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Yale university News

Mysterious book no one can understand will be reproduced

Burgos - The Voynich manuscript has been locked away in a vault at Yale University for almost a half-century, its pages accessible to only a few, and its secrets still hidden in its undecipherable code.

Vincent van Gogh $200m painting remains at Yale, per court ruling

New Haven - A $200m Vincent van Gogh painting remains at Yale University, per a U.S. appeals court agreement with a lower court ruling. Pierre Konowaloff's claim that "The Night Café" painting was stolen from his family during the Russian Revolution were dismissed.

Scientists successfully 'delete' HIV virus from human DNA

Over the decades, HIV has remained elusive, meaning a cure couldn't be found. A wizard at installing its genome into human DNA, it is impossible for our immune system to get rid of it.

Yale University in lockdown after reports of gunman seen in area

New Haven - Yale University is under lockdown after reports came in of a gunman. Police are searching the Ivy League school's campus in New Haven, Connecticut.

Benjamin Franklin expert, Claude-Anne Lopez, dies at 92

New Haven - Author, scholar, and editor-in-chief of Yale University's Franklin papers died Friday at her New Haven home at the age of 92.

Extinct giant tortoise believed alive on Galapagos Island

One of the species of giant tortoises found on the Galapagos Islands which was believed to have become extinct around 150 years ago is still alive and well, with around 84 hybrid members living on a volcano on Isabela Island.

Scientists create new 'anti-laser' device

Invented over 50 years ago the laser has long been a hero of both science fiction and the real world. Now scientists at Yale University have invented its antithesis, the anti-laser, capable of trapping and cancelling laser beams.

Yale scientists develop new method for watching paint dry

Anyone who’s ever painted anything, from home handymen to the major auto manufacturers, has had the experience of finishing a paint job only have the shiny new coating peel off. But now researchers have found out how to zoom in on coatings.

Ancient painting found in basement at Yale may be a Velázquez

New Haven - Reports on the finding published in the Spanish media and in the online edition of "Ars Magazine" put forward the hypothesis that the painting "Education of the Virgin" is a work from the Seville period of the Spanish genius Diego Velásquez.

English-Only Policy Gets Bookstore in Hot Water

An English-only policy at the Atticus Bookstore and Cafe, a landmark establishment on the outskirts of the Yale University campus, has brought harsh criticism for the management and at least one worker has been fired as a result of the policy.

Body found inside walls of Yale assumed to be missing Annie Le

A body has been discovered in the walls of a Yale laboratory police have reported tonight. The remains are believed to be Annie Le who was last seen at the lab on Tuesday.

Yale Student Falsely Claims to Create Art from Blood Of Self-Induced Abortions

Aliza Shvarts, a Yale University student claims to have artificially inseminating herself "as often as possible" so that she could become pregnant and then use herbs to cause abortions and used the blood from those abortions to create "art".

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A woman walks through the Old Campus at Yale University in New Haven  Connecticut
A woman walks through the Old Campus at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut
With permission by Reuters / Michelle McLoughlin
In the anti-laser  incoming light waves are trapped in a cavity where they bounce back and forth unt...
In the anti-laser, incoming light waves are trapped in a cavity where they bounce back and forth until they are eventually absorbed. Their energy is dissipated as heat.
Photo courtesy of Yale / Yidong Chong

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