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Op-Ed: 'How I Met Your Father' actually gets pilot

As stated in a press release Friday afternoon, CBS announced that they have given a pilot production commitment to the 'How I Met Your Mother' spinoff, actually titled, 'How I Met Your Father.'

Games you can't play in front of your girlfriend

well, that is if you...actually have one, if not, play away.

Your fate: Are you a physco or not?

How you awnser this will determine your fate

What are the Odds of Dying (Picture)

Odds of Dying of various diseases and causes, Picture

Calculate your sleep debt

Sleeping longer is good for you.

How not to get your @ss kicked by the police

Chris takes us through this wonderful guide

Know your rights as a Photographer

USA Today covering your rights as a photographer.

Love is in....your handheld! PALM or iPod

Love is in your handheld, a marketing message used to sell leather cases for Palms, iPods for 20% Off.

How to jump-start your car

In the "things we should already all know but probably don't" category, eHow has a tutorial (with pictures) for jump-starting your car.

Be prepared to lose your job!

How okay would you be financially if you were to lose your job today?

Prolong your iPod's battery life

Playlistmag has an article detailing steps you can take to keep your iPod's battery juiced for as long as possible on your next road trip.

Share your iPod music with Sharepod

Well it might not be wireless and Zuneriffic, but Sharepod makes sharing your music on the iPod a whole lot easier.

10 reasons to make your next camera a digital SLR

Don't buy a digital camera , buy a SLR!

How to mod your Xbox!

Modding the Xbox in 10 Minutes

First aid advice on your iPod!

Save a life with your iPod!

Sync your iPod with Windows Media Player 11

A new utility called Dopisp makes it possible.

Will Ferrell tells you how to train your dog

Hilarious, as Will Ferrell always is. ;)

Fold your own envelopes!

How to make your own crafty envelopes!

How to clean up your scratched iPod

Fix those nasty scratches on your iPod!

Use your iPod as the ultimate presentation accessory!

Become the best at presentations.

Three great apps to keep your Dock clean!

Simple tips to make Mac users more productive.

Make eBooks for your iPod!

As simple as 1.2.3!

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