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YouTube music videos may get teens hooked to booze, cigarettes

A study examining Youtube music videos from Britain's top 40 chart has questioned whether the high prevalence of alcohol and tobacco consumption in the videos might be a strategy by companies to target teenage audiences.

Turkey YouTube ban violated freedom of expression: Europe court

Strasbourg - The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that Turkey had violated conventions on freedom of expression when it banned YouTube for more than two years.

YouTube Kids app criticized over junk food marketing videos

Groups in the United States found promotional videos for Oreos, Coca-Cola and other junk food products in YouTube's Kids app, and the groups want regulators to investigate it.

Google launches YouTube Music to mixed reviews

Google has officially launched YouTube Music in the U.S. The service is designed to take on rival streaming apps including Spotify and Apple Music. Users can listen for free or enjoy an "amplified experience" for a $9.99 per month subscription.

Mat Clayton, one of the creative minds behind Mixcloud Special

Online radio platform Mixcloud has recently launched an exclusive app for the latest version of Apple TV. Co-founder Mat Clayton filled Digital Journal in on the details.

Corey Vidal: The art of YouTubing is not what you think Special

Corey Vidal has never had a video with as many hits as the one that made him "go viral" — but that's completely okay, as he explained at Toronto's nextMEDIA conference.

Google unveils ad-free subscription YouTube for $10 a month

Google has today taken the wraps off its long-rumoured YouTube subscription service. For $9.99 a month, members will get ad-free access to every video on the service as well as exclusive benefits including offline download and background playback.

Google launches YouTube Gaming to compete against Twitch

Google has launched its new version of YouTube dedicated to gamers. The website and app will make it easy for players to watch and broadcast the games they love most, throwing YouTube into direct competition with the Twitch streaming service.

Watch this rare video of the Stygiomedusa Gigantea jellyfish

YouTube user Phillip Trudeau says the Stygiomedusa Gigantea was spotted by a remotely operated vehicle at about 3,330 feet below sea level near the Gulf of Mexico. This jellyfish has only been seen around 100 times in the last century.

Facebook faces allegations of video copyright infringement

Facebook's video platform is booming, but some video makers claim that users are taking content without permission from YouTube and posting it on Facebook without credit.

YouTube begins rollout of new transparent, smoother video player

Google has begun to update the main YouTube website design to use a new transparent video player that has less intrusive controls than before. The change is the first of several planned additions this year.

Sage Summit 2015: YouTube’s Chad Hurley on entrepreneurs

New Orleans - Chad Hurley, the long-time CEO of YouTube, told an audience of 8,000 people in New Orleans for Sage Summit 2015 that a key business tip is to “surround yourself with great people, and have fun.”

YouTube app 'streamlining' makes vertical playback easier

Earlier this week, Google announced an update to its YouTube app for mobile devices. It introduces a proper vertical video playback mode, making it easier for people to view clips taken on smartphones in portrait orientation, alongside a refreshed design.

Facebook beats YouTube at getting ad clicks, says report

A new report from Adobe shows that when it comes to getting users to click on ads, Facebook is doing a better job than YouTube and other competitors.

YouTuber PewDiePie made $7.45 million profit last year

YouTuber PewDiePie made a massive $7.45 million in profit last year, according to a new report. PewDiePie gained such fame for his video game reviews, playthroughs, tutorials and vlogs that he has become the most successful YouTuber ever.

Video goes viral of tiny animals having a miniature BBQ

Watch this viral YouTube video of adorable furry animals nibbling on a tiny-sized barbecue. The video recreates a July 4 cookout, except the diners are a hamster, rabbit, and hedgehog, all wearing tiny hats.

Heartbroken husband saws couple's belongings in half

When marriages end, couples will divide their belongings. A heartbroken husband took matters in his own hands and literally divided the communal property with electric tools and mailed them to his estranged wife.

Google announces YouTube Gaming, coming this summer

Google has announced that it is creating a special variant of YouTube for gamers, throwing it into direct competition with Twitch. The site will allow players to stream footage of their games and make it easy for viewers to keep track of their favourites.

Man builds neighborhood center, ends up beaten for his efforts

Cincinnati - In a tear inducing YouTube video, Ronald Moon Jr. claims he suffered a brutal beating at the hands of the very community members he is trying to help.

Angry mob in Guatemala beat and then burn 16-year-old girl alive

An angry mob of over 100 people, including young children, stood back and watched as some members of the group beat a 16-year-old-girl bloody, knocked her to the ground and then set her on fire. VIDEO HAS BEEN EDITED

Op-Ed: Walter Isaacson on U.S. media and public diplomacy

American writer Walter Isaacson, in a Broadcasting Board of Governors conversation about U.S. public diplomacy and news outreach abroad, did not get web and social media coverage from Voice of America.

YouTube publishing 'greatest hits' to celebrate 10 years

Video streaming service YouTube has announced that it will be celebrating its 10th birthday by publishing a series of "greatest hits" videos designed to celebrate the best that the community has produced in its lifetime.

YouTube partnering with top content creators on feature films

Los Angeles - YouTube is cranking up its production of its own feature films, with five new partnerships announced this month. This move is part of the new stage of evolution of YouTube as the world’s default media streaming service.

Three friends find their 'twin-stranger' and it freaks them out

When three friends decided to make a bet to see who would first find, their ‘twin-stranger’ from across the world, little were they expecting that their quest would in fact yield results.

Op-Ed: Why Jerry Seinfeld's YouTube comments are completely wrong

The YouTube community is now reacting to comments by comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who recently called the website a "garbage can" and bashed its user-generated content.

Confirmed: YouTube is launching a paid-subscription service

In an email to partners, Google has confirmed that it is launching a new subscription model for YouTube. Subscribers will pay a monthly fee to view YouTube without any adverts on videos and content creators will get a portion of the fee.

YouTube Kids app accused of deceptive, excessive advertising

Consumer groups have expressed outrage at Google's new YouTube Kids app, which critics accuse of excessive and deceptive advertising practices.

One man could have deleted every video on YouTube

A security researcher has uncovered a way of deleting every single video from YouTube by sending a simple request to Google servers. The company has now fixed the incredibly serious flaw that could have removed all of the content from its site.

Muslims leaders partner with tech companies to counter militants

Los Angeles - Fearing that social media and other online recruitment activities are being used to lure young Americans into the ranks of Islamic State fighters, US Muslim leaders are teaming up with leading tech companies in a bid to fight extremism.

Man proposes to girlfriend for a year and she didn't know it

One man showed his love and dedication for his girlfriend in a video that has recently gone viral. Dean Smith decided on his girlfriend Jennifer's birthday in 2014 that he would spend the next year planning to pop the question without her knowing.
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A person looks at YouTube on a laptop in Istanbul on March 27  2014
A person looks at YouTube on a laptop in Istanbul on March 27, 2014
Ozan Kose, AFP/File
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Screenshot from new Cromwell and Cruthers commercial
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A screenshot from Intel s digital media video The Chase
A screenshot from Intel's digital media video The Chase
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Screen capture of portion of Gillette's YouTube video.
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Screenshot from video showing Russian soccer players' reactions after cameraman falls
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YouTube sensation and pop singer Tyler Ward
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CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge going Gangnam Style in a parody video
Ohio man  confesses in online video to driving drunk  causing deadly crash
Ohio man, confesses in online video to driving drunk, causing deadly crash
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Screenshot from YouTube video The Modern Woman
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The latest viral video on YouTube - "The Fox"
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Young Hollywood studios.
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YouTube screenshot of WIGS web series 'Lauren'
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Seattle Police Department's YouTube Channel, BodyWornVideo, showing videos uploaded as part of the pilot program to make redacted, blurry, silent body-cam and dash-cam footage available to the public.
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Marlon Brando in "The Godfather"
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