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'As a woman, be quiet!' Turkish deputy PM in new sexism row

Ankara - Turkey's deputy prime minister on Wednesday ignited a new row over discrimination against women in Turkish politics when he told a female deputy who tried to interrupt his speech to "as a woman, be quiet!".

In Cuba, woman boxer fights to get into ring

Havana - For eight years, Cuban boxer Namibia Flores has leaned in with a clenched jaw and raised guard to throw punches against all male training partners.Flores follows the same preparation as her male opponents.

South African female miners break ground for their gender

Rustenburg - Deep underground, where huge conveyer belts haul rocks to the surface, 33-year-old mother of two Bernice Motsieloa represents the quiet revolution transforming the macho culture of South African mining.

Three women on course to make U.S. Army Rangers history

Washington - Three women are on course to make US Army history by becoming the first females to graduate from the elite and hugely demanding Ranger School, officials told AFP Friday.

Turkish woman detained over 'honour' killing of husband

Istanbul - Turkish authorities have detained a 28-year-old woman for murdering her husband out of "honour" after he repeatedly beat her and tried to force her into prostitution, reports said Friday.

Hundreds of lawyers back Moroccan women on trial over outfits

Rabat - Hundreds of lawyers have registered to defend two women who went on trial in Morocco on Monday accused of "gross indecency" for wearing dresses considered provocative, an activist said.

New Brazil rules seek to cut Cesarean craze

Rio De Janeiro - New regulations aimed at rolling back Brazil's obsession with Cesarean sections took effect Monday, with the government hoping it can steer the country from its status as a world leader in C-section births.

Latin American women fight back against harassment

Montevideo - Every day, Sara Velez, a Colombian law student, walks to class through a hail of catcalls that often veer into obscenity, a daily reality that Latin American women are increasingly fighting.

Two fearless women lead Romania anti-corruption crusade

Bucharest - Two Romanian women are spearheading an unprecedented anti-corruption drive that has made politicians tremble and even challenged the prime minister.

'Fear they will find me': Death threats stalk Afghan acid victim

Kunduz - Four years after a militiaman doused Mumtaz with a flesh-searing acid for rejecting his marriage proposal, leaving her disfigured, scarred and traumatised, death threats have forced the 20-year-old Afghan into hiding.

Iran allows some women to watch male volleyball

Tehran - There will be no general admission for Iranian women at two upcoming male international volleyball matches but a small number will be granted special permission to watch, a security official said Tuesday.

Women entering life sciences are treated less well than men

According to some new research, women who enter life sciences (as opposed to chemistry or physics) are receiving less attention from policy makers. This is despite a drop in the number of new undergraduates.

Turkish mother, 36, 'shoots dead pregnant daughter'

Istanbul - A Turkish mother, 36, shot dead her daughter, 17, after finding out that she was three months pregnant, media reports said on Saturday.The mother, named as Emine A., found out that her daughter Meryem A.

Pussy Riot member arrested at Moscow women's rights demo

Moscow - A member of punk protest group Pussy Riot and a fellow activist were arrested Friday at a demonstration in Moscow demanding better conditions for women held in Russian prisons.

Dresses line pitch of Kosovo stadium to condemn war rapes

Pristina - A Kosovo artist hung thousands of dresses from washing lines in Pristina stadium on Friday to condemn the rape of thousands of women during the Balkan wars.

Three go on trial over Turkish student's murder

Istanbul - Three men went on trial in Turkey on Friday over the murder and attempted rape of a 20-year-old female student, in a case that sparked an outpouring of anger over the level of violence against women in the country.

Nobel laureate Tim Hunt resigns over remarks about 'girls' in labs

London - British Nobel Prize-winning scientist Tim Hunt has resigned from his post at University College London over controversial comments he made about female scientists.

Nobel laureate Tim Hunt explains 'sexist' science lab comments

London - Nobel Prize-winning scientist Tim Hunt apologised Wednesday for causing offence after his suggestion that female scientists could not take criticism without crying and that they disrupted lab work sparked outrage.

Iran vows to stop protests against women in stadiums

Tehran - Iran will not tolerate demonstrations against the presence of women at male sporting events, a government spokesman said Tuesday, after threats from ultraconservatives to disrupt any relaxation of restrictions.

Jihadists' slave markets sell girls at any price: UN envoy

New York - Teenage girls abducted by Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria are being sold in slave markets "for as little as a pack of cigarettes," the UN envoy on sexual violence said.

FDA closer to approving 'female Viagra' drug

On Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration advisory panel recommended that Flibanserin, a new drug that has been dubbed as "Viagra for women."

Breastfeeding may lower risk of leukemia

Miami - Breastfeeding a baby for at least six months may be linked to a lower risk of childhood leukemia, according to a review of previously published research on the topic Monday.

Peace activists make rare crossing of North-South Korea border

Paju - An international group of women peace activists, led by American feminist Gloria Steinem, made a rare crossing on Sunday of one of the world's most militarised borders between North and South Korea.

Peace activists live-stream press conference from N. Korea

Seoul - A group of international women peace activists broadcast a landmark press conference from North Korea on Saturday, using Twitter's new video live-streaming app Periscope, apparently with official approval.

Turkey charges ex-boyfriend of shot singer with attempted murder

Istanbul - A Turkish court on Wednesday charged with attempted murder the ex-boyfriend of a teenage talent show hopeful who was shot in the head in an attack that has highlighted concerns over violence against women.

Students sue over 'forced' vaginal probes: Lawsuit

Miami - Two former college students are suing a Florida medical college, alleging they were forced to undergo frequent transvaginal probes during classroom training as part of their studies.

Three men held after Turkish TV contestant shot: Report

Ankara - Police have arrested three men after over the shooting of a 19-year-old Turkish woman who had been competing in a national televised song contest, local media reported Tuesday.

Flavonoids could help with healthy ageing in women

Higher intake of flavonoids during midlife is associated with greater likelihood of health and well-being in people surviving to older ages, according to a new study.

11 Afghan police jailed over mob killing of woman

Kabul - Eleven Afghan policemen were Tuesday sentenced to one year in prison for failing to protect a woman who was lynched by a mob after being falsely accused of blasphemy, following a landmark fast-track trial.

Turkey teen talent show singer shot in head: reports

Istanbul - A 19-year-old Turkish woman competing in a national televised song contest was in a critical condition in hospital Monday after being shot in the head by an unknown attacker, reports said.
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Synthia St. James
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Memorial March of Edmonton
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Street-view (without Google) of women and girls. Kathmandu
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MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
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Memorial March of Edmonton
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MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop

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