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IBM's CEO on how blockchain will change the world

IBM has received more patents than any other company for the past 24 years. First it was cloud computing, then artificial intelligence. Now, the software giant wants to stay on top for a 25th year with blockchain.

Manhattan dentist sues patient for posting negative online review

Manhattan - A Manhattan dentist has sued five people in four years for negative reviews posted online, prompting Yelp to issue its third-ever consumer alert.

Controversial 'Yelp for people' app Peeple launches on iPhone

Peeple, the highly criticized app that encourages people to rank each other in a similar way to a restaurant or location review, has launched on iOS. The app branded "Yelp for people" has undergone some changes since it first appeared online.

The new 'Yelp for people' app is a psychologist's nightmare

You've probably heard about Peeple, the new app that lets you rate anyone including your friends, neighbors, and ex-romantic partners the same way you rate businesses on Yelp.

Gripe with the government? Put a review on Yelp

The U.S. government has agreed to receive ratings, reviews, and potentially respond to feedback on the Yelp review website.

Reviewers on Yelp are not employees, says Federal judge

A Federal judge has decided that reviewers on Yelp, a site that allows customers to review businesses, are not employees of Yelp.

Use Yelp to choose a hospital? Website adds healthcare data

People go to Yelp for restaurant and hotel reviews. Now the company wants to be an authority on local healthcare services, too.

Anti-gay law prompts Angie's List to halt $40 million expansion

Indianapolis - Citing a controversial law recently signed into legislation, Angie's List announced on Saturday that it has suspended the planned expansion of its Indianapolis headquarters.

Local restaurant calls out dishonest reviewer on Yelp

Millbrae - The owner of a Chinese restaurant in California, took a stand against a dishonest review, and he says he has video to disprove the negative comments.

Yelp sues startup that claims it can provide all positive reviews

Los Angeles - Revleap, a Los Angeles startup, is being sued by Yelp, who alleges unfair competition, trademark violation, as well as breach of contract.

Bad Yelp reviews encouraged by restaurant in California

Botto Bistro, located in Richmond, is not concerned about the rating it has on Yelp, and it's encouraging customers to leave one-star reviews on the online-review service..

Restaurant totally owns sexist reviewer in the best way ever

Portland - The owner of a popular Portland restaurant offered a side of smackdown to a sexist reviewer who had dropped his pearls of witless-dom on Yelp by making a cheap joke about abortion.

Yahoo serves up Yelp user reviews

San Francisco - Yahoo on Wednesday began serving up Yelp reviews in US search results as it sought to win users away from Google."We're thrilled to announce that we've partnered with Yelp," Yahoo product management senior director Anand Chandrasekaran said in a blog p...

Yahoo to partner with Yelp on local search engine results: WSJ

Internet portal Yahoo is partnering with consumer reviews website Yelp to beef up local results in its search engine, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday.

VA court rules that Yelp must reveal the identity of some users

An appeals court in Virginia ordered Yelp, based in San Francisco, to identify the real identities of those who are responsible for seven negative reviews of a carpet cleaning company.

Pub owner publicly shames patron after bad Yelp review

When Meri Dahlke's four-star British-style pub in Texas received a nasty one-star review on Yelp, she thought something didn't seem right.

Inmates review prisons on Yelp (video)

Most people have heard of Yelp. The perfect website to find reviews of restaurants, hotels, shops ... in fact almost everything. And now, including prisons, jails and the inmates opinions thereof.

Yelp users rip dentist who fired worker for looks

Yelp users have written 22 largely one-star reviews of an Iowa dentist who fired his dental assistant because he thought she was "irresistible."

Negative Yelp review leads to $750,000 lawsuit

A woman in Virginia is being sued for $750,000 by a contractor about whom she wrote a negative review on the website Yelp.

Yelp review site grades prisons

The website Yelp allows users to give their opinion on local businesses and one of the more popular businesses to get grades are prisons. In New York Riker's Island is the top of the list with 4.5 stars.

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Sexist remarks made by reviewer in Yelp spurs positive change.
Sexist remarks made by reviewer in Yelp spurs positive change.
 People hate us on yelp  on the window of Lost Lake Cafe  Seattle  Washington
"People hate us on yelp" on the window of Lost Lake Cafe, Seattle, Washington
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