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Researcher claims virtual reality games can predict the future

Sociologist William Sims Bainbridge uses the game World of Warcraft to gain insights into human behaviour. It is not a new idea, but it is a growing field of study.

Op-Ed: Advice From a Gamer Chick to World of Warcraft Players

When the Dead Ale Wives announced "Where's the Mountain Dew," they had no idea what they started. Now generations of Gamers have Mountain Dew as a drink of choice and Pepsi continues to cater to the demographic of basement-dwelling gamer guys.

Australia's Web Filtering Plans Include World of Warcraft

'Annual Internet Villain' award nominated Minister Conroy sets Australia's unique approach to game ratings to expand to the web, not even World of Warcraft is safe.

World of Warcraft's First Millionaire Selling Golden Secrets

"The goal of has always been to develop a complete in-game view of the economy and its inner workings, so that a player can both understand and take advantage of every possible gold making method available."

Study Breaks Link Between Violence and Video Games

A new study unveiled at the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference in Dublin today finds no basis to a systematic link between video gaming and violent behaviour. In fact, violent gaming actually leaves most players relaxed.

Op-Ed: How lazy can you get online? Get software to play World of Warcraft for you

A new bit of software allows players to automate their characters and play for them. The program, called Glider, has sold 100,000 units. World of Warcraft is not happy, and filing a lawsuit. To add aggravation, Glider is turning off new players.

World Of Warcraft Reaches New Milestone: 10 Million Subscribers

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. announced today that its flagship product “World of Warcraft” has reached 10 million subscribers and growing. More than half of the subscribers are from Asia.

Cursor hackers target World of Warcraft players

Hackers are targeting World of Warcraft players because of a flaw in the way Windows handles animated cursors.

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