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World hunger News

Open data is needed to address world hunger

The extent to which data is shared between scientists is limited. To address major global issues, like word hunger, a group of scientists are calling for an 'open data' approach.

Looking ahead at food security for 2016

London - 2015 was a perilous year for food security. This period saw droughts, a rise in food prices, a migrant crisis and other issues that affected access to food. 2016 may not be any better, according to a leading expert.

Can science find a solution to global hunger?

London - The journal Food and Nutrition Security has produced a special issue on the question: “can science and good governance deliver dinner?’ The findings are thought provoking.

Plant science aims to help with world hunger

Three leading scientists have said that basic plant science and its application to agriculture, emphasizing can help to deal with global food demands.

Small farms lead the fight against world hunger

The struggle continues for world hunger as it is now clear that small farms hold the key to a survival of people, though change must occur to maneuver around problems that are otherwise simple.

Op-Ed: 4 Reasons to cut the defense budget by 10%

The budget of the United States military is the largest in the world. Below is a list of expenditures that could occur in exchange for a 10 percent reduction in defense spending.

New report suggests microbes are key to feeding the world

A new report suggests that a greater focus on the role of microbiology in agriculture combined with new technologies could help mitigate potential food shortages associated with world population increases.

Gambling banks, hedge and pension funds spike global food prices

The World Development Movement blames banks, hedge and pension funds for betting and gambling on food commodities and forcing the price of basic food items to soar causing global hunger and poverty to increase.

UN Conference: Starvation a 'world emergency'

With World Food Day arriving tomorrow, a UN conference on world hunger recently concluded there is nothing to celebrate: hunger is a "world emergency that calls for action from both developing and developed countries."

Oxfam: Climate change will increase incidence of world hunger

Oxfam International says the effects of climate change are becoming more devastating and changes in localized weather patterns are affecting global food production. Oxfam warns that increased hunger will result.

Pond Scum Can Undo Pollution, Fight Global Warming, Alleviate World Hunger

Three plant biologists at Rutgers’ Waksman Institute of Microbiology are obsessed with duckweed they have convinced the federal government to focuson duckweed’s potential for cleaning up pollution, combating global warming and feeding the world.

Scientists Bring Up Fighting World Hunger vs. Fighting Gas Prices Argument

On the issue of world hunger and food prices, several top scientists have linked the world food crisis with the use of food-based bio-fuels. One example of a common bio-fuel is corn ethanol.

Op-Ed: Man made Global Hunger, The Real Crisis

As more of our food stocks are converted to bio-fuels, the latest craze to fight the fallacy of man-made global warming, hunger and starvation worldwide is being reported along with riots over short supplies of staples needed to survive.

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