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22 years ago: Inessa Kravets sets world record in triple jump

22 years ago today, on August 10, 1995, Ukrainian athlete Inessa Kravets made track and field history in the sport of triple jump.

Indian space agency plans to launch 103 satellites next month

For the Indian Space Agency Organization (ISRO), it's not a matter of how many satellites they can launch at one time, but the cost-cutting measures used while maintaining the safety and integrity of the launch.

World rope skipping record smashed

Rope skipping is a long-standing technique for undertaking physical exercise. To hit one hundred in a few minutes is regarded as a sign of good fitness. To break the world record, though, requires something special.

Man sets world record for most Homer Simpson tattoos

Cartoon character Homer Simpson once said, "If you want to remember something, get a tattoo." Lee Weir took him seriously, because he just set a world's record for having the most Homer Simpson tattoos.

World's oldest man now 111 years old

Due to the death of the previous record holder for the world's oldest man in New York City, the new record holder, just one day younger, is waiting to be certified by Guinness.

Lego robot crushes world speed record for solving a Rubik's cube

Birmingham - Two engineers from England have set a new world record for solving a Rubik's cube with their ARM-powered robot, the Cubestormer 3.

Largest mural in the world to be found in Berlin

An artwork applied on wall is a thing of beauty for everyone who sees it, for it signifies the creativity and power of imagination of the artist who created it. A mural company in France may have taken wall painting into a new level.

World Guinness Record for longest 'human chair' goes to Japan

The residents of Onojo City, Japan were informed by the Guinness World Records that they have the title of the world's longest "human chair."

Review: 'Inside Guinness World Records' Special

This 45-minute documentary, broadcast on iTV, takes us behind the scenes of one of the most popular and iconic books ever published.

World's largest ever chocolate bar smashes Guinness World Record

Children stared open-mouthed in amazement as a Chicago company unveiled the world's largest ever chocolate bar, weighing in at an incredible 5.5 tonnes.

Man finds 97-year-old message in a bottle, sets world record

A Scottish skipper made a remarkable find during a recent fishing trip. When he pulled up his net, he found a bottle, and upon opening, discovered a 97-year-old message inside.

Video: Sarah the Cheetah breaks Usain Bolt's 100-m sprint record

Cincinnati - Sarah, an 11-year-old cheetah at the Cincinnati zoo, set a new world land speed record during a shoot for the National Geographic magazine. Sarah accomplished the world record-breaking sprint on June 20, covering 100 meters in 5.95 seconds.

1966 Volvo approaches 3 millionth mile

Like the Energizer Bunny it just keeps going and going and going. A 1966 cherry red Volvo P1800s is still on the road and is now approaching the 3 million mile mark.

LAPD Officer breaks Ferris wheel world record for charity

Los Angeles - An officer of the Los Angeles Police Department broke a world record on Friday by riding a Ferris wheel for 25 hours straight.

Nigerian woman sets smuggling world record for heroin ingested

A Nigerian woman set an unenviable world record for amount of ingested heroin ever recovered when she tried to smuggle five pounds of heroin in 180 pellets into the U.S. The previous record was four pounds of heroin ingested in 100 pellets.

Kilted Scots attempt to break world record

Perth - Scottish runners are attempting to break the world record for most people running in Kilts on the Queens Diamond Jubilee weekend.

Video: Human mattress dominoes record set in New Orleans

New Orleans - The world record for a human mattress dominoes toppling event was recently shattered by a group of 850 La Quinta Inn and Suites employees who gathered to form the human chain with mattresses that will be donated to charity to benefit the local community.

Colombian hen lays record-breaking egg

Bogot - Franciscana, a hen at Altamira Chicken Farm near Bogotá, Colombia, became the pride of the coop after laying an egg weighing 245 grams which is a record in Colombia and possibly a world record.

Facebook post breaks record after receiving 1 million comments

A Facebook post recently broke the Guinness Book of World Records after receiving 1 million comments. The comment was posted by Tracey Hodgson and Cathy Matthews in an open Facebook group called "Ffgpioneers/gwr/attempt."

The PokerStars world record attempt — And success

Yesterday, Sunday, PokerStars, the world's largest poker website, hosted a special tournament with a $1 buy-in, no registration fee, a $50.000 first prize. And a staggering 200,000 entrants.

PokerStars to host world record tournament with $1 buy-in

PokerStars, the world's self-proclaimed largest poker site, is attempting a world record on December 4, an on-line tournament with a $1 buy-in and a staggering 150,000 players.

American surfer rides a world record 90-foot wave

Going viral is an amazing video capturing Hawaiian big wave rider Garrett McNamara breaking the world record in Portugal mid October for the largest wave ever surfed.

Chicago restaurant cooks up world's 'largest Midwest bratwurst'

Chicago - Chicago's Berghoff restaurant, long famous for hearty "German American" fare, grilled the world's largest bratwurst, or more precisely, the longest Midwest bratwurst, heightening the eatery's Oktoberfest's fun, while raising funds for a local charity.

Usain Bolt leads Jamaica to world record in 4x100

Daegu - The Jamaican relay team finished competition at the IAFF World Championships by setting a world record of 37.04 seconds in the men's 4x100-meter to take home the gold medal in the last event of the games held in Daegu, Korea.

Bolt's disqualification at World Championship prompts rule review

Daegu - The disqualification of Olympic 100m champion Usain Bolt, 25, at the World Championship has prompted a review of the false start rule that calls for the immediate disqualification of a runner if they start before the gun.

Illinois mothers attempt to break the world breastfeeding record

Chicago - According to numerous sources, mothers from Illinois are planning to break the world breastfeeding record on Saturday morning.

Air guitar world record set at UK festival

Malmesbury - More than 2,000 people played air guitar at the Womad (World of Music, Arts and Dance) Festival to set a new world record and to help a charity raise awareness around the importance of hearing protection at events such as festivals.

Thai ‘Kissathon’ couple set 46 hour record for longest smooch

Pattaya - A Thai couple wins a Valentine Day “kissathon” by staying lip locked for 46 hours, 24 minutes and 9 seconds. The elapsed time is being confirmed by Guinness World Records but exceeds the previous record of over 32 hours set by a couple in Germany.

World's largest chocolate billboard created for Valentine's Day

A Japanese confectionery factory in Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture has erected the world’s largest chocolate bar billboard for Valentine’s Day.

Record broken by two men for time being encased in ice vaults

Two Chinese men set a new world record for being encased in ice up to their necks while wearing only swimming trunks in two transparent containers.
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Ashley Battles wing walking on the wing of an airplane during the Altus Air Force Base Wings of Free...
Ashley Battles wing walking on the wing of an airplane during the Altus Air Force Base Wings of Freedom Open House and Air Show
6 hours 22 minutes before its scheduled start  the tournament is almost full.
6 hours 22 minutes before its scheduled start, the tournament is almost full.
The tournament is 22 minutes old  and someone already has a massive stack.
The tournament is 22 minutes old, and someone already has a massive stack.
The tournament is over; the three remaining players agree to a deal.
The tournament is over; the three remaining players agree to a deal.
2 hours 49 minutes before the scheduled start  and there are no seats left at the table.
2 hours 49 minutes before the scheduled start, and there are no seats left at the table.
Usain Bolt of Jamaica celebrates crossing the finish line ahead of Ryan Bailey of the United States ...
Usain Bolt of Jamaica celebrates crossing the finish line ahead of Ryan Bailey of the United States to win gold and set a new world record of 36.84 during the Men's 4 x 100m Relay Final on Day 15 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium
London 2012
The final table - and another one bites the dust.
The final table - and another one bites the dust.