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Top viral videos of 2014

Many videos have become viral sensations, and this happens primarily because something humorous, cute or newsworthy was captured and uploaded to a video sharing service such as YouTube.

YouTube adds new 'video to GIF' creation tool

YouTube is all set to become "GIF central", with its new video-to-GIF creation tool, which appeared last night on a select number of videos.

MIT pulls professor's online lectures due to harassment charge

Cambridge - Walter Lewin, a much-beloved retired MIT physicist and professor whose energy-infused teaching style made him a hit on campus and on YouTube, sexually harassed a student who enrolled in an online course he taught, an MIT-led investigation has found.

Facebook video is driving YouTube off Facebook

For the first time ever, Facebook Page owners uploaded more videos directly to Facebook than they did via sharing from YouTube videos, according to new data from Socialbakers, a company that tracks social media data.

Man stealthily films wife rapping; great singer, awesome reaction

If you haven't visited the site 'What's Trending' you might consider doing so. Cool stuff, some you may not see anywhere else, and they pick out funny videos from Youtube. They don't just feature celebs, some videos are of just plain folks.

Remains found may be Hannah Graham's, police notify her parents

Charlottesville - Police in Charlottesville say that the investigation into the disappearance of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham has now turned into a death investigation because the remains found last Saturday may be hers.

YouTube's biggest videos are under attack by malicious 'Sweet Orange' malware

YouTube videos are under attack. Ads shown on the video platform are the latest victims of malicious advertising, or malvertising, which redirect users to harmful sites.

Poet Shane Koyczan releases video 'Shoulders' on treasuring Earth

British Columbian poet Shane Koyczan has released a new poem-video on YouTube, written for The David Suzuki Foundation as part of the environmentalist's Blue Dot Tour, where Koyczan shared the stage with The Barenaked Ladies, Stephen Lewis and more.

Vivendi testing U.S. waters for expansion

Don't look now, but French multinational Vivendi has a new chairman, a new look and new plans for international expansion.

Alan Becker releases long-anticipated Animator vs. Animation IV

In 2007, Alan Becker, 17, uploaded a video to YouTube that instantly went viral. Today, this fourth sequel to that stick-figure animation, at 13 minutes long, has already racked up 275,000 views mere hours after its release.

Video: Carjacker tries to steal car from the wrong woman

Manchester - We've all heard the tired cliché that "crime doesn't pay," but this is especially true in the case of one thug who tried to pull off a carjacking when Deborah Smythe, 52, briefly hopped out of her Audi Q3 to open a gate at work and he hopped in.

Pot grower posts weekly grow reports on YouTube and gets arrested

Las Vegas - Police in Las Vegas raided a marijuana grow house with help from the grower, who was posting weekly updates on YouTube showing off his crops.

Op-Ed: Celeb kittens recognized for best Internet cat videos

Cat videos are some of the most popular on YouTube. "Dumpter Kitty" was recently voted nationwide as this year's best Internet cat video at the third annual "The Friskies" 2014 awards in Los Angeles, California.

YouTube is paying millions to keep its biggest stars on the site

Google has announced that it will be spending money on some of YouTube's biggest stars to help them develop new show ideas. This comes as the site faces competition from Facebook over control of the most popular online personalities.

Video: Unicycling as an extreme sport? Just watch

Moab - Unicycling probably is not the first, or even the last, thing that comes to mind when thinking about extreme sports, but a recent video proves the sport can not only be extreme, but death defying as well.

VIDEO: Tiny mongoose challenges pride of lions, wins

Narok - It's not everyday you see a mongoose challenging the "King of the Beasts", but that is exactly what one videographer witnessed while filming a pride of lions in Kenya.

VIDEO: Vacationers frantically warn swimmers of approaching shark

Destin - Video taken off a hotel balcony in Destin, Florida, captures vacationers frantically trying to warn swimmers of a hammerhead head shark chasing its next meal.

Warrant issued for Ohio man in animal cruelty case

Akron - A man who pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree animal cruelty skipped his sentencing hearing at the Akron, Ohio Municipal Court on Friday, and law officials have issued a warrant for his arrest.

Strangers move into man's house, change locks, and won't leave

Portland - Moving into a new house is never a stress-free experience, but it's even more stressful when complete strangers move in and decide to break-in the new house for you and change the locks in the process.

Video: Bush accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, challenges Clinton

Crawford - If you spend any time on social media sites, you have undoubtedly seen a recent flood of videos showing friends, family members, celebrities, athletes and now former presidents getting doused with a bucket of ice water.

With sale looking likely, Vevo keeps growing brand

Can Vevo survive life after YouTube? Will it be sold to the highest bidder? The company is hoping for both, and moving swiftly in the new-media sphere to hedge its bets.

Fan-made film of Black Panther superhero goes viral Special

A viral fan film starring the Black Panther has excited fans and garnered a lot of attention over the past three weeks. Will the passion project help bring the first black superhero to the big screen?

Boyce Avenue talks Teen Choice Award nod, music and future plans Special

YouTube sensation Alejandro Manzano from Boyce Avenue chatted about their recent Teen Choice Award nomination and their future plans in music.

VIDEO: Bear turns lifeguard, saves drowning crow

Budapest - Its not often you see a grizzly bear appear to act out a scene from the popular television show Baywatch, but that is exactly what visitors at the Budapest Zoo witnessed recently.

Universal Music looks to YouTube for next stars

Call it the pursuit of low-hanging fruit. Call it the result of industry savvy. You can call Universal Music Group’s recent foray into the world of YouTube stardom whatever you want. For the company, though, these signings simply make good business sens

Successful YouTuber pays off his parents' mortgage

Most parents have the weight of having a mortgage to pay, and they carry that weight for a good portion of their lives. Timothy 'DeLaGhetto' saw how hard his parents worked, and he promised them that he would pay off their home one day.

Op-Ed: Time to press pause on Soundcloud backlash

It's time to press pause on the backlash against Soundcloud and Universal Music Group after the pair have been accused of issuing takedown notices for copyrighted music.

YouTube star Michelle Phan being sued for copyright infringement

Michelle Phan, a YouTube star with more than 6 million subscribers, is being sued by a dance music label for copyright infringement.

TV apps allow for new kind of celebrity status and monetization

During the early age of television, entertainers were equivalent to Gods. From Dick Clark and Johnny Carson, to Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball, celebrities were held on these unattainable pedestals.

YouTube more popular than live TV Special

Mountain View - A new report by Noah Sterling on Mashable says YouTube is now more popular than broadcast TV. The Google-owned video hosting site continues to grow in popularity, but increasing numbers of channels controlled by hate groups are raising red flags.
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Screenshot from Thai anti-smoking PSA
Screenshot from Thai anti-smoking PSA
YouTube screenshot
Couch Surfing
Couch Surfing
YouTube Screen Capture - BroShenanigans
Chris Cannon offers Canada as the next President of the United States.
Chris Cannon offers Canada as the next President of the United States.
YouTube screen grab
Screenshot of YouTube video of  Friday Night Tykes
Screenshot of YouTube video of "Friday Night Tykes"
YouTube sensation and pop singer Tyler Ward
YouTube sensation and pop singer Tyler Ward
Kevin Martin
YouTube user   daviator358   and girlfriend hold the last letter of their project.
YouTube user, "daviator358," and girlfriend hold the last letter of their project.
Kayla loves the Moon is a YouTube hit
Kayla loves the Moon is a YouTube hit
A video of a Korean baby dancing is going viral on YouTube
A video of a Korean baby dancing is going viral on YouTube
Screenshot from video showing a mini-rig malfunctioning at a Shell event  spraying liquor on guests
Screenshot from video showing a mini-rig malfunctioning at a Shell event, spraying liquor on guests
YouTube screenshot
Screen capture of portion of Gillette s YouTube video.
Screen capture of portion of Gillette's YouTube video.
The Bluefin was unmanned and programmed to follow a descent path but turned around once it went into...
The Bluefin was unmanned and programmed to follow a descent path but turned around once it went into a section that was too deep.
YouTube via the Telegraph
The latest viral video on YouTube -  The Fox
The latest viral video on YouTube - "The Fox"
Marlon Brando in  The Godfather
Marlon Brando in "The Godfather"
Paramount Pictures
Screenshot from Public Prank / You Tube
Screenshot from Public Prank / You Tube
Nazanin Boniadi (Panna) and Rosanna Arquette (Rochelle) in Ep. 1 of  Rochelle  -  I m a Pro
Nazanin Boniadi (Panna) and Rosanna Arquette (Rochelle) in Ep. 1 of 'Rochelle' - "I'm a Pro"
WIGS YouTube channel Screenshot
Young Hollywood studios.
Young Hollywood studios.
Kinsey Schofield
A hilarious picture of Landry Fields dressed up as Nicki Minaj.
A hilarious picture of Landry Fields dressed up as Nicki Minaj.
Michigan Humane Society
Michigan Humane Society
Juliet  eight-year-old Brisbane  Australia girl  performing in a black and white video of  My First ...
Juliet, eight-year-old Brisbane, Australia girl, performing in a black and white video of 'My First Hardcore Song' on YouTube. The song is available on iTunes for purchasing