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Yeti News

Nepal refutes Indian Army's abominable yeti claim

Kathmandu - Nepal's army Friday refuted the Indian military's hairy claim that its soldiers had discovered yeti footprints in the Himalayas, saying they were more likely just a bear.

Indian Army mocked for Yeti 'footprint' photos

New Delhi - Photos of "Yeti footprints" posted online by the Indian army triggered a social media storm on Tuesday, with users ridiculing the military for propagating theories debunked by science.

The Yeti is probably a Himalayan bear

Beware of the Yeti. Talk of a mysterious creature wandering the regions of the Himalayas is a subject of sightings and it is an entrenched part of local folklore. A science team think they have an explanation.

Sasquatch: Video of Bigfoot lurking in the woods of Provo, Utah

Provo - A new video by YouTube user "AnythingWhatever" is going viral due to an image captured on video in the dark woods of Utah that may or may not be a Sasquatch.

Abominable Snowman mystery may be solved

For years the world has been fascinated with tales of the mysterious, elusive creature we know as the Yeti, or abominable snowman. But DNA from purported samples of the creature may shed light on its true origins, bringing it out of the realm of fantasy.

Doctor Who missing episodes found in Nigeria

After days of speculation, the BBC has revealed details of the return of nine Doctor Who episodes from the 1960s, previously missing from their archives.

Iconic sci-fi monsters the Ice Warriors return to Doctor Who

The Ice Warriors, one of Doctor Who’s oldest adversaries, are to finally make their long-awaited return to the BBC’s science-fiction television drama series, during its 2013 run of episodes, it has been revealed.

DNA tests show Russian 'yeti' to be American bear

A "yeti" that was reportedly sighted on several occasions in the Mount Shoria region of southern Russia has been determined through DNA tests to be an American bear that probably escaped from a circus.

Three separate yeti sightings reported in Siberia in recent weeks

Local fishermen and an official in the Kemerovo region of Siberia have reported three separate sightings of yetis. This is not the first time sightings have been reported in this region of Siberia.

Scientists start DNA hunt for Bigfoot, Yeti and cryptid species

Oxford - Scientists say they are looking for genetic evidence of the existence of widely reported humanoids known in various parts of the world as Bigfoot, Yeti or Sasquatch, and other cryptozoological beings that have been claimed across the world.

Sir David Attenborough: Yeti Could Exist

Sir David Attenborough, a well-known naturalist and British broadcaster, believes that the legend of abominable snowman, or yeti, is true.

Search over: Bigfoot is an Opossum

Bigfoot remains as elusive as ever, after the alleged yeti-like hair samples sent for DNA analysis failed to prove its existence.

Mysterious Yeti-like hair sent for DNA analysis

British scientists have decided to conduct a DNA analysis on two hairs claimed to be taken from a Yeti-like creature as the hairs failed to link the strands with any known species.

Sasquatch Is Not Alone

Hopes might have dashed for Sasquatch, but guess what; he’s not the only one around with big feet. Another important sighting of a monstrous being was publicized last weekend by a US film crew that went looking on Mount Everest.

Footprints seen around Mt.Everest stoke Yeti mystery

A team of producers from the Destination Truth, a US-based television channel, claim they found footprints of the mysterious Yeti, an ape-like creature similar to “Bigfoot” in the U.S. or "Sasquatch" in Canada.

FHM's List of 100 Best Free Online Games

Games to enjoy for free compiled by FHM magazine for your entertainment.

Guide to Great Board Games

Matthew Baldwin writes the weblog Defective Yeti, and has a keen sense for good board games. This is his suggested list for a gift-giving guide this year.

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Yeti Image

Perported scalp of Yeti at Khumjung Monastary
Perported scalp of Yeti at Khumjung Monastary
Nuno Norgueiro
The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) is confronted by a Yeti  in Doctor Who: The Web of Fear (1968)
The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) is confronted by a Yeti, in Doctor Who: The Web of Fear (1968)
BBC / Doctor Who

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