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Worms News

The story of how a worm turned... into a bringer of medical miracles

Ploemeur - For centuries, the only use humans found for the lugworm -- dark pink, slimy and inedible -- was on the end of a fish hook. But the invertebrates' unappreciated status is about to change.

Worms munch nanoparticles to improve sensors

Scientists have used tiny worms to digest nanoparticles wrapped around bacteria. The study has been run to see how cellular forces affect nanomedicine.

Worms provide unusual landfill solution

Montreal - Landfill is an every-expanding problem in many parts of the world. A large proportion is biodegradable; however, landfill provides an easy waste-management option. An alternative solution is to use worms to create compost.

Essential Science: Are parasitic worms good for the gut?

Horrible as it may seem, there are biological advantages to having parasitic worms in terms of warding off various diseases. This is because parasites trigger an immune reaction that calms inflammation. The benefit has been explored in a new study.

There's a parasitic worm that may help women get pregnant

There is a parasitic worm that may help women get pregnant. The worm is called Ascaris lumbricoides, a type of roundworm.

Parasitic intestinal worms boost the immune system

While parasitic intestinal works cause a range of diseases and are responsible for widespread infection worldwide, a new study has found that some worms, through protecting themselves in the human body, indirectly aid the immune system.

Injecting sperm into the head, how flatworms might mate

Flatworms have a fascinating process of reproduction, according to a new study. This includes the bizarre practice, when things get desperate, of injecting sperm directly from their own heads into their bodies.

Natural use of marijuana reduces intestinal parasite rate

Hunter-gathers who take marijuana have a lower rate of infection by parasitic intestinal worms. This has been noted in the Aka people.

Bone munching worms of the past

Cambridge - Recently discovered ocean worms, known for feasting on whale bones, date back to prehistoric times. Long-ago the worms fed on the carcasses of giant marine reptiles, according to a new study that has plunged the depths of the sea.

Studying worms in space to boost astronaut health

Tokyo - A special study is taking place aboard the International Space Station. Astronauts are studying a roundworm to find out what the effects of being in zero gravity have on muscles.

Counting down a global disease to zero

New York - The global Guinea worm eradication program is proving to be successful and a possible zero case count is in sight. A special event is being prepared for January to show the considerable progress made during 2014.

Fighting potato damaging worms with fungi

Veracruz - The parasitic worm Globodera rostochiensis causes damage to potatoes by spoiling them and rendering them inedible. Scientists have developed a way to stop the worm through the use of fungi as a biological weapon.

Oldest ever parasite egg found

The discovery of a schistosomiasis parasite egg in a 6200-year-old grave could provide the first evidence that agricultural irrigation systems in the Middle East contributed to disease burden.

Dieting worms live for longer

Reducing the food to a worm called C. elegans triggers a state of arrested development. The end result is that the worm can live twice as long as normal.

New way of watching 'neurons in action' (video)

Researchers have imaged the electrical impulses of a worm and in the zebrafish nervous system. It is hoped that the pioneering technology could be used soon to show activity in the human brain.

Help for silk farm workers

A new RNA-based test can tell male and female silkworms apart. The finding is the first case of sex determination that does not involve a protein and may should be a boon to silk manufacturers.

Coral eating worm plagues reefs

A coral-eating flatworm presents a major threat for coral reefs. The worm is also capable of camouflage, a technique it uses by consuming algae on the coral.

Breakthrough in parasitic worm infection

Scientists have made an important step forward in finding a potential treatment for a gastrointestinal parasitic infection that affects over a billion people worldwide.

Weight loss helps fight intestinal worms

New research has shown that weight loss may play an important role in the body's response to combating infections caused by intestinal worms.

Man dies following insect eating contest

State officials in Florida have reported that a man has died following an insect eating competition. The man consumed dozens of live worms and insects, including cockroaches.

How worms use chemicals to communicate

The Caenorhabditis elegans species of tiny, transparent roundworms, favorite experimental subjects in biology labs, were found by researchers to communicate through molecular messages, in "sentences" made of chemical fragments.

UN Heritage Site Banaue Rice Terraces Attacked by Giant Worms

Baguio - Banaue Rice Terraces, known in the Philippines as the 'Eight Wonder of the World' and recorded as a UN Heritage site, is in danger of being ruined due to infestation and severe drought caused by El Nino-induced summer heat.

Newly discovered worms release 'bombs' as defense mechanism

A recent scientific exploration thousands of feet below sea level led to the discovery of seven new species of worms including the newly discovered critters dubbed as "green bombers."

Symantec: Don’t Google Conficker

Symantec is warning Web users not to search for Conficker because there are a number of hoax websites that could infect your computer.The powerful virus it is set to go off on April 1 by generating 50,000 URLSs daily.

Army Worms Invade Liberian Village

Millions of army worms have invaded Bong County in Liberia, forcing the residents to leave their homes and things are getting worse.

Op-Ed: Microsoft's covert 'good worms' for your PC, a security idea with some issues

Microsoft is researching new worms that can enter a PC covertly, add patches, and spread to other PCs. It’s exactly the same method used by malicious software, but these are the good guys. It’s a new ethical boundary for home computer updates.

Altering Genes In Worms Changes Sexual Orientation

Scientists played around with genes in earthworms and made them change their sexual orientation. Playing with female brain genes the researchers discovered that they had changed the females into lesbian worms.

Worms Fall from the Sky in Louisiana

The sky is falling. The sky is falling. Actually, it is unexplained worms falling from the sky in Louisiana. A bunch of them in large tangled clumps. The weather report said Warm not Worm.

New system controls computer worms

U.S. scientists have created anti-worm computer technology that can identify and contain "worms" milliseconds after a cyberattack begins.

Sushi can be dangerous

If you like sushi read this.
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Worms Image

Visitors were able to learn about the value of worms  as well as how to keep them.
Visitors were able to learn about the value of worms, as well as how to keep them.
Ancylostoma caninum  a type of hookworm  attached to the intestinal mucosa.
Ancylostoma caninum, a type of hookworm, attached to the intestinal mucosa.
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