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World population News

We need a complete change in agriculture to feed the planet

Study results show that the global agriculture system currently overproduces grains, fats, and sugars, while production of fruits and vegetables and protein is not sufficient to meet the nutritional needs of the future global population.

Yellowknife's Giant Mine sitting on enough arsenic to kill world

Yellowknife - Barren tundra, "nothingness," frigid space – just some of the ways most Canadians would describe the northern territories.

UN: World population 11 bil. by 2100 as fertility soars in Africa

According to a new UN report issued on 13 June, the current world population of about 7.2 billion could reach 11 billion by the end of the century, about 800 million or 8 percent in excess of the previous projection of 10.1 billion people.

Op-Ed: World’s meat-eaters may be forced to turn vegetarian

Meat-eaters may have to become vegetarians if water shortages and population growth continue. Consumption of protein from animal-based products must drop from the current 20% of the average diet to 5% in order to feed a projected 9 billion people.

Earth supporting over 7 billion people

The world population has passed the seven billion mark. In just 12 years the global population increased from six billion to seven billion.

World’s population to pass 10 billion by 2100, UN projects

New York - The world’s population is expected to continue its rapid growth, escalating past 9 billion before 2050 and going over 10 billion by 2100 if current fertility rates continue at their projected levels, according to United Nations figures just released.

Global population trends: Revenge of the Demographers

Japan’s population demographic is turning upside down. The birth rate is now 1.26 per female, or below replacement rate. Much of the rest of the developed world is in pretty much the same situation, aging population, lower percentages of kids.

Op/Ed: Is World Population Growth Creating a Planet on the Verge of Crisis?

As of July 2007 the world population is considered to have exceeded 6.6 billion people. Our planet has immense potential and is a tough old rock, but does it have enough resources to support a population that could grow to 9.4 billion by 2050?

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