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Warrant issued for Ohio man in animal cruelty case

Akron - A man who pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree animal cruelty skipped his sentencing hearing at the Akron, Ohio Municipal Court on Friday, and law officials have issued a warrant for his arrest.

Strangers move into man's house, change locks, and won't leave

Portland - Moving into a new house is never a stress-free experience, but it's even more stressful when complete strangers move in and decide to break-in the new house for you and change the locks in the process.

Video: Bush accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, challenges Clinton

Crawford - If you spend any time on social media sites, you have undoubtedly seen a recent flood of videos showing friends, family members, celebrities, athletes and now former presidents getting doused with a bucket of ice water.

With sale looking likely, Vevo keeps growing brand

Can Vevo survive life after YouTube? Will it be sold to the highest bidder? The company is hoping for both, and moving swiftly in the new-media sphere to hedge its bets.

Fan-made film of Black Panther superhero goes viral Special

A viral fan film starring the Black Panther has excited fans and garnered a lot of attention over the past three weeks. Will the passion project help bring the first black superhero to the big screen?

Boyce Avenue talks Teen Choice Award nod, music and future plans Special

YouTube sensation Alejandro Manzano from Boyce Avenue chatted about their recent Teen Choice Award nomination and their future plans in music.

VIDEO: Bear turns lifeguard, saves drowning crow

Budapest - Its not often you see a grizzly bear appear to act out a scene from the popular television show Baywatch, but that is exactly what visitors at the Budapest Zoo witnessed recently.

Universal Music looks to YouTube for next stars

Call it the pursuit of low-hanging fruit. Call it the result of industry savvy. You can call Universal Music Group’s recent foray into the world of YouTube stardom whatever you want. For the company, though, these signings simply make good business sens

Successful YouTuber pays off his parents' mortgage

Most parents have the weight of having a mortgage to pay, and they carry that weight for a good portion of their lives. Timothy 'DeLaGhetto' saw how hard his parents worked, and he promised them that he would pay off their home one day.

Op-Ed: Time to press pause on Soundcloud backlash

It's time to press pause on the backlash against Soundcloud and Universal Music Group after the pair have been accused of issuing takedown notices for copyrighted music.

YouTube star Michelle Phan being sued for copyright infringement

Michelle Phan, a YouTube star with more than 6 million subscribers, is being sued by a dance music label for copyright infringement.

TV apps allow for new kind of celebrity status and monetization

During the early age of television, entertainers were equivalent to Gods. From Dick Clark and Johnny Carson, to Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball, celebrities were held on these unattainable pedestals.

YouTube more popular than live TV Special

Mountain View - A new report by Noah Sterling on Mashable says YouTube is now more popular than broadcast TV. The Google-owned video hosting site continues to grow in popularity, but increasing numbers of channels controlled by hate groups are raising red flags.

Aspiring jewelry store robbers fail miserably, lucky to be alive

Fresno - In what looked more like a comedy scene from the Keystone Cops, a pair of would be armed robbers bit off more than they could chew, and the entire incident was caught on tape.

Tiny shark with big dreams takes on snorkeler (Video)

A shark smaller than many ocean fish apparently had dreams of becoming the next Jaws when he went after a snorkeler two months ago.

Video: Park ranger fired for dancing in an 'offensive' manner

Chattanooga - One park ranger was caught on camera doing a dance which one citizen found quite offensive. He was fired for it and now many sectors of the Internet are rushing to save his job.

Op-Ed: YouTube subscription service vs independent artists

As new ideas on how to rehabilitate the music industry crop up daily, it should be no surprise that YouTube is preparing to throw its hat in the paid music subscription ring. However, the Internet video mecca's plan appears to favor the major labels.

Viral video: Super Mario pop anthem parody

Los Angeles - Five guys known as The Warp Zone released their latest production: a Super Mario parody set to OneRepublic's hit "Love Runs Out." Check out "Lives Run Out" here.

Live the life of a real cat with 'Catlateral Damage'

Have you ever wanted to play a force of nature destroying the home of a defenseless human being? Well now you can see how your own cat feels when they destroy you home with 'Catlateral Damage'.

YouTube announces plans to block artists

YouTube directors have announced plans to block any artists who do not join their ad-free streaming program. This could have some serious implications for indie artists.

YouTube star Tyler Ward talks touring, music and New York show Special

YouTube and pop-rock sensation Tyler Ward chatted about his music career and upcoming show in New York as part of his "Sincerely Yours" tour.

Op-Ed: Online workouts — YouTube or professional videos?

The Internet has brought us a new wave of fitness bloggers and digital workout programs; the at-home workout realm has completely changed since the days of walking in place to a Jane Fonda VHS.

Turkey lifts controversial YouTube ban

Istanbul - Turkey lifted a controversial ban on YouTube on Tuesday, days after the country's top court ruled that it breached the right to free speech.

Police were unaware mass shooting suspect had weapons

Santa Barbara - Authorities who visited a 22-year-old Isla Vista man three weeks before he allegedly killed six University of California students and then shot himself did not check records that would have told them he had purchased three guns.

Gangnam Style hits two billion views on YouTube

The video for Gangnam Style has become the first YouTube video to be watched more than two billion times. The hit, by the South Korean rapper Psy, was first released in July 2012.

From YouTube to Hollywood: Web series gets book & movie deal Special

A popular YouTube-based web series will soon be coming to book stores and theaters near you as The Weinstein Company announces their film and book adaptation of The Haunting of Sunshine Girl.

Chubby dancing Korean baby takes over YouTube (Video)

Sorry Psy, your position on YouTube has now been replaced by someone much younger, cuter (and chubbier). This baby girl and her friend rocked for the camera and are now going viral.

Turkey's top court rules YouTube ban violates rights

Ankara - Turkey's top court ruled on Thursday that a blanket ban on YouTube violated individual rights and freedoms, clearing the way for the popular video-sharing site to come back.

Review: Midnight Red covers Shakira and Rihanna in new music video Special

Pop boy band Midnight Red covers "Can't Remember to Forget You," a collaboration by such female mega-stars Shakira and Rihanna.

Turkey keeps YouTube ban in place despite court orders

Ankara - Turkey's government on Thursday said it would keep its block on YouTube in place despite two separate courts ordering the ban be lifted.
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Workers planted each stalk carefully to create this masterpiece.
Workers planted each stalk carefully to create this masterpiece.
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Tube-a-Tweet-a-Thon Holiday Spectacular
Tube-a-Tweet-a-Thon Holiday Spectacular
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Gregory Brothers
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Chris Cannon offers Canada as the next President of the United States.
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