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Young News

Meet Lilo Baier: Rising child singer and entertainer

Young singer, actress, and dancer Lilo Baier is making a name for herself in the contemporary entertainment scene, where she is a triple threat.

'Pioneer' US astronaut John Young, dead at 87

Washington - John Young, a legendary US astronaut who went into space six times, orbited the moon and then walked on its craggy surface, has died, NASA announced Saturday.He was 87 and died late Friday of complications from pneumonia, the space agency said.

Australians mourn loss of AC/DC's Malcolm Young

Sydney - Australians paid tribute to AC/DC co-founder and fellow countryman Malcolm Young on Sunday, a day after the legendary guitarist passed away aged 64.

AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young dies aged 64

Paris - AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young has died aged 64 after suffering for several years with dementia, the band announced Saturday.Young founded the Australian rock group with his brother Angus, who said he will leave "an enormous legacy".

Review: Nicky Romero stuns on remix of The Chainsmokers' 'Young' Special

World renowned DJ and Dutch producer Nicky Romero is back with a very special remix. It is a bootleg of The Chainsmokers' "Young."

Stop texting during mealtimes, pope tells youngsters

Vatican City - Pope Francis told youngsters Friday to get off their phones during family meals, warning that the death of face-to-face conversations can have dire consequences for society, even resulting in wars.

Doing it for the kids: Sanders and Clinton court youth vote

Durham - What they lack in chemistry they make up for in drive: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are determined to stand united for the sake of defeating Donald Trump.

Grey Brexit vote angers younger Britons

London - Young people vented their anger on Saturday against more eurosceptic older voters as they came to terms with a momentous referendum to pull Britain out of the EU, with the hashtag #NotInMyName trending on Twitter."I feel angry.

Report: Dwindling economy sends mortality of young girls soaring

According to a report compiled by child rights and development organizations like Plan International, World Bank, and Development Institute, a dwindling global economy is sending worldwide female infant mortality soaring.

Children as young as two assessed for mental health issues

Children as young as two are being quizzed on their spirituality. Studies will be conducted on children to check their mental health and well-being.

Op-Ed: Young African Immigrants and the Law in Canada

Vancouver - One of the huge problems the Canadian government is facing is the rising crime rate among young people from immigrant communities across the country.

Train kills elephants trying to protect young in India

When two elephant calves became stuck on railway tracks, adults crowded around the young to protect them. All seven of the animals were then killed by a freight train speeding through the forest.

Study: Baby-faced people live longer

Baby-faced people look cute and young, and they even live longer, according to a new study released by Danish researchers at the British medical journal (BMJ).

Study shows swine flu gets critical quickly, affects young most

A Canadian study demonstrates that after initial hospitalization H1N1 swine flu patients became critical rapidly - leading to low blood oxygen levels and multiple organ failures.

Young Guantanamo prisoner says "I'm a human being"

On Wednesday Mohammed Jawad, a young Guantanamo bay prisoner who is accused of a crime, called the Guantanamo war court illegal and unfair and then refused to participate in the trial any further.

Mesozoic Romance: Dinosaurs bred young

Even the dinosaurs had precocious teenagers. New evidence indicates that they started breeding at pre-adult ages. One thing that’s becoming clear is that they definitely didn’t breed like reptiles, much more like birds or mammals.

Seychelles Bird Rears Young With The Help Of Grandparent Birds

A bird that is native to the Seychelles, the Seychelle warbler, has been discovered to rear its young ones with the help of grandparent birds. This behaviour has never been spotted in birds until now.

Silver surfers beat the young as Web wizards

Retired people surfing the internet are spending more time online than their younger counterparts. "Silver surfers" dedicate an average of 42 hours a month to the World Wide Web, compared with 37.9 hours among 18 to 24-year-olds.

Wal-Mart to Prosecute Young Shoplifters

Wal-Mart is recommending its stores prosecute shoplifters at a younger age, tightening guidelines for store managers as it seeks to put a cap on rising theft that has eroded its profit.

Op-Ed: Growing up, a Young Point of View

One of the things that many people dread is the fact that no one is getting younger anytime soon, and everyone will eventually become old. Some times it is funny just to watch people desperately try to maintain their youth.

Caught In The Act of Nabbing Tools

Three thieves were caught on a security camera helping themselves to a large amount of tools and equipment from the back of a lorry. The iron workers truck they were stealing from was parked directly under a camera which shot the whole thing

Two Little Boys Found Dead in Mom's Trunk

Two young brothers had accidentally locked themselves in the trunk of their mother's car. They were found dead about four hours after they were reported missing by their grandparents.

Face of Abortion in China: A Young, Single Woman

Abortion in China is no longer associated with married women complying with the country's one-child policy.

Police seek thug who mugged girl, 7, at church

Winnipeg CA police hope a composite sketch will help them find a thug who mugged a seven-year-old girl at knifepoint on the steps of a church.

Leave me be, 98-year-old woman tells young admirer

A 98-year-old Mexican woman has filed a legal complaint against a suitor 50 years her junior who she said tried to kiss her and threatened to kill her if she didn't let him move in with her.

LEAKED: Rangers Make $80 Million Deal With Michael Young

News was SUPPOSED to be announced tomorrow, but was made public by an "anonymous" source today.

Young Moroccans leave to fight in Iraq

The 'Holy Wars' in Iraq and Afghanistan are recruiting would be martyrs from as far away as Morocco.

School Raises Alarm After Man and Woman In Van Try To Lure Young Kids

Are a man and woman working together in an attempt to abduct young girls? That is the new report in the Toronto area.

Young couple in India killed on the orders of village council

Villagers in northern India beat a young couple to death and burned their dismembered remains after a local council ordered the killing.

World"s Youngest Sex Change, Tim becomes Kim

Worlds first youngest sex change which transformed a 12-year-old BOY to a 14-year-old GIRL
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Young actress Chloe Perrin in  Mary
Young actress Chloe Perrin in 'Mary'
Courtesy of RLJE Films
Young actor Michael Campion of  Fuller House
Young actor Michael Campion of 'Fuller House'
Robert Kazandjian
White rhinoceros Ceratotherium simum with young at the zoo of Muenster  Germany
White rhinoceros Ceratotherium simum with young at the zoo of Muenster, Germany
Manfred Heyde
Friends bring murdered teen s coffin to soccer match
in Cucuta town Colombia
Friends bring murdered teen's coffin to soccer match in Cucuta town,Colombia
CrimeSiteNl's Channel
A young girl eating a hot dog
A young girl eating a hot dog
Supplied by JT's Law
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. [ Frank Herbert. Dune. ]
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. [ Frank Herbert. Dune. ]
Young artist Vedder Gabriel
Young artist Vedder Gabriel
Photo Courtesy of Vedder Gabriel
A young Candidate Officer shows off his skills with his naval sword.
A young Candidate Officer shows off his skills with his naval sword.

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