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YouTube announces its own streaming service: YouTube Music

Each month YouTube is home to over one million music fans, where they can discover and enjoy new music, and explore pop culture further.

YouTube to challenge Spotify and Apple Music with new service

YouTube has announced it is to take on its rivals at Amazon, Spotify and Apple and it will launch a video and audio music streaming service.

YouTube will start bugging you if you binge too much

Google wants to help users spend less time on YouTube. This week, users will be able to set up reminders telling them to take a break, and the app will get options to reduce the number of notifications they get during the day.

YouTube video reunites Indian man with family after 40 years

Mumbai - An Indian man missing for 40 years was to be reunited with his family on Thursday after a YouTube video of him singing a popular Hindi film song went viral.

Courtney Henggeler discusses 'Cobra Kai' series, Gary Oldman Special

Actress Courtney Henggeler chatted with Digital Journal about the new "Cobra Kai" series on YouTube, which comes out on May 2. She opens up about the digital transformation of entertainment, and offers advice for hopefuls who wish to go into acting.

Luis Fonsi's 'Despacito' is the most-viewed video on YouTube

International Latin superstar Luis Fonsi has a digital milestone to celebrate. His video for "Despacito" is the most-viewed music video of all time on YouTube.

Police were warned of shooter grudge against YouTube

San Francisco - Police said Wednesday they had been alerted that the Iran-born animal rights activist who shot three people before killing herself at YouTube's California headquarters, was believed to have a vendetta against the online giant.

YouTube shooting shows how fake news spirals on social media

Paris - Within minutes of the shooting at YouTube offices in California, social media was awash with conspiracy theories and images of the supposed "shooter" wearing a Muslim headscarf.

Female suspect dead, several hurt in YouTube shooting

San Bruno - Gunfire erupted at YouTube's offices in California Tuesday, leaving three people wounded and sparking a panicked escape before the suspected shooter -- a woman -- apparently committed suicide.

Google expands YouTube Director Onsite to 170 U.S. cities

Google has announced it is expanding YouTube Director Onsite to more cities across the U.S. The service allows SMBs to work with professional video directors and creators to build their own video ads. The only requirement is they commit to ad spending.

Poor internet access no limit to Cuban YouTubers

Havana - Frank Camallerys paces Havana's Malecon esplanade with a telephone at the end of a pole, seducing thousands of internet users with images of Cuba despite the communist island's limited web access.

Op-Ed: YouTube tries to police its channels as conspiracy theories go on

YouTube was supposed to clean up its site this year, pledging to weed out "bad actors," especially after advertisers voiced concerns their advertised brands were appearing next to extremist content.

Google admits YouTube hosted malicious crypto-mining ads

Google's said it's developing new techniques to detect malicious crypto-mining adverts after YouTube was caught displaying them to unsuspecting users. Ad-based miners are a new form of malware that generate revenue while slowing down the user's device.

YouTube star Casey Neistat parts ways with Beme

YouTube star Casey Neistat has made an announcement that he is parting ways with CNN, a little over a year after CNN bought his app, Beme, for approximately $25 million.

Suicide victim video by YouTube star sparks anger in Japan

Toukyo - Japanese social media reacted with a storm of outrage to a video by YouTube star Logan Paul showing a suicide victim in a forest near Mount Fuji, as anger spread over the now-deleted video on Wednesday.

YouTube star apologizes for viral suicide video

Washington - Actor and YouTube celebrity Logan Paul apologized for posting a video of a suicide victim in Japan that reportedly was viewed by six million people before being deleted.

North Korea 'more opaque' after YouTube propaganda ban: monitors

Seoul - North Korea has become "more opaque" to the outside world following a decision by YouTube to silence an official propaganda channel, a monitoring group has warned, as new sanctions over Pyongyang's nuclear programme begin to bite.

Op-Ed: Academics protest YouTube's closure of North Korean channels

San Bruno - Academics are angry that YouTube has shut down two North Korean news, and propaganda channels and has urged the company to reinstate them as they provided valuable insights about the country including into their nuclear program.

YouTube shuts down North Korea propaganda account

Seoul - YouTube has cut off access to a state-run North Korean propaganda channel, as the US seeks to impose tougher sanctions following Pyongyang's recent nuclear and missile tests.

Merkel reaches out to young voters on YouTube

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel, campaigning Wednesday for the youth vote on YouTube ahead of September 24 elections, said her favourite emoticon was the "smiley" and dismissed fears about a potential World War III.

YouTube unveils built-in direct messaging feature

YouTube has started rolling out an in-app messaging feature designed to keep conversations about videos within the walls of its platform. The mobile-only chat hub lets you send messages directly to other YouTube users, without using public comments.

Smash hit 'Despacito' becomes most viewed YouTube video

New York - "Despacito" -- the racy Spanish-language global smash hit throbbing with sexual innuendo -- racked up another record Friday, supplanting "See You Again" as the most watched video on YouTube.

Google to merge YouTube Red and Play Music into a single service

Google is preparing to merge together its YouTube Red and Play Music streaming subscriptions into a single combined service. The company wants to offer potential customers "one offering" after hearing reports that the current system is too confusing.

Huge growth in mobile video to push ad market to $18bn in 2018

The continued trend towards mobile video is expected to increase spending on adverts for the format by 49 percent in 2018. It will push the total value of the market above $18 billion while causing a decline in the spending on desktop video ads.

Woman shoots boyfriend in YouTube stunt gone wrong

In a social media stunt that has gone terribly wrong, a woman has shot her boyfriend dead as part of a YouTube stunt. The aim was for the boyfriend to stop a bullet with a book while his girlfriend shot him.

US tech giants join forces against terror content

San Francisco - Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube announced Monday the launch of an anti-terror partnership aimed at thwarting the spread of extremist content online.

Google launches new experimental YouTube party app for the iPhone

Google has opened up access to an experimental YouTube app to all iPhone users. Called Uptime, the app offers a more social YouTube experience that lets you watch videos together in a group. It's meant to be accessible, fun and focused on sharing.

Kremlin woos bloggers but YouTube generation is not 'selling out'

Moscow - Russian authorities may have succeeded at quashing dissent on television and mass media but a new generation of voters has found a way to still get relevant news: on YouTube.

YouTube to ban ads on hateful and demeaning videos

YouTube has announced a revision of its ad policies that will see all monetisation revoked from videos with hateful, incendiary and demeaning content. The company has also addressed videos which use characters from family entertainment "inappropriately."

YouTube's dramatic design overhaul is now official

Over a year since Google started public testing of a radical overhaul of YouTube's website, the company has made the new look official. The revamped design is the most substantial change to YouTube in years. Google said future features will arrive faster.
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The Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus) has been around for at least 170 million years  an...
The Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus) has been around for at least 170 million years, and it is the earth's largest extant amphibian.
YouTube screen grab
A few of the shots taken are quite majestic  as you can see for yourself.
A few of the shots taken are quite majestic, as you can see for yourself.
YouTube, GoPro
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YouTube for Kids is designed to make it easy to allow children to experience the best of YouTube in ...
YouTube for Kids is designed to make it easy to allow children to experience the best of YouTube in a way appropiate to their age
Daredevils laughing in the face of nature s fury  or highly risky behavior?
Daredevils laughing in the face of nature's fury, or highly risky behavior?
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This photo shows Tre vonte Mitchell  who skipped his sentencing hearing.
This photo shows Tre'vonte Mitchell, who skipped his sentencing hearing.
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Gregory Brothers
Gregory Brothers
Gregory Brothers
YouTube sensation and pop singer Tyler Ward
YouTube sensation and pop singer Tyler Ward
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Videos of the woman in black preaching to listeners have also surfaced.
Videos of the woman in black preaching to listeners have also surfaced.
Crowds of young YouTube enthusiasts gather around an online celebrity  for a group photo.
Crowds of young YouTube enthusiasts gather around an online celebrity for a group photo.
The YouTube website in April 2015
The YouTube website in April 2015
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YouTube user   daviator358   and girlfriend hold the last letter of their project.
YouTube user, "daviator358," and girlfriend hold the last letter of their project.
A still from the YouTube video  We are all Steve   dedicated to Steve Jobs
A still from the YouTube video "We are all Steve", dedicated to Steve Jobs
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YouTube Director Onsite
YouTube Director Onsite
Screenshot of YouTube video of  Friday Night Tykes
Screenshot of YouTube video of "Friday Night Tykes"
Those who can handle the impact will likely get a thrill from the Sky Fall.
Those who can handle the impact will likely get a thrill from the Sky Fall.
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