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United States border patrol agents unlikely to wear body cameras

San Diego - The associated press has reported that the United States border patrol will likely reject the use of personal body cameras on agents after an internal review by the nation's biggest law enforcement agency.

Baffling 1,000-year-old skull and jawbone washed up on beach

Sydney - Six years ago the 1,000-year-old skull of a toddler aged 3 to 5 washed up on a beach in Australia. Now the jawbone that matches the skull has also washed up, and scientists are still trying to find out who the child was and where the remains came from.

Social media, terrorism and counter-terrorism

A new and disturbing trend has popped up which a few journalists have followed; terrorists using social media to their advantage. Twitter is their favorite platform at the moment.

Melbourne set to construct tallest building in Australia

Melbourne - Melbourne often tops the list of the worlds most livable cities and with the approval of three new high rise buildings, including the tallest in the Southern hemisphere, it's about to get even better for families looking to live within the city.

Egyptian law declares sexual harassment a crime

Egyptian lawmakers have declared sexual harassment a crime with some strict penalties. Departing President Adly Mansour approved the law at the end of his term.

Pope Francis replaces financial team

The Pope fired all members of the Vatican's financial oversight committee and replaced them with new candidates. This came after significant problems within the group itself.

American apples not welcome in Europe

American apple growers took a big hit this week when the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) banned the fruit grown in the states from Europe because the level of DPA was too high.

Woman swims six hours to safety after deadly boat crash

Vancouver - A couple returning home from a day out fishing on Saturday hit rough water and bad weather, capsizing their boat and sending both into cold water near Texada Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Streaming sites in China remove NCIS and The Big Bang Theory

The Chinese government has removed four American TV shows from streaming companies as they look to tighten restrictions on what viewers watch in the communist country.

Drought in Brazil leading to higher coffee prices globally

A lack of rain in the early part of 2014 in Brazil has led to coffee prices nearly doubling over this time last year. The South American country provides nearly 1/3 of the beans used around the globe and reports aren't good on a price drop anytime soon.

Asian air pollution effecting strength of storms in Pacific

Air pollution is known for its effects on the health and well being of people all around, but now reports have indicated that the bad air in Asia is now causing the severity of storms in the Pacific to increase.

U.S. warns Russia against military action in Ukraine

Amid ongoing political turmoil in Ukraine, and Russian President Vladimir Putin ordering massive military exercises Wednesday, the Obama Administration warns Russia against any military intervention that would violate Ukrainian sovereignty.

Op-Ed: TIME editor compares Madiba with a white slaver

TIME magazine editor Fareed Zakaria has compared Nelson Mandela with George Washington and caused uproar for his insensitive words.

Op-Ed: Malala changes hearts and minds, despite not winning Nobel Prize

Malala Yousafzai, at only 16, has done so much to bring girls education in developing regions of the world to the forefront. Malala continues to amaze, letting children and girls especially know that education is the key to their future.

Snowden situation thickens in Russia

Moscow - Russian leaders are playing a complicated game of chess with Snowden and other countries. They want asylum for him but he may not end his stay with Russia.

Escalating violence and first Iraqi elections post US withdrawal

Iraq holds its first election since the withdrawal of US troops in a climate of violence that has left hundreds killed and wounded in recent clashes.

Middle East will face severe water scarcity between 2015 and 2020

Jordan faces massive water shortages due to limited resources, population growth, open borders for refugees, constant interruptions to water projects and an ongoing water dispute with Israel

Did you know that there are two different Taliban groups?

There are two Taliban groups with two different objectives operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mainstream media has oversimplified the situation by referring to both groups as Taliban. So what are the differences and similarities between them?

Did the Qatari Emir betray Hamas with gifts and tracking devices?

Gaza - Suspicion and intrigue surround the current round of conflict in the Gaza Strip, after a senior Hamas commander is assassinated by Israel, as the Israeli Army amasses on the border.

Report: Saudi intelligence chief murdered by Syrian hit men

Riyadh - The silence is deafening in international circles as concern grows that Saudi Intelligence chief Prince Bandar Bin Sultan was the victim of an assassination.

Brazil's former president Lula diagnosed with throat cancer

Former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, known popularly by the people of Brazil as Lula, has been diagnosed with throat cancer on Saturday and is scheduled to begin chemotherapy next week.

Op-Ed: Tokyo OK, foreign media’s sensational coverage shameful

Tokyo - Foreign news reports bring preconceived notions to the forefront of the stories. Combined with on-camera theatrics and selective video and photos, the parachute journalists present a distorted version of the Fukushima effects on Tokyo.

Sri Lankans Forced Into Labor in Iraq

In Sri Lanka's war-torn north and east, where killings happen every day and work is nearly nonexistent, it doesn't take much to entice a man to leave.

Egypt charges 4 with spying for Israel

Egyptian citizen arrested, charged with espionage; arrest warrants issued against three Israelis, who are currently in Canada and Turkey.

"you have a right to know!" - The Uncovering of UFO Evidence

You can explore evidence on how information concerning the presence of off-world civilizations is being kept from approporiate public scrutiny contrary to the principles of a responsible democratic-oriented society.

Israel transfers tax to Palestinians

Israel collects taxes on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, and now has transfered some of what it owes.

Somalia's Parliament has voted to Declare Martial law

There is a plan to restore order in the war-ravaged state.

The Summit Opens For Southeast Asian Leaders

Behind closed doors and heavy security, South East Asian leaders have begun their annual summit in the Philippines

Adam De Prisco's Room Robbed Before He Died

As Canadain Adam De Prisco fought to stay alive in a Mexican hospital, His Acapulco hotel room was being cleared out by thieves.

Chilling, the caller is on the phone on the 105th floor just before the tower collapsed.

911 Call Captures Last Moments of WTC Life. , Recordings Released.
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A gang of masked armed men stormed into a poker tournament in Berlin in broad daylight and stole mor...
A gang of masked armed men stormed into a poker tournament in Berlin in broad daylight and stole more than £700,000 in cash.
The moment the robbers burst in to steal the prize money at Germany.
The 1 000-year old skull of a three- to five-year-old child washed up on Mona Vale Beach in Sydney  ...
The 1,000-year old skull of a three- to five-year-old child washed up on Mona Vale Beach in Sydney, Australia.
Northern Beaches Police Media

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