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Are we being overloaded by technology?

Is the rate of technological change happening too fast, especially for the typical consumer? During periods of lockdown due to the pandemic our reliance upon technology has significantly increased.

Op-Ed: Should workplaces start to fear or continue to embrace automation

A recurrent concern is whether automation will lead to job losses. The answer to this is a mix of “yes and no”. While automation will replace some job roles, it could also lead to job creation. What might these new forms of work look like?

Q&A: AI is transforming the workplace in novel ways Special

On returning to the workplace, things may appear slightly different - not in terms of changes to spaces or with people, but with the rise of artificial intelligence. With sensitive areas like recruitment, this needs to be ethical AI.

COVID-19 will drive more workplace automation within the year

One impact of COVID-19 could be to reduce the dependency upon human output by driving more extensive workplace automation. This likelihood has arisen from a new survey into U.S. industrial policy.

Some surprising 2019 economic development investments

2019 was a tumultuous year for business investment in cities and communities across the U.S., from Amazon pulling out of its HQ2 plans in NYC, to fears of recession. What have been the most surprising economic development investments of 2019?

Q&A: Workplaces shifting with advanced AR/VR technology Special

New technology is shifting the workplace, making positive advancements across many different fields - and AR/VR is at the core of this landscape change. Michael Leone (Lenovo) delves into these technologies.

The cost of employee time making tea at work revealed

Most workers enjoy a cup of tea at work, whether it is a morning pick me up or an afternoon boost. The average person is likely to drink two or more cups per day. The brewing, stir and measuring time adds up, but what are the costs?

Q&A: Businesses need to face up to cybersecurity skills shortage Special

A new report on the cybersecurity skills shortage finds that the majority of cybersecurity professionals felt that organizations do not know what they need and that recruiters do not understand the field in which they are tasked in finding candidates.

Q&A: Companies can retrain employees as the workplace automates Special

Companies can support their employees amidst automation changes, according to Sean Chou of Catalytic. He says that companies which invest in retraining employees can keep pace with the future of work.

Five tips for a smooth work re-entry after vacation

Over the summer period many people take a vacation. For the busy business executive, returning to work can be traumatic, especially as the list of tasks to do has mounted up. Rachel Ernst of Reflektive gives some tips.

Q&A: Technology is tracking employee dynamics to retain talent Special

With the employment market in the balance of the potential employee, organizations need to focus on their employee engagement tactics in order to avoid losing the best talent. Carley Childress of Macorva explains more.

New fitness-in-a-box launched for workplaces

The company Espresa are to launch a new Fitness in a Box package, with the aim of providing human resource and benefits teams with services so that will help employees to stay healthy.

Q&A: The bots that protect users from lost or deleted files Special

Plenty of workplace bots have appeared over the last few years, and, for some businesses, bots are an integral part of the digital transformation strategy. One example helps retrieve lost documents.

How to best roll out AI products into the workplace: Interview Special

While the benefits that can be provided by artificial intelligence in the workplace continue to grow, ensuring that they are implemented seamlessly into a workplace continues to be a substantial challenge. Sagi Eliyahu gives some insights.

Employees need to become digital change agents

A new report shows how digital transformation efforts are being implemented relatively slowly in many businesses. This can be overcome, however, if employees start to act as digital change agents, sharing the new digital values enterprise-wide.

From wearable sensors to AI: The future of business technology Special

What does 2018 and beyond have in store for business technology? John Schwarz, the Co-Founder and CEO of Visier provides some insights.

Gradual introduction of AI could be critical to tech's success

Almost 30 percent of business apps will be updated to include AI enhancements within the next two years, according to a new article from a CCS Insight analyst.

Amazon announces plans to put Alexa inside workplaces

Amazon's announced Alexa for Business, a program designed to convince enterprises that voice assistants can work in offices. The company said it wants employees to have an "intelligent assistant at work" while giving IT controls to manage voice devices.

Demand for automation to trigger workforce changes in 2018

Demand for automated services from consumers and business customers will increase adoption in 2018. New predictions on the reach of automation and AI suggest an initial backlash against job losses will "fail" as people start to see benefits in the tech.

Google updates its job finder with salary estimates and more

Google's added several new capabilities to its job searching tool as it aims to better rival services such as LinkedIn. The search engine's built-in job finder launched earlier this week and is now being improved with salary estimates and location ranges.

Microsoft explains how mixed reality will transform the workplace

Microsoft's announced a new strategy to bring mixed reality to every modern workplace. The company said it believes the tech could lead to significant productivity and efficiency improvements by allowing employees to blend the real and digital worlds.

Report: Skype still the biggest chat app, but Slack leads growth

A new report has shown how the rise of Slack is affecting usage of Skype. The app's meteoric growth has created speculation it will usurp Skype to become the favourite workplace chat tool. Skype's still sees 6x higher usage but is not gaining users.

Google launches dedicated hardware to improve workplace meetings

Google's announced a new hardware offering aimed to help businesses access higher-quality video meetings. Currently provided as a kit, the Chrome OS-powered package gives companies everything they need to create a dedicated touchscreen meeting device.

Google Calendar gets a redesign and new enterprise features

Google has announced an overdue and long-anticipated refresh of Calendar's web interface. The new look is based on the company's Material Design language, giving it a bolder, brighter and more modern look. There's also new features for business users.

Automation could take almost 40 percent of young workers' jobs

Automation could displace almost 40 percent of young workers over the next 15 years, according to research by PwC. People aged between 16 and 24 in the U.S. are the most at risk but there are also concerns over a lack of homegrown STEM talent in the UK.

Microsoft makes it easier for businesses to use Macs at work

Microsoft has announced a partnership with Apple device management provider Jamf. The collaboration will make it easier for businesses to use Macs in conjunction with Microsoft services. It's part of Microsoft's aim to enable enterprise interoperability.

Slack uses AI to combat messaging overload by analysing language

Slack's building technology that will tell you how your language changes depending on the time and who you're talking to. CEO Stewart Butterfield said the reports will let you gauge your workplace temperament but the tech might "be a long time" away.

Microsoft: 80% of people risk data by using unsafe apps at work

80 percent of company employees use unapproved apps at work, potentially putting business data at risk. The figure, reported by Microsoft, reveals individuals should not be trusted to manage their own data. Instead, a more proactive approach is required.

Microsoft announces Office 2019 as alternative to cloud software

Microsoft has announced a new version of its Office desktop productivity suite that will arrive late next year. Office 2019 is likely to be the last perpetual Office edition as Microsoft pushes users to move to its cloud-based Office 365 workspace.

Microsoft Teams to completely replace Skype for Business

Microsoft has announced it's going all in on its new Teams enterprise chat app. The company will phase out Skype for Business as it steps up its promotion of Teams. The two apps have long overlapped each other and the gap will soon narrow further.
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Office block (Plantation Court  London)
Office block (Plantation Court, London)
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File photo: Office workers viewing a presentation at BPL Elstree.
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