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YouTube will expand number of non-skippable ads on its platform

San Bruno - YouTube is increasing the number of non-skippable ads that will appear on its platform. It announced that all creators who can monetize on YouTube will be able soon to turn on non-skippable ads on all videos.

You Tube has 1.8 billion registered viewers each month

Susan Wojcicki the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of You Tube claimed that 1.8 billion registered users are watching You Tube videos each month and this does not even include those watching who have no account.

Human labor and new technology in Dole banana production

Westlake Village - While many sectors of the business world are embracing digital transformation, much of the agricultural sector in many areas is still in the very early stages of using next-generation technology.

North Korean YouTube channel banned due to U.S. sanctions

Pyongyang - YouTube has decided to block the channel of North Korean state television as a consequence of U.S. sanctions on the country. The ban will not only be a blow to the propaganda efforts of North Korea but also to those doing research on the country.

Iraq blocks social media sites and applications

Baghdad - The ministry of communications in Iraq has ordered both internet and mobile companies to block social media sites and also applications according to reports from technicians at two major service providers.

With ad budgets growing, new video advertising association formed

With Social Media Week in full swing, the formation of a new advertising organization was announced — with the intention of bringing more marketing dollars to digital video outlets on YouTube.

With video consumption booming, content marketers take notice

As content marketing strategies continue to evolve and to demonstrate deeper sophistication, more strategists are incorporating video into their content calendars.

No surprise that Ted will present at the Oscars; Bond promo out

Beverly Hills - Now is the time when presenters for this year's Oscar telecast get announced. Of course, a story could be done for every name that gets announced.

Senate hopeful blasts Obamacare

A video going viral is that of a Illinois senate hopeful, Dr. Barbara Bellar, offering a frank statement of her opinion of Obamacare.

Oscars to 'Celebrate the Movies' with digital gallery

As we get ready for the Oscar nominations early Tuesday morning, the Academy is rolling out a gallery of sorts to help with the enjoyment of that movie-going experience.

Ultimate Dog Tease most-watched YouTube video in UK for 2011

A hungry dog being teased by his owner about treats given away to others has topped the 2011 listings for most-watched video on YouTube in the U.K. The talking dog beat the Royal Wedding spoof video to reach the number-one spot.

Video: Amazing footage of Wingsuit flyer soaring at 155 m.p.h.

Stryn - A daredevil plunges off a 4,068 foot cliff in Norway and reaches speeds of up to 155 m.p.h. before parachuting to safety down below. He filmed the entire experience.

The Young Turks coming to Current TV

Cenk Uygur, founder of The Young Turks, says "This isn't kiss up" as he speaks of Al Gore, Chairman of Current TV. Uygur and the whole of the Young Turks Team is coming to Current TV, but will maintain the online progressive news show watched by millions.

Royal wedding to be shown on YouTube

People from around the world will be able to watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on the video sharing site YouTube.

Stabbing at bowling alley caught in video

Manteca - A Modesto, California woman has been arrested and charged with the stabbing of another bowling alley patron. Unfortunately for her, the police also have a You Tube video of the alleged stabbing.

Bag the cat? Scratches may be least of worries

1) Buy some hamburgers, 2) Place your cat in the empty bag then upload the video to YouTube, 3) Profit??

Outlaw biker posted video on YouTube and got busted

If you're going to post footage of yourself breaking the law, make sure your home address is not included. No, that's not it. How about this: Don't ride 100 mph on the street in the first place.

YouTube Access for Students has been banned by Brigham Young University

The popular Internet video-sharing site YouTube has been blocked on campus at Brigham Young University, the Mormon church school where students agree to live a "chaste and virtuous life."

CNN asks You tube to pull the orginal Bill Maher statement on Ken Mehlman

A cease-and-desist letter from YouTube has ordered the original video to be removed of Bill Maher's original interview with Larry King where he mention that Mehlman was gay.

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