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Op-Ed: The Shallow State — Trump vs US intelligence, a horror story

Washington - If anything has truly characterised Trump’s presidency, it’s relationships. Trump’s incendiary relationship with the US intelligence sector is a case. New analyses are showing deep fractures, dysfunction, and digressions which are truly dangerous.

N. Korea lashes South as Kim praises China's Xi

Seoul - North Korea condemned the South Friday for holding military drills, saying the situation was returning to before the diplomatic rapprochement of 2018, as leader Kim Jong Un -- whose health was the subject of intense speculation in recent weeks -- reach...

Japan says state visit by China's Xi postponed over virus

Apo - A state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping has been postponed as preventing the outbreak of the new coronavirus is "the biggest challenge" facing both countries, Japan's top government spokesman said Thursday.

China's Xi urges more protection for medical workers after deaths

Bejing - China's President Xi Jinping called Wednesday for greater protection of medical staff fighting the new coronavirus after the deaths of prominent doctors sparked national anger at the government's handling of the outbreak.

A bad year for Xi clouds Communist China's 70th birthday celebrations

Bejing - It was meant to be an unabashed celebration of the triumph of Communism in China, and of President Xi Jinping's authority as the country's undisputed leader for years to come.

'Hong Kong is not China': Protests pose major test for Xi

Bejing - Chinese President Xi Jinping faces a major test in Hong Kong after protesters stormed the semi-autonomous city's legislature and graffitied a defiant message on its walls: "Hong Kong is not China".

Trump-Xi meeting at G20 raises hope for trade truce

Washington - US President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping have agreed to meet at the G20 summit in Japan next week, raising hopes for a truce in the bruising trade war between the world's top two economies.

Trump says having 'extended meeting' with Xi at G20 summit

Washington - US President Donald Trump said Tuesday he had a positive phone conversation with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping and the two leaders will hold an "extended meeting" next week at the Group of 20 summit in Japan.

Hong Kong protests a rare defeat for Xi, say analysts

Bejing - China's powerful President Xi Jinping has been dealt a rare setback with the suspension of unpopular legislation in Hong Kong following massive protests, but Beijing could bite back by tightening its grip on the semi-autonomous city, according to analy...

Xi says 'no clash' of civilisations amid US trade war

Bejing - Chinese President Xi Jinping declared Wednesday there was "no clash" of civilisations and denounced racial supremacy as "stupid" amid tensions with the United States and concerns over Beijing's rising global power.

China's Xi pledges to continue reforms, open markets

Bejing - China will continue market reforms and open its doors to the world in the face of a challenging geopolitical landscape, President Xi Jinping pledged Monday in a New Year speech.

No one can 'dictate' to China what it should, shouldn't do: Xi

Bejing - President Xi Jinping vowed Tuesday to push ahead with China's "reform and opening up" but warned that no one can "dictate" what it does, as the Communist Party celebrated the policy's 40th anniversary.

China's Xi vows to better protect intellectual property

Madrid - China's President Xi Jinping told Spanish lawmakers on Wednesday his country would boost protection of intellectual property ahead of a G20 meeting where he faces a trade showdown with the United States.

Xi visits Philippines to cosy up to historical US ally

Manila - Chinese President Xi Jinping called his visit Tuesday to long-time US ally the Philippines a "milestone", as he aimed to boost blossoming ties on the promise of billions of dollars in backing for mega-projects.

Xi visits Philippines as China, US wrangle for supremacy

Manila - Chinese President Xi Jinping lands Tuesday for his first state visit to the Philippines, a traditional US ally that is a key prize as Beijing and Washington jostle for supremacy in the Pacific.

Trump reports 'very good' phone call on trade with China's Xi

Washington - US President Donald Trump on Thursday said he'd just had "very good" talks with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on the growing trade conflict between the two economic giants.

Empowered Xi says China ready to fight 'bloody battle'

Bejing - President Xi Jinping delivered a blistering nationalist speech Tuesday, warning against any attempts to split China and touting the country's readiness to fight "the bloody battle" to regain its rightful place in the world.

Xi gets second term with powerful ally as VP

Bejing - China's rubber-stamp parliament unanimously handed President Xi Jinping a second term Saturday and elevated his right-hand man to the vice presidency, giving him a strong ally to consolidate power and handle US trade threats.

Xi set for second term with enhanced power

Bejing - China's President Xi Jinping will get a second five-year term on Saturday, with his right-hand man tipped to become vice president to help him consolidate power and handle US trade threats.

China dragoons viewers to make pro-Xi film a blockbuster

Shanghai - Citizens across China are being corralled into cinemas to watch a propaganda film extolling the Communist Party and Xi Jinping, as an intensifying personality cult around the 64-year-old leader hits the big screen.

Xi: From graft-fighting governor to president for life

Bejing - Xi Jinping has joined the pantheon of Chinese leadership two decades after bursting onto the scene as a graft-fighting governor who went on to earn comparisons with Mao Zedong in his quest for unrestricted power.

Wary Taiwan eyes growing shadow of China's Xi

Taipei - President Xi Jinping's vision of a resurgent Chinese nation raises a huge red flag for democratic rival Taiwan, with the pressure set to rise now Xi has a lifetime to realise his ambitions.

Xi poised to extend power as China set to lift term limits

Bejing - Xi Jinping, China's most powerful leader for decades, could stay in office indefinitely after the Communist Party called for the removal of presidential term limits.

'Don't fear death': China's Xi urges blunt call to PLA

Shanghai - President Xi Jinping has issued a blunt call for China's military to be ready for war and unafraid to die defending the country, as geopolitical tensions mount in Asia.

Trump steps up praise for Xi ahead of China visit

Bejing - US President Donald Trump raised eyebrows on Wednesday by congratulating Chinese leader Xi Jinping for securing a "great political victory" in a Communist Party congress ahead of their meetings in Beijing.

China crowns Xi with name once reserved for Mao Zedong

Bejing - China's ruling Communist Party has dusted off a Mao-era honorific for President Xi Jinping, cementing his status as the most powerful ruler since the Great Helmsman himself.

Xi takes short cut to China's Communist pantheon

Shanghai - Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping joined the pantheon of China's Communist immortals on the strength of their contributions to the nation. Xi Jinping is getting in on what political watchers say amounts to an "IOU".

What is Xi thinking? China's leader makes the constitution

Bejing - China's most powerful leader in decades entered Communist Party folklore on Tuesday when cadres voted overwhelmingly to engrave the Xi Jinping way into their constitution.

Xi is everywhere: China's omnipresent leader

Bejing - Chinese President Xi Jinping's stiff smile greets visitors in room after room at a Beijing exhibition put up by the Communist party to tout its past five years of accomplishments.

'Schoolmaster' Xi leaves Hong Kong smarting

Hong Kong - A landmark visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Hong Kong left little doubt that Beijing views the city as a destabilising hotbed of unacceptable political dissent that must prove its loyalty, analysts said Sunday.
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