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Workplace News

Barclays using sensors in workplace as cost-cutting measure

London - Barclays PLC has installed sensors in their offices in London to track how often bankers are at their desks. The devices called OccupEye, are installed under desks and use heat and motion to track office efficiency.

Google cancels diversity debate Town Hall

San Francisco - Google Thursday canceled a Town Hall intended to air viewpoints on diversity, sexism and free speech, citing worker safety concerns.

Google announces new recruiting app to help businesses fill roles

Google has launched a new business app that helps recruiters to find potential candidates for job openings. The company cited research that found businesses routinely struggle to identify ideal hires. It's using technology to help solve the problem.

Google Glass Enterprise unveiled – Wearable makes surprise return

Google has unveiled Google Glass Enterprise Edition. The company is hoping to usher in a new era for the wearable computer after bugs and privacy concerns saw the original consumer version dismissed as before its time. Google's now targeting businesses.

Microsoft unveils new YouTube rival for business customers

Microsoft has launched a video streaming service for enterprise customers of its Office 365 cloud platform. Microsoft Stream is described as an "intelligent enterprise video service" that's built to give companies a robust online video platform.

Microsoft takes its Teams enterprise chat app to classrooms

Microsoft has announced it's preparing a set of classroom-centric features for Teams, its enterprise chat service built to rival Slack. Teams will take on a new role in schools, letting students check assignments and discuss work while in class.

Why enterprises could be clamouring to the Apple Watch

According to a recent poll, 94 percent of those who plan to buy the Apple Watch want to use it for work functions, according to MobileIron, a mobile software company.

Procrastinate at work? It’s bad for your health

Procrastination is a nasty habit that can keep you from filing on deadline, preparing well for a meeting. Waiting until the last minute to accomplish your task can also lead to unnecessary stress.

Study finds gender-diverse teams have less fun, do better work

A new study suggests that men and women don't necessarily enjoy working with members of the opposite gender, but that teams with an even split of the two tend to be more productive.

Facebook is working on an 'at work' version for enterprises

New reports indicate that social network giant Facebook is gearing up to transform collaboration in the workplace by creating a new tool currently dubbed "Facebook At Work", designed specifically for enterprises.

Op-Ed: Seven steps to cope with overload at work

Are you overworked, overloaded and over-stressed at work? Some people work hard every day but find that they never seem to get ahead. Tasks just keep piling up. What can you do if you are in this situation?

Amazon working conditions may cause 'mental and physical illness'

Swansea - Just as the selling season begins to heat up, BBC Panorama send an undercover investigator into a UK Amazon warehouse and discover conditions that could cause "mental and physical illness." Amazon respond with, safety is its "number one priority."

Study: Acceptance of religious beliefs in workplace has benefits

A new study suggests that welcoming peoples' personal religious beliefs into the workplace is beneficial for the overall work environment.

Op-Ed: Gay rights advance in Senate

Washington - The nation appears hurtling toward a world where fundamentalists will be out the outliers. On Monday night, the Senate began consideration of a bill to grant workplace rights to persons of all sexual persuasions.

Workplace racism on the rise in New Zealand

Employers in New Zealand are being urged to take more responsibility as more complaints of workplace racism is on the rise.

As companies end telecommuting poll finds support for practice

New York - How would you like to work from home? A new poll discovered that most Americans believe telecommuting works and at-home employees are very productive. A small number of people said that telecommuting leads to people being lazy.

Bullying at the workplace could lead to medication use

Studies have shown that a person bullied at work can struggle with mental health issues and lead to anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Many of us do talk politics at work

One of those items we are warned against discussing at certain venues, or ever, is politics. Of course, it all depends on what direction that conversation takes.

Exhausted 'Black Friday' worker drives into a canal

Palm Beach - An unnamed department store employee lost control of her car early Friday morning while heading home after a late-night shift at a local Target.

Op-Ed: From Madoff to Murdoch to Greece: Whatever Happened to Ethics?

People from all walks of life and at all levels of the corporate ladder skirt their responsibilities and neglect their duties.

Surf Coast Shire Adopts Family Violence Leave Policy

Surf Coast Shire in Victoria, Australia has adopted a first of its kind family violence policy to support staff experiencing domestic violence.

Gunman murders two at his former workplace in New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM - A gunman arrived at his former workplace and began a shooting spree resulting in the deaths of two victims before he killed himself.

Op-Ed: The Wacky World Of Work 2009

Sometimes, work is where you go to get away from the stress of home life. In 2009, the following hard working folk found peace in the workplace hard to come by. ,

Who are the top LGBT-friendly U.S. companies?

Human Rights Campaign recently released its guide to the businesses with the best work environments for gay employees. The Gap, Johnson & Johnson and Apple come out on top, while John Deere and Loews score near the bottom.

Severe Workplace Bullying Targeted by Massachusetts Bill

Setting new precedent, Massachusetts attempted to become the first to enact a Healthy Workplace Bill this year. It targets severe workplace bullying. Those who bully in the workplace may receive legal sanctions.

Does violence in the workplace worry you?

If you can hold onto your job, should you be worried about that co-worker who didn't? With headlines screaming about workplace violence some say they do worry.

Women In Workplace Could End Recession Says EU Commissioner

Could the key to ending the recession be women in the workplace? That's what one EU is saying and stats of women run companies may back that theory up.

Netflix, Google Rated Best Places To Work; eBay, AT&T Worst

A review site that surveys employees about their workplace conditions has listed the best and worst 50 companies to work. General Mills, Netflix, Adobe and Google top the list, while AT&T, eBay and DHL anchor the worst-of list.

Study Reveals Your Supervisor's Gender May Be Making You Sick

Women have fought long and hard for the workplace equality but analysis of survey data reveals that it may not be men who are causing them problems such as migraines, back pain and heartburn. And which boss is most likely to cause these problems?

Washington probe reveals that dozens of federal employees watched porn online

An investigation launched last month revealed that employees at multiple Washington agencies abused their computer privileges by surfing porn websites and downloading adult images.
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