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No kidding: video calls with goats boost British farm

Blackburn - A British farmer came up with a jokey idea to rent out her goats to liven up video call meetings -- and found an unexpected source of lockdown income.

Canadian workers say the right tech aids productivity

After months of closures due to the coronavirus outbreak, provinces across Canada are slowly allowing office spaces and other workplaces to reopen. However, many employees have concerns about the rapid spread of COVID-19 in these enclosed spaces.

Gaming AR and VR Tools will shape the future of work Special

How will the workplace evolve following 2020's rapid adoption of digital technology? The drive will be towards augmented and virtual reality, according to a leading expert.

New Zealand lays charges over volcano deaths

Wellington - New Zealand's workplace safety watchdog handed down criminal charges Monday over last year's White Island volcanic eruption that claimed 22 lives and left dozens more with horrific burns.

Q&A: Visitor management essential for a safe return to the office Special

Even if businesses do not immediately return to pre-COVID capacity numbers upon opening, property managers can start planning for the influx of visitors by proactively implementing visitor management systems that track the usage of workplaces.

In the sleeping towers of Paris' vast business district

La D - With a half-empty office floor and a whole team in quarantine, the new norm at one company in Paris illustrates the reality weighing on Europe's biggest business district.

Signs of an employment bounce in key U.S. states

There are some signs that the U.S. economy is beginning a recovery, albeit a fragile one. This is signalled in terms of jobs growth, although the employment pattern is not evenly distributed as new data reveals.

'We want our mountains back': the fight over Myanmar's marble hills

Kyauktada - Faces covered in white dust and chisels in hand, marble sculptors in Myanmar say the hills that have given them a livelihood for generations are disappearing, as large companies reap the rewards of the prized white rock.

Op-Ed: How to make work safe? Developing a COVID-19 risk assessment

Many workplaces are putting into place COVID-19 risk assessments to help to bring employees back to work. What needs to be included is ways to make the workplace safe and rules for employees to follow, based on sound scientific advice.

Workflow automation can ensure compliance during COVID-19 Special

Many businesses are now more vulnerable to any mistakes that can affect compliance and legal processes. For this reason, many are turning to workflow automation to mitigate these impacts created by the current pandemic.

Declining employee productivity in a remote world

COVID-19 has led to an increase in the rate of remote working, and aspects of remote working look set to become part of the 'new normal'. Most reports cite an increase in productivity from remote work; however, one survey presents a different view.

Q&A: AI is transforming the workplace in novel ways Special

On returning to the workplace, things may appear slightly different - not in terms of changes to spaces or with people, but with the rise of artificial intelligence. With sensitive areas like recruitment, this needs to be ethical AI.

Too few people are concerned about working-from-home security

A new survey finds that only a low number of U.S. citizens - 31 percent - are concerned about working-from-home data security. Such concerns are important, given the increased application of remote working during COVID-19.

The future of work is all about remote working: Expert commentary Special

What will be the future of work post-COVID-19? According to Pulse Secure's Mike Riemer, there will be a larger remote workforce with cybersecurity built into the culture. The industry expert explains more, including the importance of Zero Trust

Facebook to embrace remote work in post-pandemic shift

San Francisco - Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday remote work is here to stay, and that half of the social network's staff could be doing jobs from afar within a decade.

Q&A: COVID-19 creates a new paradigm for data outsourcing Special

To work remotely and maintain consistent processing, large outsourcing companies including Infosys. and Tata Consultancy Services are asking their clients to relax NDAs and privacy rules – compromising data security.

Changing work: Increased cloud adoption is happening Special

The refocusing of the workforce is leading to many changes, from a step change in cloud computing adoption to a rise in insider threats. Our third feature is based around commentary from Anurag Kahol.

Legal employees report lower productivity in COVID-19 world

New data reveals legal employees report lower productivity than other industries during the recent work-from-home mandate. As one of the most heavily impacted groups by the crisis, legal and compliance teams report 16 percent below average productivity.

Post-COVID-19 security predictions: Where are we heading? Special

What will the future of work look like? One thing appears certain is that the future of work has changed, particularly with remote working and security. A number of experts provide their thoughts to Digital Journal. This is the first in a series.

What is the future work, in the post-COVID world?

Coping with the coronavirus on a day-to-day basis, both from the health and economic perspective, is a preoccupation for most people. But what will the post-coronavirus world look like? How will businesses seek to organize their practices?

Changing workplaces: Telecommuters need security too Special

As users stuck at home try to solve productivity challenges, the amount of shadow IT gaps increases. Hackers are already targeting them in droves with COVID-19 related cyberattacks, domains laced with malware are being registered at an alarming rate.

Coronavirus: Helping the unemployed transition to digital jobs

The coronavirus pandemic that sent shock-waves through the economy, resulting in rising unemployment. The employment market is also undergoing restructuring.

Temperature checks, masks new norm for Amazon employees

San Francisco - Amazon on Thursday said it is temperature-checking more than 100,000 workers daily and handing out masks as part of ramped-up defenses against the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus is presenting new challenges for remote working Special

COVID-19 has led to an increase in remote work. This has left IT departments scrambling to secure a plethora of new and unknown endpoints (personal laptops, Wi-Fi, printers, and so on). Mike Quinn and Greg Morrell of Active Cypher examine the issue.

Q&A: Strategies for managing a global workforce in 2020 Special

As workforces become increasingly remote and tech continues to transform the role of management, priorities are shifting when it comes to preparing for the future of work, explains Doodle's CEO Renato Profico.

How U.S. workforce is responding to technology skills gap

There is a cyber-skills gap in many developed economies. A recent study has highlighted the lack of appropriate skills, like coding, in the U.S. However, the poll also reveals that the workforce acknowledges this, indicating a provision gap to be filled.

Q&A: Data and the truth behind 'OK boomer' in the workplace Special

“Ok, Boomer” replies have become the universal, meme-able Millennial and Gen Z response to any type of unliked commentary from Baby Boomers. How is this affecting workplace relations? An employment psychologist looks into the issue.

European garment brands to end Bangladesh factory inspections

Dhaka - A monitoring group set up by top European clothing brands to check worker safety standards in Bangladesh said Wednesday it will wrap up in May, more than six years after the collapse of a garment factory prompted the intervention by retailers.

Looking into the truth about modern workplace environments

Olivet Nazarene University recently surveyed 2,009 U.S. based workers regarding their satisfaction with their current office environment and how it contributes to their happiness and productivity. We look at the results.

Q&A: Second chance hiring for ex-cons with new technology Special

Every year, the U.S. economy loses over $80 billion in GDP from refusing to hire people with minor offenses or wrongful convictions. Tom Miller of ClearForce explains how technology can give potential employers piece of mind.
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A  help wanted  ad in a newspaper
A "help wanted" ad in a newspaper
rides carnival midway summer
rides carnival midway summer
File photo: While offices can be built in almost any location and in almost any building  some moder...
File photo: While offices can be built in almost any location and in almost any building, some modern requirements for offices make this more difficult.
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sometimes being a trucker  you can get some neat pictures.  This one was early morning in a trucksto...
sometimes being a trucker, you can get some neat pictures. This one was early morning in a truckstop, the clouds were hanging low, so i took picture, and then climbed in truck and down the road working.
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Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian.
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File photo: Office workers viewing a presentation at BPL Elstree.
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rides carnival midway summer
rides carnival midway summer
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A scene from the production line at the Toyota Material Handling Europe
People at work physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
People at work physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
rides carnival midway summer
rides carnival midway summer
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An office space inside a business enterprise.
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