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Xmen News

Review: ‘Dark Phoenix’ goes up in flames Special

‘Dark Phoenix’ could’ve been a great movie about a powerful woman, but it fails by relying on clichés and misunderstood stereotypes.

Everyone’s just trying to survive in ‘The Gifted’ trailer Special

Fox’s trailer for its new TV series, ‘The Gifted’, shows a lot of promise as The X-Men universe returns to the small screen this fall.

Review: ‘Logan’ finds a tormented soul beneath the epic bouts of violence Special

‘Logan’ is a dark and violent masterpiece that transcends its superhero past to deliver a gritty and emotional goodbye to a favoured X-Man.

'Guardians Team-Up #6' stars X-Men's Nightcrawler

The special guest star of this issue of "Guardians Team-Up" is Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler, the teleporter, from the X-Men.

Review: 'Magneto #18' is last-minute redemption story during Secret Wars

In this comic book review, Magneto and his illegitimate daughter, Polaris, finally come together to save the city from doom in the incursion from 1610's Earth.

Review: 'Guardians Team-Up #3' confusing unless you read X-Men crossover

Ronan the Accuser pays the price for disobeying the Kree's Supreme Intelligence to save Hala in the latest issue of "Guardians Team-Up."

Mutants, monsters and kick-ass women dominate Digital Film Fest

The sixth annual Great Digital Film Festival starts this Friday with the 25th anniversary screening of ‘Dick Tracy’ followed by a full day of ‘X-Men.’

Will 'Maleficent' be magnificent?

UPDATE: "Maleficent" is becoming magnificent at the box office as it pulled in an estimated $24.2 million Friday. The projections are now running in the range of a $65-70 million opening weekend. Mainly on the strength of Angelina Jolie.

'X-Men: Days of Future Past' takes over Memorial Day

UPDATE: A Memorial Day holiday means more box office talk as Monday dawns. It looks like "X-Men: Days of Future Past" will dominate the long holiday as both the three-day and four-day totals are tabulated.

Review: ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ is the perfect mutation Special

‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ is one of the most capable superhero blockbusters to hit theatres, displaying a total understanding of its franchise and utilizing all it has to offer.

Review: 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' does everything right Special

'X-Men: Days of Future Past' manages to be both an excellent crossover of the original trilogy and 'First Class', and a course correction following the disastrous 'The Last Stand.'

'X-Men: Days of Future Past' primed for a huge opening

UPDATE: "X-Men: Days of Future Past" is making waves this Memorial weekend, which is putting it on par with the other blockbusters this year. It pulled in $36 million on Friday alone.

Hugh Jackman: I almost castrated myself with Wolverine's claws

Actor Hugh Jackman had a close call with his Wolverine claws during the filming of a nude scene for the upcoming "X-Men" flick.

Marvel Comics planning to kill off Wolverine

Marvel Comics confirmed its plans Friday to kill off one of its most iconic characters. Following a series of comics set for release in June, a follow-up series will come out in September ultimately ending in Wolverine's death.

Op-Ed: 5 blockbusters to look forward to in 2014

While purists are quick to decry modern cinema culture as full of sequels and adaptations, many films coming out this year, aimed at a general audience, just might be worth your time.

Review: 'The Wolverine' slashes his way onto DVD Special

Everybody loves Hugh Jackman. I mean, there's probably not a reasonable person on the planet who could find fault with him, which is not something you can say about most public figures.

Spoof science paper on the powers of Wolverine

A well-written spoof research paper has appeared. The paper concerns a fictional superhero, and outlines the molecular keys to the Marvel comics creation Wolverine’s regenerative abilities.

Video: 'X-Men — Days of Future Past' 1st debut trailer

The first full trailer has been released for the upcoming 2014 film, directed by Bryan Singer, called "X-Men: Days of Future Past." It hits theaters on May 23, 2014.

Aussie actor Hugh Jackman packs a punch with 'Real Steel' Special

After singing and dancing his way across the stages of Broadway, Toronto and his native Sydney, the part-time' X-Men' mutant Wolverine has returned to motion pictures with the thrilling robot-boxing movie 'Real Steel' (now on Blu-ray & DVD).

Scottish actor James McAvoy mutates in 'X-Men: First Class' Special

'X-Men: First Class' (now on Blu-Ray/DVD) traces the origins of the X-Men, particularly Charles Xavier, played by Wanted and Last King Of Scotland star James McAvoy. McAvoy reveals how he mutated into Professor Xavier, one of the leader of the Mutants.

Fan Expo 2011 descends on Toronto Special

Toronto - Every year during the last week of August, comic book fans join horror and science fiction fans at the Metro Toronto Convention centre for Fan Expo.

Op-Ed: X-Men: First Class best movie of the series Special

Comic book films are an interesting animal. Filmmakers have almost always failed to delicately balance paying homage to the source material and making a good movie. In trying, it seems for every good comic book movie there are five terrible ones.

Wolverine Script Penned

Hugh Jackman said that the script for “Wolverine,” the X-Men spinoff is penned and ready to go.

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Fox Home Entertainment
Screengrab from  Spider-Man & The X-Men #6.
Screengrab from "Spider-Man & The X-Men #6."
Marvel Comics
Screengrab from  Spider-Man & The X-Men #6.
Screengrab from "Spider-Man & The X-Men #6."
Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics
Sophie Turner stars in  Dark Phoenix
Sophie Turner stars in 'Dark Phoenix'
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Screengrab from  Spider-Man & The X-Men #6.
Screengrab from "Spider-Man & The X-Men #6."
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Hugh Jackman stars in  Logan
Hugh Jackman stars in 'Logan'
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Superhero films still hot.
Superhero films still hot.
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Screengrab from  Spider-Man & The X-Men #6.
Screengrab from "Spider-Man & The X-Men #6."
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A scene from  The Wolverine
A scene from 'The Wolverine'
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 X-Men  wins big.
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