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Interview: Sarah Reeves talks about new single 'Nowhere,' future Special

Word Records pop singer Sarah Reeves chatted with Digital Journal about her new radio single "Nowhere," which was released on April 7.

Handwritten word may be worth more than $10,000

An Ebay user from Sydney sold a scrap paper with "The" written on it for more than $10,000, as of a few days ago. The bidding started back on May 22.

L.A. protest on Trayvon:'Our boys and girls have a right to live' Special

Los Angeles - Following a unanimous L. A. City Council resolution calling for a civil rights investigation into George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin, Angelinos again rallied, demanding Zimmerman be jailed for what many Angelinos see as a cold-blooded murder

Toronto-based tech firm's lawsuit upheld, Microsoft to pay $290m

Washington - The US Supreme Court has ended a five-year legal battle between tech titan Microsoft and i4i Incorporated, a small Toronto-based tech firm.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger joins Sirius XM Radio in Jan. 2011

New York - Following the major N-word controversy over the summer, Sirius XM Radio announced this week that Dr. Laura Schlessinger has signed a multi-year deal with the satellite radio network and will begin her radio program in January.

BBC lesbian drama launches to almost 600,000 viewers

Lip Service, a ground-breaking new drama series, which was commissioned for the BBC's youth channel, BBC 3, opened with 580,000 viewers, according to overnight figures.

Toronto software firm wins court appeal battle against Microsoft Special

Chalk one up for David in a fight against Goliath. A small company in Toronto, i4i, has forced Microsoft to tweak its Word program after the Redmond firm lost a court appeal today. i4i's chairman Loudon Owen spoke to Digital Journal about the litigation.

Mr. Media: Gay Icons-Janina Gavankar, Darryl Stephens, comic Ant Special

It’s 9 p.m. on the east coast, 6 p.m. on the west. Do you know where your favorite gay TV actor, straight actress who plays a pay-cable lesbian, or gay comedian is?

Judge rules Microsoft can no longer sell Word in the US

A judge in Texas yesterday ruled that Microsoft can no longer sell Microsoft Word because of a patent infringement involving the opening of certain files in the software.

Ramsay turns to ex-News of the World Editor to end his nightmares

The red-top's have turned on Gordon Ramsay of late which has forced the Michelin starred chef to seek alternative PR solutions in order to protect his celebrity status and global empire.

Op-Ed: Perez Hilton, where are the feminists when you need them?

When Perez Hilton cheerily asked Miss California to tell him if all of the states should follow Vermont's lead by making same sex marriage legal, he was posturing a patriarchal power play, that foiled, badly.

Publicity stunt or getting ink done? Your vote will decide.

What's in a name? Everything for the owner of an online quality t-shirt company. Scott Townsend, 21, will have permanently tattooed on his back the word that gains the most popular votes. The things people do to get noticed.

F Word On Restaurant Bill Ticks Off Guests

When ten diners at Joe Delucci's Italian restaurant in Bird Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire received their tab they were shocked by some of the wording. A very offensive $0.00 item appeared on the cheque.

Canadian is Now the New 'N' Word

In the southern states, 'Canadian' has now become the new slur racists use when referring to blacks. Instead of using the "N" word, racist now use the term "Canadian."

Eddie Griffin Gets the Hook for Using N-Word

A standup routine by black comedian Eddie Griffin("Undercover Brother" and "Date Movie") was stopped after he repeatedly used the N-word, a magazine's spokesman said Wednesday.

Simonyi blasts off

The billionaire behind Microsoft Word has launched into space.

Buy you own word

Buy a word and "take control of your own destiny"

One of the Most Misspelled Words on the Internet is...

The most misspelled word on the Internet is "Definitely"

The Bird is the Word, Papparazi

How celebrities react to Papparazi when they are being photographed?

Question asks participants to describe Bush in One word

The Pew Research Centre has included an interesting question in its national political surveys: "Please tell me what one best word that describes your impression of George W. Bush."

2 out of 5 Bosses Don't Keep Their Word

New study from Florida State University shows that 2 out of 5 bosses don't keep their word and more than a fourth bad mouth their employees to other co-workers.

The Colbert Report : Word : Sigh

Absolutely Hilarious Segment About a "Sigh"

Microsoft Office 2007 Screenshots

These screenshots depict the Trial version of the final shipping version of Office 2007 Enterprise.

Former Microsoft Nerd Pays Millions to Go to Space

Digital Journal — First he created Microsoft Word and Excel. Now he wants to go for a round trip vacation in space. Is Charles Simonyi the model nerd?

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