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Womens rights News

Op-Ed: Activists wonder if four confined women are still alive

Riyadh - While President Obama travels to Saudi Arabia to mourn the passing of a King Abdullah, four of the king's imprisoned daughters have disappeared off social media, and activists are concerned the women have passed on.

Op-Ed: Gamers need to confront the culture's misogynistic problem

The gaming community likes to take pride in the fact that their culture has been more progressive about the role of women, but there is still an ugly misogynistic problem that needs to be confronted.

Op-Ed: Sao Paulo teachers need a Pap smear? You're kidding, right?

Believe it or not, and this is a shocker, but in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a woman must hand in the results of a pap smear test, or a letter from her doctor proving her virginity before being hired as a teacher.

ISIS leader demands female genital mutilation of 2 million girls

Mosul - A Jihadist leader associated with the militant Islamist group ISIS — the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham — has ordered that all women aged from 11 to 46 years in Iraq undergo female genital mutilation (FGM), according to a UN spokeswoman.

Justin Trudeau says abortion decision not up to male legislators

Ottawa - Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party in Canadian parliament, says that it is not up to males to decide on women's rights when it comes to abortion, much to the chagrin of Catholic leaders.

Iraqi women push for rights ahead of presidential election

Female politicians in Iraq are pushing women's issues and women's rights as the presidential election in the country approaches and new laws aim to further restrict them.

Start up gathers funds for women's safety in India Special

New Delhi - The horrific rape of a student in India in December 2012 sent shockwaves throughout the nation. It also made an indelible impression on economist Shruti Kapoor who decided to set up a platform for women with all things related to personal safety.

No contraception and botched abortions way of life in Uganda

In Uganda, abortions are historically a subject people don't talk about. Most women think abortions are illegal, and this has resulted in fear and secrecy because of a lack of clarity over Uganda's abortion laws by its government.

Rise of Indian women-only space amid male-only village councils

New Delhi - While international news sources begin following the rise of women-only options in India, village-based male councils continue to blame Western influences like clothing and mobile phone usage for violence against women.

Domestic violence soaring in India, woman beheads abusive husband

Underscoring the extremity of the violence against women in India, a woman beheaded her husband in the Sivaganga district after facing intolerable abuse from him.

In wake of gang rapes, India begins women-only transportation

In response to the disturbing gang rape incidents that made headlines around the world, India has begun instituting a women-only subculture.

Saudi cleric: Women shouldn't drive because of risk to ovaries

A Saudi Sheikh, Salah al-Luhaydan, has said that women in Saudi Arabia shouldn't drive for health reasons. He says doing so could have negative health effects on their ovaries.

Op-Ed: Delhi gang rape — Appeal disrespects the dignity of Indian women

Delhi - The lawyers for the four men sentenced to death for the brutal gang rape that resulted in a young woman's death in India are now launching an appeal, and the world cannot have it or stomach it.

Viral video tackles culture of blaming rape victims in India

In a viral video tackling the disturbing rape and domestic violence behaviors in India, All India Bakchod provides clarity on the issue - cheerily blaming the victim.

Cheap sanitary pads may improve the lives of girls in Kenya

Nairobi - Modern sanitary wear in western countries is taken for granted. Women and girls in Kenya however have had to resort to rags and reusable pads, but that is set to change.

Saudi petition urges debate on female driving prohibition

Around 3,000 Saudis have put forth a petition to the Shura Consultative Council calling for debate on the status of the prohibition on women being permitted to drive.

Affordable birth control may be denied to Oklahoma women

A bill being presented to the Oklahoma Senate may deny women the right to have their insurance cover birth control. Some believe it poisons a women's body.

Assailants in Nirbhaya's gang-rape and murder brought to court

New Delhi - As five of the six accused are awaiting trial for the rape and murder of "Nirbhaya," two of the perpetrators have stepped forward offering to be witnesses to testify against the other three. Also, the accused have problems finding legal representation.

After Nirbhaya's ordeal, changes to India's juvenile law in talks

New Delhi - While six men, including a minor, perpetrated the gang-rape of "Nirbhaya," the ordeal and death of the victim has brought up the call for amending India's Juvenile Justice Act.

After Nirbhaya's death, India's women take self-defense classes

In wake of what happened to Nirbhaya, martial arts and other self-defense courses have started to be more popular with women wanting to keep themselves from being part of the statistic.

Limbaugh: Fluke nominated for TIME Person of Year? Oops my bad!

As Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke has made the short list for TIME's Person of the Year for 2012, conservatives are quick to attack the nomination.

Op-Ed: Teen Pregnancy — its decline and what that means for U.S.

Teen pregnancy rates in the United States are declining and statistics show it's because of comprehensive sex education in schools.

Tahirih: Iranian pioneer for human rights

Iranians are dying in the struggle for democracy and equality for themselves, but many do not know it was a woman many decades ago who died while pleading for the human rights her countrymen are demanding today in the demonstrations taking place in Iran.

A French politician’s fight for democracy in Afghanistan Special

An interview with French Deputy and ex-State Secretary Françoise Hostalier, who has been working for years to improve the lives of the people of Afghanistan. After 14 visits to the country, she describes her work and what remains to be done.

The fight against polygamy and arranged marriage in France Special

A multicultural society means multicultural values. Here in Lyon, France, FIJI, an association which fights for the rights of women, their children and their families, confronts the practical aspects of this issue on a daily basis.

Canada recognizing its nurse 'Nightingales' this week

Nurses are treasured people, most people think; the Florence Nightingales of hospitals and medical offices everywhere, and they are being celebrated in Canada this week.

Op-Ed: Negotiating Abortion and the Catholic Faith Special

Raised in large Catholic families, Gail and Robert Anderson's faith and politics were questioned when the developmental issues of their unborn child led them to the offices of Dr. George Tiller.

Controversy on the set of America's Next Top Model

This week's episode of 'America's Next Top Model', in which the photo-shoot challenge found the myriad mannequins making like crime-scene corpses, has come under fire from women's-rights groups.

Pakistan's Lower House Passes Landmark Women's Rights Bill

Pakistan's lower house of parliament has passed a landmark bill amending the country's controversial laws governing rape and adultery.

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National Day of Action to Defend Women s Rights. Rally at Dallas City Hall  July 15  2013.
National Day of Action to Defend Women's Rights. Rally at Dallas City Hall, July 15, 2013.
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