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Q&A: How technology aids Brexit and workforce planning Special

It is critical for employees and employers to know how Brexit will continue to affect the workforce and implement technology to help prepare for the changing landscape, explains a leading CSO.

Op-Ed: Should workplaces start to fear or continue to embrace automation

A recurrent concern is whether automation will lead to job losses. The answer to this is a mix of “yes and no”. While automation will replace some job roles, it could also lead to job creation. What might these new forms of work look like?

The digital economy will redefine the future of work

In the coming years, millions of workers will see their jobs change as a result of digital transformation and artificial intelligence technologies. While AI will create new jobs, the positions will require a different set of skills.

Why the workforce needs to change for digital transformation: Q&A Special

The future of work is no longer just about filling today's open needs; it is about re-evaluating the work and the workforce of tomorrow. Michael Gretczko, of Deloitte explains what is needed for the future.

From automakers to boat builders — everyone is against US Tariffs

General Motors has joined a growing list of automakers and other manufacturers warning against the White House’s proposal to place tariffs of up to 25 percent on imported cars, trucks, and auto parts because they pose a national security threat

Workforce skills need to advance with automation and AI

Thanks to advances in automation and AI, a significant number of workers could be out of a job in a few decades, - at least that's what a report from the McKinsey Global Institute forecasts in its latest report.

How should organizations be adapting to automation?

The question of how companies should plan on adapting to automation is weighing on many. A new report from McKinsey that focuses on how organizations (not just industry) are thinking about automation and how they should be adapting.

Intelligent processes for digital transformation goals Special

Companies can design intelligent processes that empower everyone from new hires to the C-suite to make a dent in their digital transformation goals, according to Ryan Duguid of Nintex.

Advertising companies facing talent shortfall

Publishers and brands are spending more on branded content in order to beat out competition. The main problem now facing advertisers is finding people with the right skills.

How to reshape your workforce in the age of AI

Artificial intelligence promises many benefits for companies. However, progress can be slow and uneven if the workforce is not taken on the digital transformation journey. New analysis describes how workers can be best prepared for the challenge.

Legalized marijuana and the workforce — Two sides to the story

Some businesses in Canada are already growing concerned over the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. The added cost of drug testing is the chief concern.

Demand for automation to trigger workforce changes in 2018

Demand for automated services from consumers and business customers will increase adoption in 2018. New predictions on the reach of automation and AI suggest an initial backlash against job losses will "fail" as people start to see benefits in the tech.

Google Analytics aids workplace recruitment

Human resources professionals are making use of Google Analytics as a tool for recruitment. This is a reflection of the majority of hiring now being via digital channels and the need for employers to reflect the needs of potential hires.

A.I. and digital tools invading U.S. jobs at all skill levels

With the growing use of artificial intelligence and digital tools in the workplace, very few occupations will be left unaffected. Most surprising is the striking uptick in lower-skilled jobs requiring digital tools.

ConnectMe, a digital workplace for employees: Interview Special

Employee disengagement is a looming issue and it affects everything from company productivity to profitability. To help businesses with this issue, Deloitte created ConnectMe, a digital workplace. We spoke with Michael Gretczko, the general manager.

Harvard study: Over 6.0 million jobs at risk of degree inflation

A four-year college degree has increasingly become a common requirement when applying for a job, even if the employee currently doing the job doesn't have a degree.

Deloitte Consulting show how to lower labor costs: Interview Special

Labor costs are a considerable budget issue affecting Fortune 500 enterprises globally. With the launch of the LaborWise platform, Deloitte is looking to help companies find efficiencies and value within their labor-related processes.

E-learning solutions for business success

For employees schooled on mobile devices and accessing on-line content, the use of electronic learning materials can lead to better engagement and improved learning outcomes, according to new research.

Businesses turning to performance management software solutions

Constructing an informed, reliable and responsive workforce is important to many businesses and having the ability to track performance is essential to this process. To streamline this, employers are starting to utilize performance management software.

Google announces new recruiting app to help businesses fill roles

Google has launched a new business app that helps recruiters to find potential candidates for job openings. The company cited research that found businesses routinely struggle to identify ideal hires. It's using technology to help solve the problem.

Digital transformation and the aging workforce

Digital transformation is seen as a key business goal for many organizations. The transitioning of services to a cloud and other ventures may seem second nature to younger employees; for older workers, it's a different matter.

Foreign workers in Japan to reach 1 million this year

Tokyo - Japan has recorded a huge increase in the number of foreign workers, expecting the figure to reach one million this year.

Whole Foods will slash 1500 jobs to offer consumers lower prices

Whole Foods Inc. announced on Monday that it is cutting about 1,500 jobs over the next eight weeks in an effort to lower prices and keep up with the competition. The cuts make up about 1.6 of the company's workforce.

BlackBerry announces global layoffs in next stage of turnaround

Phone company BlackBerry has announced that it will be starting off a new wave of layoffs as it progresses into the next stage of its ongoing turnaround strategy. The company's success has fallen dramatically in the face of powerful smartphone rivals.

Microsoft lays off hundreds more employees in restructuring plan

Microsoft has laid off hundreds more employees amid its continuing "restructuring" plan started last summer by CEO Satya Nadella. It is unknown exactly how many have been affected by the latest round of cuts.

Op-Ed: U.S. Millenials' weak job skills due to 'cover your *ss' teaching

When it comes to comparing our low academic test scores against other wealthy nations, we typically point to the fact that we test ALL of our high school students...while other nations only test their top performers. But a new test should give us pause.

Mobile rewards platform Freecharge raises $80m in funding

Mobile transactions firm Freecharge has raised $80 million from new investors to help fuel its growth. The company enables users to get free rewards such as food or entertainment by simply paying phone bills through its mobile app.

Poll shows retirees rethinking the 'American Dream'

Older Americans are looking at retirement in a different light than their grandparents. Workers reaching retirement age are discovering Social Security is not the safety net they thought it would be, nor is it the wished for "American Dream."

Op-Ed: CA Dept. of Corporations celebrates Women's History Month Special

Sacramento - With spring time, March has been a month of celebrations. Among the celebrations is Women's History month. And, to help commemorate this the California Department of Corporations reissued an educational brochure

Is the trend reversing? Big hubs fear labor shortages in China

Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and other huge manufacturing hubs are starting to fear serious labor shortages, as inland provinces hold job fairs to lure migrant workers to come back home.
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View of Shinjuku skyscrapers and Mount Fuji as seen from the Bunkyo Civic Center, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.
Employ Older Workers: Advertisement businesses to hire older workers
Employ Older Workers: Advertisement businesses to hire older workers
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the advantages of women owning their own business or being self-employed allows them more flexibilit...
the advantages of women owning their own business or being self-employed allows them more flexibility. This is especially so for women raising families and being the primary bread-winner.

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