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World war iii News

Op-Ed: Dismantling the case for intervention in Ukraine

The talking heads are actively presenting the case for U.S. intervention in Ukraine; a case that falls apart under even the shallowest examination.

Op-Ed: Mideast crisis worsens as Turkey and Syria clash

Mideast crisis worsens as Turkey scrambles fighter jets when fighting threatens to engulf Syrian border, while Israel plans to intervene to prevent Syria’s chemical weapons from falling into wrong hands.

Op-Ed: Will Israel bomb Iran?

When your best friend and your worst enemy agree you're doing something wrong, they could well be right. Best not ignore them, especially when the stakes are so high.

Op-Ed: Future World War III scenario linked to Miami Pentagram

Miami - In the book entitled 'How the End Begins', published in 2012, Ron Rosenbaum warns of a future World War III scenario. Investigative researchers like David Icke further warn that World War III is a planned scenario. Should we, as humans be concerned?

Op-Ed: 10 Reasons not to bomb Iran

London - If you haven't heard the acronym CASMII, it's time you did. Founded in London in 2005, this is one of a number of organisations campaigning against sanctions. And World War III.

Op-Ed: Obama v the madmen - bomb Iran, start World War III

London - Yesterday, Ehud Barak appeared on 'The Andrew Marr Show' where he described Iran as the sponsor of terror in the region, and refused to rule out bombing it, if it attempts to go nuclear. If this happens, we could be facing World War III.

Op-Ed: World War III is upon us

Religious difference has been around for as long as we have had religions. Beyond that, religious conflict has occurred for as long as you have had more than one religion. Now it is apparent that religious differences might drive the war.

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