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Google updates its job finder with salary estimates and more

Google's added several new capabilities to its job searching tool as it aims to better rival services such as LinkedIn. The search engine's built-in job finder launched earlier this week and is now being improved with salary estimates and location ranges.

ConnectMe, a digital workplace for employees: Interview Special

Employee disengagement is a looming issue and it affects everything from company productivity to profitability. To help businesses with this issue, Deloitte created ConnectMe, a digital workplace. We spoke with Michael Gretczko, the general manager.

Digital tools lead to new ways to analyze training effectiveness

Most companies deliver training to employees, with the aim of seeking a more knowledgeable and capable workforce. But how effective is this training and is it value for money? Analytics can help evaluate this.

Digital transformation of learning raises business performance

As businesses grow and expand, new ways of learning are required to rapidly and effectively deliver training to employees. This requires a new approach to the subject, using digital tools and technologies.

Melinda Gates: U.S. must stop demanding we all be workaholics

On Wednesday, Melinda Gates joined LinkedIn (now owned by Microsoft) and penned her first column. In it she argued that corporate America's workaholic culture is one of the main obstructions to diversity, causing women and minorities to lean out.

Can bosses snoop on employees? European court to rule

Strasbourg - Europe's top human rights court is set to rule Tuesday whether bosses have the right to spy on employees who use company messaging systems, in a landmark decision for privacy in the work place.

Technology is altering the work-life balance

Technology is not a neutral force. How it is used and applied has much to do with the intention of those who operate it. One area that causes consternation is how technology affects the work-life balance.

How businesses can tackle mental health at work

Mental health issues in the workplace create problems for individual worker and they impact on the business in terms of productivity loss. As a result many businesses are investing in new ways of supporting employees.

Man hit by lightning while sitting at his desk

Rochester - A man in New York said he was sitting in his office last Monday when he was struck by lightning. He said he was happy to be alive.

Is it better to be fired by an individual or a committee?

No one likes to be fired from their job and the impact can often lead to low self-esteem as well as social and financial worries. The long-term effect on an individual is partly influenced by the manner in which the firing is executed.

French workers win 'right to disconnect'

Paris - French companies will be required to guarantee a "right to disconnect" to their employees from Sunday as the country seeks to tackle the modern-day scourge of compulsive out-of-hours email checking.

66,000 workplace deaths in China last year: report

Bejing - China saw 66,000 workplace deaths in 2015 despite strengthened legislation, Chinese authorities said, highlighting often dangerous labour conditions in the world's second largest economy.

Spain seeks to shorten its long work day

Madrid - Spain wants to put an end to its distinctive and gruelling work day which hurts productivity -- and it may move the country's clocks back by one hour to the same time zone as London's to do so.

The company that asks employees to start work at 9:06 a.m.

What is the ideal company to work for? What types of benefits have the greatest effect? How about a later starting time or a free breakfast? One company has been pioneering different work practices to apparent success.

Op-Ed: Trade Minister slams Britain as 'too lazy and fat'

London - Conservative Party politician and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has slammed British business people as "too lazy and fat" to make a success of business on the world stage.

Is free pizza more motivational than money?

New research suggests that employees work harder if they are given free pizza rather than extra cash. The study touches on the way people respond to different levels of reward.

Op-Ed: How much is your dialect affecting your chances of finding a job?

Modern societies strive to reach a level of globalization that gives everyone a fair opportunity of finding employment, regardless of race, sex or language. But is that true that even a simple accent can affect your chances of finding a job?

Higher chance of strokes with shift work

Shift work is associated with a number of adverse physiological effects on the body. A new report, based on an animal model, suggest shift workers have a higher chance of developing blood clots and strokes.

Hundreds of Bangladesh garment factories still not safe: Group

Dhaka - Only 24 of nearly 700 clothing factories inspected in Bangladesh meet international safety standards, a group of major brands said Wednesday, three years after a deadly building collapse exposed the hazardous state of the nation's workplaces.

First day on the job for Japan's nervous new recruits

Toukyo - Hundreds of thousands of Japanese started their first day on the job Friday in an annual ritual born from the country's fast-disappearing jobs-for-life work culture.

Flexible working can make you ill: Study

London - Family-friendly policies, work-life-balance, and flexible working are buzz phrases encouraged by governments and offered by more "enlightened" employers. But are they good for your health?

Man escapes home invaders, goes to work before calling for help

Woodstock - On Wednesday, a man was the victim of a home invasion and left tied up. After he freed himself, he headed into work before calling police.

Celebrity osteopath sentenced in France to 8 years for sex crimes

Bobigny - A French osteopath whose list of famous clients included Pablo Picasso and Rudolf Nureyev was on Thursday sentenced to eight years in jail on appeal for raping and sexually assaulting female patients.

Pope to make major speech in Italy's little China

- Pope Francis will Tuesday deliver a major speech on the theme of work in the symbolic location of Prato, a small town near Florence that has become synonymous with Chinese immigration to Italy.

The American temp work takeover: Union benefits to permatemps

The temp agency, or staffing firm, has seen a monumental increase in demand by companies looking to cut costs and increase efficiencies. The result has been permanent job displacement and uncertainty for many workers in the US economy.

Procrastinate at work? It’s bad for your health

Procrastination is a nasty habit that can keep you from filing on deadline, preparing well for a meeting. Waiting until the last minute to accomplish your task can also lead to unnecessary stress.

Garbage collector jailed for starting work too early

Atlanta - Kevin McGill is a sanitation worker in an Atlanta suburb, and he was sentenced to jail because he started work too early.

Mein Kampf to be republished by academics in 2016

Seventy years after the author's death, Adolf Hitler's famous but obviously controversial autobiography is to be republished by a collection of academics next year once the copyright on the work expires in a two-volume new addition.

How unemployment triggers personality changes

Stirling - A new tranche of research has found that longer-term unemployment alters people's personalities in different ways. This includes making people less agreeable and open, which, in turn hampers people who undergo such changes from securing work.

Women paid far less than men in universities

Why are there so few women in academia? New research suggests that perceptions of a need for brilliance to excel in a field of study contribute to its relatively low numbers of women.
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It s only Wednesday before the show.
It's only Wednesday before the show.
rides carnival midway summer
rides carnival midway summer
A  help wanted  ad in a newspaper
A "help wanted" ad in a newspaper
sometimes being a trucker  you can get some neat pictures.  This one was early morning in a trucksto...
sometimes being a trucker, you can get some neat pictures. This one was early morning in a truckstop, the clouds were hanging low, so i took picture, and then climbed in truck and down the road working.
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Example of a home office setup
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The crystal work of Bertil Vallien  Die Reise
The crystal work of Bertil Vallien "Die Reise"
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A scene from the production line at the Toyota Material Handling Europe
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A working day on the downtown mall, Charlottesville, Virginia
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rides carnival midway summer
rides carnival midway summer
While offices can be built in almost any location and in almost any building  some modern requiremen...
While offices can be built in almost any location and in almost any building, some modern requirements for offices make this more difficult.
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rides carnival midway summer
rides carnival midway summer
Millennials are uncertain about automation
Millennials are uncertain about automation / Pexels
A man overwhelmed by work
A man overwhelmed by work
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