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State of alcohol abuse and young pregnant women revealed

A U.S. based report has shown that one in 10 women aged 18-44 years consumes alcohol during pregnancy. This carries with it a range of ill-health effects for the mother and baby.

Op-Ed: How Bernie Sanders can win the 2016 presidential election

For a candidate whose personal net worth is only estimated to be $330,000, Bernie Sanders has managed to do something that's nearly unthinkable. He's built a campaign based on small contributions and draws huge crowds of thousands wherever he speaks.

Skirts versus cassocks as Catholic women bid for rights

Rome - It will be a landmark review of Church teachings and women want their say: as bishops gather in Rome to review attitudes to modern family life, the "Catholic Women Speak" network is primed for a fierce but uphill struggle.

Feminist restaurant gives migrants a starter in Britain

London - In a feminist restaurant housed in a theatre, seven immigrant female chefs are bringing a taste of their homelands to Londoners, whilst earning themselves a stake in British society.

Obama signs bill averting US government shutdown

Washington - Congress and President Barack Obama steered the US government clear of a shutdown hours before a midnight deadline, approving temporary federal spending that does not defund a women's health care provider as Republicans hoped.

China champions women at UN but record criticized

New York - Chinese President Xi Jinping pressed Sunday for the world to step up efforts to improve women's rights, but his push was clouded by his own country's detention of feminists.

Low life expectancy of British women

London - Women in Britain and Denmark have the lowest life expectancy rates in Europe, according to a new report measuring a range of health issues.

Husband bars Iran footballer from Asian championship

Tehran - An Iranian women's football team will be minus its captain at the Asian championship in Malaysia next week after her husband invoked his right under Islamic law to bar her from travelling.

Nepalese maids in India accuse Saudi diplomat of rape

New Delhi - Two Nepalese maids have accused a Saudi diplomat of rape and torture while they were working in his home outside the Indian capital, a senior police officer said Wednesday.

Poorly veiled women can have their cars impounded in Iran

Tehran - Female drivers in the capital of Iran could have their vehicles impounded by law enforcement, if they are operating a vehicle with a poorly fixed veil.

U.S. calls for freedom for 20 women political prisoners

Washington - The United States launched a drive Tuesday to highlight the plight of 20 women around the world it says have been unfairly imprisoned for their views or political activism.

India's women Maoists face grim life on front line

- A shiver runs down her spine each time Anjali Hembrom recalls the abuse she endured during six months spent with heavily armed Maoist guerrillas in their "liberated zone" deep inside India's remote forests.

'Brothel' cabarets thrive in breakaway Cyprus statelet

Nicosia - A white stretch limousine pulls up outside a northern Nicosia hospital to drop off cabaret girls for their monthly HIV test, in a breakaway statelet where officially prostitution is illegal.

First women graduate U.S. Army's Ranger School

Fort Benning - They hiked for miles across mountains and jungle with 90-pound (40-kilogram) packs, jumped out of helicopters and worked 20-hour days on the US Army's most grueling training course.

First women to pass U.S. Army's Ranger School speak out

Fort Benning - The first women to pass the grueling training course at the US Army's elite Ranger School said they hoped their success would open doors for women seeking jobs in frontline combat.

Female combat roles in focus as first women become U.S. Rangers

Washington - With the first female soldiers about to make history as elite Rangers, the US Army is in the process of making official what began in the field long ago.

U.S. military to let women try out for Navy SEALs

Washington - The US Navy plans to open its famed SEAL fighting units to women, provided they can pass the notoriously difficult training course, Defense News reported.

U.S. regulators approve 'female Viagra'

Washington - US regulators Tuesday approved the first "female Viagra," a drug known as Addyi that works on the brain to boost younger women's libido if they have lost interest in sex.

Thousands of women march in support of Brazil's Rousseff

Bras - Thousands of women rallied in support of President Dilma Rousseff, whose poll numbers have plummeted amid a national scandal involving state oil company Petrobras.

Married by a woman: A quiet Palestinian revolution

Ramallah - Holding the young couple's identity cards in one hand and the Koran in the other, the Palestinian justice of the peace pronounces Thaer and Rawan man and wife.

War on Women: Modern office air temperatures

To the shivering receptionist lamenting frigid air conditioning that's left her wearing long sleeves in July: You've been vindicated.

Secret video, outrage, and a revived U.S. abortion debate

Washington - Anti-abortion activists' secret footage of officials from the largest US family planning organization discussing use of fetal tissue for research has appalled conservatives, sparking fresh assaults against an iconic organization over abortion rights.

Fears grow over Nepal's 'anti-women' constitution

Kathmandu - Nepal's proposed new constitution has sparked fury from women who say their citizenship, property and other rights are being curtailed by the document designed to draw a line under centuries of inequality.

'As a woman, be quiet!' Turkish deputy PM in new sexism row

Ankara - Turkey's deputy prime minister on Wednesday ignited a new row over discrimination against women in Turkish politics when he told a female deputy who tried to interrupt his speech to "as a woman, be quiet!".

In Cuba, woman boxer fights to get into ring

Havana - For eight years, Cuban boxer Namibia Flores has leaned in with a clenched jaw and raised guard to throw punches against all male training partners.Flores follows the same preparation as her male opponents.

South African female miners break ground for their gender

Rustenburg - Deep underground, where huge conveyer belts haul rocks to the surface, 33-year-old mother of two Bernice Motsieloa represents the quiet revolution transforming the macho culture of South African mining.

Three women on course to make U.S. Army Rangers history

Washington - Three women are on course to make US Army history by becoming the first females to graduate from the elite and hugely demanding Ranger School, officials told AFP Friday.

Turkish woman detained over 'honour' killing of husband

Istanbul - Turkish authorities have detained a 28-year-old woman for murdering her husband out of "honour" after he repeatedly beat her and tried to force her into prostitution, reports said Friday.

Hundreds of lawyers back Moroccan women on trial over outfits

Rabat - Hundreds of lawyers have registered to defend two women who went on trial in Morocco on Monday accused of "gross indecency" for wearing dresses considered provocative, an activist said.

New Brazil rules seek to cut Cesarean craze

Rio De Janeiro - New regulations aimed at rolling back Brazil's obsession with Cesarean sections took effect Monday, with the government hoping it can steer the country from its status as a world leader in C-section births.
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MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
This year s remembrance day featured women  as these ladies make very clear.
This year's remembrance day featured women, as these ladies make very clear.
Memorial March of Edmonton
Memorial March of Edmonton
Memorial March of Edmonton
Memorial March of Edmonton
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. [ Frank Herbert. Dune. ]
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. [ Frank Herbert. Dune. ]
A woman transports her goods on a donkey on Mount Elgon slopes in Kapchorwa  eastern Uganda on Octob...
A woman transports her goods on a donkey on Mount Elgon slopes in Kapchorwa, eastern Uganda on October 20, 2010. Transportation is a problem in the area which has poor roads.
Benue State in Nigeria
Benue State in Nigeria
Turkish university students with Lonna Lisa Williams
Turkish university students with Lonna Lisa Williams
The rankings.
The rankings.
World Economic Forum
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
Laurel Holloman
Laurel Holloman
Photo: Miki Turner
Karmen Pedaru; one of Estonia’s many  many supermodels.
Karmen Pedaru; one of Estonia’s many, many supermodels.
Christopher Macsurak
Tommy Banks at Daughters Day 2014.
Tommy Banks at Daughters Day 2014.
A woman viewing to available women
A woman viewing to available women
Archer School for Girls. Via
Archer School for Girls. Via
Archer School for Girls/Official School Photo
File photo: Indian women
File photo: Indian women
Simon Williams / Ekta Parishad
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
How To Understand Women
How To Understand Women

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