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Q&A: State of Independence — changing forms of U.S. employment Special

There are 41.1 million U.S. citizens who work independently. Research from MBO predicts that in the next 5 years, more than half of U.S. adults will be or have been an independent worker. What's driving this change?

Productivity rises in tech firm that gives workers Wednesdays off

A digital technology firm based in Australia has reported gains in productivity one year after allowing its staff to work a four-day week. Each Wednesday the company shuts its doors, saying workers gain a better quality of life.

Q&A: Business vs Family: How to find balance Special

Most entrepreneurs work at least 50 hours a week and think this pace of working will improve the chances for business success. But what about having a life beyond the business? Expert Peter J. Strauss provides some advice.

Scientists brewed tea in a chocolate teapot

Experts based in York have managed to make a teapot made from chocolate, and it was able to hold boiling water for two minutes.

Obama and Boehner — Working toward a compromise

Barack Obama, John Boehner, along with Harry Reid - Democrat Senate Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi - House Democratic Leader, and Mitch McConnell - Senate Minority Leader, will meet on Nov. 16, 2012, to work out a deal regarding the country's fiscal cliff.

The U.S. cities that offer working moms the best deal

New York - High-powered executive women who also happen to have children don't all want to live in New York City. Forbes did some homework for them on the best places in this country to live, and came up with some surprises.

Woman sexually assaulted at work in Toronto

Toronto - A woman this weekend was sexually assaulted while at work, Toronto Police report. The woman was attacked by a man posing as a customer.

Job concerns continue to rise among American workers

Despite recent reports that the economy is recovering, the American public is still incredibly nervous about keeping their jobs, and the benefits that come with them

Layoffs not an option: what some companies are doing instead

Jobs are being slashed and drastic measures taken but in spite of all the cuts, there are some companies out there who are trying to avoid laying off their people. See what some are doing to trim the fat during this financial crisis.

Magazine says AP working on Britney obituary reports the Associated Press is seriously preparing for Britney Spears' obituary by writing an obituary ahead of time. AP says it has an extensive obituary operation and constantly adds people to prepare obituary reports.

Op/Ed The Money Game

What's it all about?

Construction Workers Caught Drinking On The Job

NYC hammerers are caught on camera getting hammered during their lunch break, before going back to work...constructing a new skyscraper

Shadow of the Colossus team working on PS3

Shadow of the Colossus developer Team Ico is working on a new game for the PlayStation 3, the latest issue of Famitsu has revealed.

A Nap Could Save Money on Health Care

I couldn't believe that a nap could mean life or death but it can surely help out a bit. Even just taking a small one hour nap can save you from having some heart problems or greatly reduce your risk. Now I think that its a stretch to ask to take a nap...

Dangers of Working at Home, Sony AD Video

Dangers of working at home, a Sony advertisement Video, Funny.

Gates: Xbox 360 Strategy is working Perfectly

Nintendo has flaws and Sony confused?

Working at home around my five boys

As a Mother to five boys I can and will work from home around my boys. Or they might work around me!! I can not see the benefit of someone being paid to look after my five boys while I go out to work. The cost of childcare would be too much.

Wii Not Working?

A Wii Bit Off?

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Working Image

Photo by Jordan Encarnacao
A woman working on her computer
A woman working on her computer
Flickr Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Eating lunch at your desk
Eating lunch at your desk
Steam Whistle brewery produces an average of 120 000 bottles of their Pilsner beer every day
Steam Whistle brewery produces an average of 120,000 bottles of their Pilsner beer every day
Working as a trucker  i stoped in a west texas truckstop to take a break during a rain downpour.  Th...
Working as a trucker, i stoped in a west texas truckstop to take a break during a rain downpour. This is the sunset shortly after that downpour. One of my favorite pictures that ive taken.
A photo of Startup Weekend in Phoenix
A photo of Startup Weekend in Phoenix
Via flickr user curtm95

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