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Wyoming News

Lawmakers plan lawsuits over West Coast coal port policies

Lawmakers in coal-producing Utah and Wyoming, faced by a shrinking market for the fuel, this week introduced laws to fund legal challenges in California and Washington of policies that they believe hurt coal sales.

Wind turbine company offers free job training to coal miners

Renewable energy sources have put a huge dent in the coal mining industry, and in In Wyoming, unemployed coal miners are being offered free training to become wind farm technicians.

In Mississippi, retiring politicians can pocket campaign cash

When it came time for former Mississippi Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck to shutter her campaign committee at the end of 2013, she took with her the $158,342 remaining in the committee account.

Sisters who went missing in Wyoming wilderness found

Three sisters who went on a camping trip outside of Jackson, Wyoming, ended up going missing for days, but they were safely found.

Op-Ed: You can now go to jail for practicing citizen science in Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park - If you love to take photographs and participate in citizen science projects, they sure don't want you in Wyoming, and if you unknowingly take photos, perhaps for a photography contest for The National Weather Service, you may wind up in jail.

Citizen science a 'big no' in Wyoming

Cheyenne - Wyoming has, in essence, made citizen science a crime. The state has placed restrictions on people photographing the environment and then making any comments about any deterioration to the natural world.

Harrison Ford seriously injured in airplane wreck in California

Venice - A little after 5 pm this Thursday, Harrison Ford was seriously injured when his small airplane left Penmar, CA, and wrecked on the L.A. golf course in Venice, CA after having problems. He was piloting what appears to be a yellow vintage 2-seater aircraft.

Wyoming Capitol Square Project over time and over budget

Unforeseen complications are slowing down the work on the renovation project of Wyoming’s Capitol and the adjacent Herschler Building. These complications will also send the base $259 million price tag climbing.

Wyoming becomes 32nd state to legalize same-sex marriage

Cheyenne - LGBT marriage equality has arrived in the 'Equality State.' Wyoming on Tuesday became the 32nd US state to legalize same-sex marriage, joining six other mostly conservative states which have done so this month.

Yellowstone seeks to kill at least 900 buffalo this winter

Yellowstone National Park has plans in the works to reduce its' buffalo population by up to 900 animals, one-fifth of the park's herd, by killing off those that stray outside the park this winter.

Oil companies fracking dangerously close to water sources

According to a new study performed by researches at Stanford University, oil and gas companies are fracking much closer to underground water sources than previously thought.

Pregnant teen and boyfriend murdered after Craigslist sex act

Wyoming - Last week, an eight-months pregnant teenager and her boyfriend were found murdered by a Craigslist user they'd arranged to meet for sex.

Frontier Airlines pilot treats delayed passengers to pizza

Cheyenne - Passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight from Washington DC to Denver probably thought their trip could not get much worse after their plane was diverted to Wyoming because of bad weather.

Some N. Rockies grizzly bears to come off endangered species list

At one time, long ago, there were over 50,000 grizzly bears roaming North America. Today, there are about 1,800 grizzly bears remaining in the lower 48 states, primarily the Northern Continental Divide Population and the Yellowstone Population.

Wyoming rejects school science standards for coal revenues

Wyoming, the nation's top coal-producing state, is the first state to reject the new educational K-12 science standards proposed by top national education groups, due to state officials disagreeing with the inclusion of global warming concepts.

75-year-old woman faces life behind bars as 2 cold cases solved

Cheyenne - Two cold cases have recently been solved. In one, a 75-year-old Missouri woman has been found guilty of second-degree murder Thursday for killing her husband back in the 1970s. In the second, her husband faces charges for killing his wife and two sons.

WY ignores EPA ruling to make Wind River Reservation into a state Special

The EPA ruled Dec. 19, 2013, that Wyoming towns of Riverton, Kinnear and Pavillion are now within the boundaries of the Wind River Reservation. The EPA also approved a tribal application for "State Status" for the reservation, which includes the towns.

Some U.S. states may return to firing squad for executions

With European manufacturers boycotting the sale of the drugs normally used to painlessly execute prisoners in the United States, some politicians are panicking. Now they are looking for alternative methods to kill.

South African hair thieves targeting dreadlocks

Johannesburg - Jack Maseko, a 28-year-old man from Zimbabwe was recently mugged by three men in South Africa, wanting nothing but his cell phone and his dreadlocks.

Mad mom's classified ad goes viral

Worland - A classified ad placed in a Wyoming newspaper by a mother seeking to teach her son a lesson has gone viral through social networking outlets.

Wyoming gray wolves lose US protection

The US government has announced that it will no longer list the gray wolves of Wyoming as an endangered species. This will allow the wolves to be shot on sight across the state.

Man from Vietnam purchases Wyoming town for $900,000

Buford - The town of Burford, Wyoming was placed for sale on Thursday. In a unique twist of events, the town was posted online through an auction site with a listing time of only 11-minutes.

Buford, the smallest town in the US, sold to Vietnamese investors

Buford - Buford, the smallest town in the U.S., with only one resident and his own ZIP code, was sold yesterday at auction to two Vietnamese investors who paid nine times the starting price.

Santorum captures Kansas; Romney wins Wyoming

Rick Santorum had an easy victory in the Republican presidential caucuses in Kansas , but front-runner Mitt Romney was victorious in the Wyoming county caucuses.

George W. Bush billboard anonymously erected in Minnesota

Wyoming - A "Who Done It" mystery has been brewing along I-35 to the north of Minneapolis, Minnesota. A billboard has gone up and the person responsible for it remains anonymous.

Let the Bowl Games Begin

The start to the 2009/2010 college bowl season is just over 24 hours away with three games this weekend and then just 3 days off through the BCS Championship Game.

Romney Wins Wyoming Caucus

On January 5, Wyoming’s residents held a caucus, just days after Iowa’s January 3 meetings. However, results haven’t been widely publicized. If you’re dying to know who won, it’s former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Wyo. Worries About Attracting Offenders

Wyoming, with its wide-open spaces and crisp, clear vistas, is starting to worry it has made itself too attractive in one respect: Convicted sex offenders from out of state are moving in, apparently because the laws are less restrictive.

Feds Reject Wyoming's Wolf Kill Plan

Gray wolves in Wyoming get a reprieve, for now.

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Wyoming Image

A Wyoming coal mine.
A Wyoming coal mine.
Bureau of Land Management
File photo: School teachers conduct a water experiment for students during the Super Science Saturda...
File photo: School teachers conduct a water experiment for students during the Super Science Saturday fair held at the M.C. Perry Elementary school gym on May 22, 2010.
Goldwind Americas is offering free training to coal miners to become wind farm technicians.
Goldwind Americas is offering free training to coal miners to become wind farm technicians.
Goldwind Americas
Wyoming produces 40 percent of the country s coal.
Wyoming produces 40 percent of the country's coal.
The Dry Fork Station is a coal-based electric generation power plant located in Wyoming.
The Dry Fork Station is a coal-based electric generation power plant located in Wyoming.
Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Dry stream channel during drought conditions  North Platte River in Goshen County  Wyoming  near Wyo...
Dry stream channel during drought conditions, North Platte River in Goshen County, Wyoming, near Wyoming-Nebraska state line. Photo taken: Sept. 5, 2008
View into the Eagle Butte coal mine in Gillette  in Wyoming s Powder River Basin. The open-pit  truc...
View into the Eagle Butte coal mine in Gillette, in Wyoming's Powder River Basin. The open-pit "truck and shovel" mine produces low-sulfur, sub-bituminous coal from the vast Roland and Smith seams. Library of Congress: Catalog:
Carol M. Highsmith
Wyoming wilderness
Wyoming wilderness
Boss Tweed/Flickr
In 2011  Wyoming accounted for 9 percent of U.S. marketed natural gas production  3rd in nation (EIA...
In 2011, Wyoming accounted for 9 percent of U.S. marketed natural gas production, 3rd in nation (EIA, 2013).
University of Wyoming/School of Energy Resources
Don Sammons  only resident of Buford  Wyoming  sold his town to Vietnamese investors for US$900 000....
Don Sammons, only resident of Buford, Wyoming, sold his town to Vietnamese investors for US$900,000. (Screengrab from
AIRLINE FOOD: Flight attendants pass out boxes of pizza on a Frontier Airlines flight that was diver...
AIRLINE FOOD: Flight attendants pass out boxes of pizza on a Frontier Airlines flight that was diverted from Colorado to Wyoming and ran out of food. The pilot ordered the pies from a Domino"s outlet in Cheyenne and paid for all 35 of them.
Logan Marie Torres