition youth seek louder voice

Yangon - Aung San Suu Kyi's Myanmar opposition party faced calls to inject new blood into its ageing top ranks as it opened a landmark conference Saturday dedicated to its youth wing.

Concussions and youth sports Special

Suffering from a concussion can occur in any sport, and at all levels of play. The U.S. Center for Disease Control estimates 1.6 million to 3.8 million concussions occur in sports and recreational activities each year.

Youth water education flows through Ontario this summer Special

Toronto - The Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) is supporting the Children’s Water Education Council (CWEC), by participating at various Children’s Water Festivals this summer.

South Africa's 'born-frees' cast first ballots

Soweto - Nervous but excited, South Africa's "born-free" generation voted for the first time on Wednesday, with many still expressing a deep gratitude to the ruling African National Congress for leading the struggle against apartheid.

Op-Ed: Pope John Paul II's canonization and rainbows that circle the sun

Pope Francis has declared Pope John Paul II a Roman Catholic Saint. Having been a local witness to this event, I recalled seeing Pope John Paul II in action when I was a youth participant of the 1993 8th World Youth Day in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Argentina weighs plastic surgery ban for minors

Buenos Aires - Lawmakers in Argentina are considering a bill that would ban plastic surgery for patients under the age of 18.The measure aims to stem the popularity of cosmetic surgery among Argentina's youth, in a beauty-obsessed nation where the popularity of such ...

New video game tries to combat cyberbullying

A new simulation video game from Pixelberry Studios is teaming up with The Cybersmile Foundation to battle many issues a typical high school student goes through, including bullying.

Op-Ed: Banning fun — Tyranny on the rise in schools

A Long Island middle school has taken away virtually all playground equipment, banning "anything that might hurt someone."

Emerging tobacco products gaining popularity among youth

Emerging tobacco products like e-cigarettes and hookahs are gaining popularity among U.S. middle- and high-school students, according to a report from the CDC.
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Youth Image

Hanging out in New Orleans
Hanging out in New Orleans
Youth have their own place at Toronto s Pride Week  2011
Youth have their own place at Toronto's Pride Week, 2011
Youth have their own place at Toronto s Pride Week  2011
Youth have their own place at Toronto's Pride Week, 2011
Shane Mullins
Palestinian youth protest economy in Ramallah
Palestinian youth protest economy in Ramallah
Several young women at a Project Wildfire workshop
Several young women at a Project Wildfire workshop
Courtesy Project Wildfire
The cereal that the village youths produce is providing the much-needed nutrition to young children ...
The cereal that the village youths produce is providing the much-needed nutrition to young children of their own village
A young woman heats oil in a large wok in Kurri village of central India to fry grains for making th...
A young woman heats oil in a large wok in Kurri village of central India to fry grains for making the cereal.
Youth have their own place at Toronto s Pride Week  2011
Youth have their own place at Toronto's Pride Week, 2011
Shane Mullins