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From 'world cup' to 'Meghan Markle' — Google top trends for 2018

Google, as it does each year, has revealed the top search words and phrases of 2018. This is a mix of global trends and country specific preferences. Globally the 'world cup' topped both the overall searches and news categories.

Word of the year for 2018 is ‘toxic’

Oxford - There are ‘somethings of the year’ for almost everything – movies, books, the person who adorns the cover of Time magazine. How about a word? The Oxford English Dictionary has selected a word for 2018 and it is “toxic”.

AI for understanding and enhancing human communication: Q&A Special

Many companies are using AI to learn words in the flow of dialogue. Building on this, is an AI solution for understanding and enhancing human communication. Micha Breakstone explains more.

Allowing AI to learn words in the flow of dialogue

A new technique has been developed that enables artificial intelligence systems to learn words in the flow of dialogue. Improving linguistic reasoning is a step towards more effective artificial intelligence.

Most hated word in the English language revealed

Oxford - Oxford University Press have undertaken a survey, based on a poll of people in the U.S., U.K. and Canada, to find out what the least favorite word in the English language is.

‘Binge-watch’ is word of the year 2015

London - The English language continually evolves, with some words rendered archaic and new words adopted. For 2015, Collins Dictionary has included several words that are, apparently, becoming commonplace.

Using long, complex words doesn't make you look smart

You might think that using long and complex words makes you look smart, but it doesn't, according to new research UCLA Anderson School of Management. Throwing in a complex word can actually make you appear less intelligent.

The rise of the real-time translation apps

Translation apps on the internet and phones have got much better at their jobs in recent years and are now used frequently by tourists. A major question remains though: how reliable are they and do they work? A recent BBC report attempts to answer this.

People can categorize words while asleep

Paris - According to a new study, the human brain can process information and even direct responses to cues while a person is sleeping.

Selfie and bromance among words added to Scrabble dictionary

A new Scrabble dictionary will be published on August 11, and it will include words such as bromance, selfie, hashtag and fracking.

Offensive and shocking words get added to the Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) adds new terms four times a year, and this week roughly 900 words made their first appearance including "bathroom-break," "bestie", and four adjectives that refer to the highly offensive c-word.

'Whatever' voted most annoying word

A recent poll has declared the word "whatever" as the most annoying word. This marks the third year in a row that this particular word has topped the poll.

Oxford English Dictionary has vault full of rejected words

Millions of rejected words lie in a vault owned by the Oxford University Press. Although they have not been accepted for print, there is still hope for many of them.

Britain declaring war on 'Americanisms'

British journalist Matthew Engel, a columnist on the Financial Times and contributor to the Daily Mail, has incited Britons to speak out against American words and phrases taking over the UK.

Op-Ed: We Have Heard From Tiger Woods

After almost three months, Tiger Woods has spoken. We have heard from the man himself. Many wanted to hear from him and now they have. Was it what you wanted to hear?

University Releases Annual 'Banished Words List' For 2009

Lake Superior State University (LSSU) has compiled the banished words list annually since 1975 and this year banished words include “Green”, “Maverick”, “First Dude” and more. They want people to stop using these words from now on.

Scientists know why 'Mama' and 'Dada' are baby's first words

Scientists claim they have found out why baby’s first words are often “mama” or “dada”. Similar baby responses are seen in other languages as well.

McCain campaign calls Obama's words into question

On Sunday Sen. John McCain's campaign said that Barack Obama's remarks on Iraq left a significant question as to what Obama intends to do.

Language Experts: Tech Folk Have Difficulty Defining Terms Like iPod, Flash, Cookie

A top ten of most confusing yet commonly used tech words includes iPOD, Flash, Cookie, Nano and Kernel. Global Language Monitor, a consultancy, published its 2007 ranking, following up on similar research in 2005.

How words mutate and survive

The more often a word is used, the more likely it will remain the same. Researchers at the University of Reading, (apt name) have been studying the survival of words. Etymology is an old enough science, but direct evolutionary effects are something new.

Words To Think About

I love quotes. Words spoken or written that last the passage of time. In my stumbling around the Internet I have found some amazing words about writers and writing. I hope you don't mind that I share a few with you.

Bill To Outlaw "Fleeting" Swear Words Passes Senate Committee

A bill to give the FCC power over "fleeting" swear words has now passed a Senate committee and moves on to the full Senate. But what is a Fleeting swear word? I'm glad you asked.

20 Words You Can Use Instead of AMAZING

A single word "AMAZING" is used widely in blogs and social networks to lure users to read more. Instead of this word, a blog suggests alternate words that could be used instead of the word "AMAZING".

Spanish Anthem to get words so Sportsmen can sing

Spanish wants words added to their national anthem which has only music in it.

2 Canadian Cities bash it out over a radio station contest to win a free trip

You know you're in Saskatchewan when . . . You know your from Vancover when... You finish the sentence.

Aussie Police Have Hate Videos, Cleric Says His Words Misunderstood

Australian cleric says his remarks encouraging training children for jihad and martyrdom were misunderstood ...,7034,21089398^421,00.html

Ecuador's new leader, Rafael Correa has no kind words for the United States

In a ceremony he took office pledging to fight corruption and U.S.-inspired economic policies.

Words come easier after a singalong

Interesting, I had never heard of this before...

Reverse Dictionary

Describe a word you are thinking of and the reverse dictionary does the rest.

Six Word Stories

This is a cool little article from Wired.

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