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Why your broadband is so slow (and it's not what you might think) Special

Why are many of our Internet connections so slow and what measures can we put in place to speed them up? Nick Baker, resident broadband expert at Uswitch provides some answers based on new analysis.

Survey: Just how much do we actually know about the Internet?

How many of us know how the Internet works? Could we actually explain it? Do you know what an IP address is, or how a modem works? A new survey suggests that Internet ignorance runs fairly high.

Was Michael Dertouzos the inventor of the Internet?

The Internet was all about Tim Berners-Lee, right? Not totally. Michael Dertouzos was a Greek computer scientist who anticipated how the Internet would come to dominate almost every aspect of our lives

Tim Berners-Lee plans to re-decentralize the web

Professor Tim Berners-Lee has lifted the veil off a project called Solid, which is an attempt to re-decentralize the World Wide Web and is run from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Essential Science: World Wide Web reveals protein secrets

What can the structure of the World Wide Web tell scientists about protein structures? Quite a bit according to Ohio State University researchers. The scientists have discovered molecular 'add-ons' that customize key protein interfaces.

First physical map of the Internet produced

Despite the reach of the Internet and its growing complexity, no physical map of the Internet had been produced, until now. The outcome highlights the Internet-dependent nature of our world.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee wins Turing Award for inventing the web

Sir Tim Berners-Lee has been given the Turing Award, widely regarded to be the Nobel Prize of computing, for inventing the World Wide Web. He has publicly criticised government and corporate attempts to undermine the Internet's encryption and neutrality.

New way of tracking users across different web browsers

Technologists have developed a new way of connecting user information across different web browsers. This is by utilizing operating system and hardware level factors. The success rate is over 99 percent.

The Internet of Things will change web searches

Kingston - A new report from computer scientists explains how the Internet of Things will affect search engines and other aspects of the on-line experience.

Sought after Internet domain sold for $135 million

A sought after Internet domain — the ".web" extension — has been sold for a whopping $135 million via auction. The winning company now plans to licence the domain name out.

Op-Ed: How will Web 3.0 turn out?

We're currently using Web 2.0 as we browse the World Wide Web. What will the next stage — Web 3.0 — have in store for us, and will it represent a shift away from content provided by big corporations?

Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee: Internet is a 'basic human right'

World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee believes affordable Internet access should be recognized as a "basic human right."

The World Wide Web is 20 years old today

Geneva - Today is a birthday of sorts - twenty years ago today, CERN donated the technologies underpinning the World Wide Web to the public domain.

New search engine in development

A new type of search engine is being developed by a team of European researchers. What is different about this Internet search tool is that it draws its results from sensors such as cameras and microphones distributed around the world.

Iran government offices logging off the Internet

Tehran - Iran is planning to move the country's key ministries away from the World Wide Web. Tehran states that the Internet is "untrustworthy" and the country is planning a domestic intranet.

Internet ‘has same weight as a strawberry’

Research carried out in California suggests that the weight of the Internet approximates that of a large strawberry or small egg.

The World Wide Web celebrating 20 years - one GigaByte at a time

London - The World Wide Web has been a revolutionary concept and has given billions around the world the opportunity to access unlimited amounts of information, interact with someone 5,000 miles away and to even work from home. It's now 20 years old.

Internet connection in Egypt restored

Cairo - Internet services have been restored by the Egyptian government on Wednesday after nearly a week-long shutdown implemented in the country. The Web comes back to Egyptians while violent clashes occur between protesters in Cairo.

Facebook and Skype in partnership talks

The communications network Skype is reported to be in talks with the online social-networking site Facebook to form a partnership.

Strings of photons are the future of IT encryption

Quantum physics can bring good news to all those who want to conduct totally secure communications over IT networks - particularly financial institutions. Strings of photons are affected when they are observed and this fact can be used in IT encryption.

Google Inc. "Under the Gun"

Google forced to remove content from site. Google Inc. lost a copyright lawsuit Tuesday to Belgian newspapers that had demanded it remove headlines and links to news stories posted without their permission.

Mobile internet use increasing (in UK)

Mobile phone users in the UK accessed the internet via their handsets about 15.9 million times throughout December 2006, says the Mobile Data Association.

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Mozilla is celebrating 10 000 days of the web
Mozilla is celebrating 10,000 days of the web

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