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Young adults News

Inflammatory syndrome linked to COVID-19 found in young adults

New York City - Doctors are beginning to see the mysterious coronavirus-linked inflammatory syndrome thought to be restricted to children and young adolescents, in adults in their early 20s, according to news reports.

Dietary supplements land 63 people in ER every day in U.S.

Injuries caused by weight loss and energy supplements are sending over 20,000 young adults and teens to the emergency room every year in the U.S., most often for cardiovascular events.

Almost 2 million young adults have chlamydia in U.S.

Nearly two million young adults aged 14 to 39 in the U.S. have the sexually transmitted disease (STD) chlamydia, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Officials also report that most people don't know they are infected.

Review: A must-read: 'Ordinary Beauty' by Laura Wiess Special

Most authors create characters their readers can relate to. I cannot identify with 17-year-old Sayre, Laura Wiess’ latest heroine. However, I was literally crying as I turned the pages of ‘Ordinary Beauty.’

Review: The Lorien Legacies continues with 'The Fall of Five' Special

Contemporary author Pittacus Lore is among the most recognized names for voracious young readers. His bestselling series, The Lorien Legacies, offered a glimpse of possibilities for those who wish to explore the unknown.

Op-Ed: Young, educated, and underemployed

You’ve just graduated with a bachelor’s degree. You work full-time at Starbucks to pay off your student loans, while you search for jobs in your discipline on the side. Months later, you find yourself back where you first started.

Canadian housing market may be unattainable for young adults

According to a new study by RBC Bank, the Canadian housing market could be facing some major challenges in 2013 if interest rates begin to rise. For young adults these rates and the overall costs may be a factor for living with mom and dad.

The kids aren't moving out, more young adults live at home in US

In 2011 23 percent of families with children younger than 15 with married couples had a stay at home mother. This number has shown a decrease since the recession by 1 percent.

Study: Energy drinks pose health risk to children, young adults

Data gathered during a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Miami have shown that consumption of energy drinks by young adults and children can lead to a number of health problems.

Fight at Ontario apartment building leaves three injured

Whitby - Uncooperative witnesses are deterring police in Whitby after a fight at an apartment building left three people injured.

Young adults in Nova Scotia bitten by gambling bug

They may be too young to get into casinos but that has not stopped youth in Nova Scotia from becoming addicted to gambling.

Researchers Study Hidden Homicide Trend

Gun-related homicide among young men rose sharply in the United States in recent years even though the nation’s overall homicide rate remained flat.

Study Says Movies Influence Young Adult Smoking

A recently published paper from researchers at all work for Center for Tobacco Control Research states that increased exposure to smoking in the movies is significantly associated with young adults beginning to take up smoking.

Facebook Beats MySpace and YouTube Among Young Adults

Facebook is the most popular site among young adults 17-25 age group.

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