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Women News

Wrongful imprisonment sheds light on slow justice in Pakistan

Karachi - Asma Nawab spent two decades in jail, wrongfully accused of murdering her family. Finally acquitted, she is seeking a new life, free from whispers and memories, as her plight draws fresh questions over Pakistan's woeful justice system.

Sudan teen's death penalty puts spotlight on women's rights

Khartoum - When a Sudanese teenager was sentenced to death last week for killing her husband, who had allegedly raped her, activists knew that a new fight had begun for women's rights in Sudan.

'No means no!': Chilean students condemn sexual violence

Santiago - Thousands of women chanted "No means no!" during a march in Santiago Wednesday called by students to protest sexual abuse and harassment, part of a new feminist wave sweeping Chile.

Protests in Spain to demand funds to fight domestic violence

Madrid - Hundreds of people took to the streets of Madrid and Barcelona on Wednesday to demand the Spanish government fulfil its promise to finance an ambitious plan to fight domestic violence.

Japan's Olympic golf venue admits first female members

Apo - Japan's golf venue for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has granted full membership to women for the first time, after lifting a ban under pressure from Games authorities.

Lebanon's winning women: six females voted into parliament

Beirut - Lebanon's new parliament will include six female lawmakers across the country, up from just four in the 2009-era parliament with several fresh faces.

VC firm launches fund to invest in black women founders

A venture capital firm that invests in "underestimated" and underrepresented founders has just announced a new $36 million fund that will invest exclusively in black female founders.

No 'half-naked' female students in library: Zambia university

Lusaka - Zambia's leading university on Monday asked female students to stop visiting the library "half-naked", suggesting that their skimpy outfits were distracting their male counterparts.

India teen fights for life after being raped, set on fire

New Delhi - A 17-year-old Indian girl was fighting for her life Monday after being raped, doused in kerosene and set alight, the second such case to shake the country this week as it reels from a series of brutal sexual assaults.

UK admits 'serious' cancer screening failure for 450,000 women

London - Britain on Wednesday admitted that a "serious failure" in its breast cancer screening programme over nearly a decade led to 450,000 women missing out on invitations to their final tests -- and may have shortened the lives of up to 270 of them.

Calls for Spain minister to quit over rape trial comment

Madrid - Spanish magistrates called Monday for the justice minister to resign after he cast doubt on the competence of one of the judges who acquitted five men of gang rape in a case that sparked nationwide protests.

Eight women among 10 Toronto van massacre victims: police

Ottawa - Eight women were among the 10 pedestrians killed when a Canadian man with an apparent grudge against women drove a rented van onto a Toronto sidewalk earlier this week, police said Friday.

Women's vote campaigner statue unveiled in London

London - The first statue of a woman in London's Parliament Square was unveiled on Tuesday to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote in Britain.

Libya's women footballers struggle on and off pitch

Tripoli - Libya's national women's football team is not only struggling on the pitch but also battling a conservative society that frowns on women playing sports in public at all.

Does alcohol cause PMS?

Paris - Researchers reported a link Monday between PMS and drinking alcohol, but could not conclude whether premenstrual suffering causes women to hit the bottle, or the other way round.

Canada to host the world's female foreign ministers

Toronto - Canada will host the world's small but growing band of female foreign ministers for talks ahead of this year's UN General Assembly, Canada's Chrystia Freeland announced Sunday.

India govt approves death penalty for child rapists

New Delhi - India's government on Saturday approved the death penalty for child rapists, after the gang rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl and a series of other horrific sexual assaults caused nationwide outrage.

Muslim nomads see rape as new sign of hostility in India

Udhampur - The Muslim nomads who lead their goats, cows and horses up and down the Kashmir hills have never felt at ease in modern India and the gruesome rape and murder of a girl from the impoverished community has heightened their fears.

Muslims flee village at centre of India's rape crisis

Hiranagar - There are no Muslims left in the village of Rasana, which has become a symbol of India's rape crisis after the brutal murder of an eight-year-old Muslim girl blamed on Hindu men.

Group accused of gang raping, killing Indian girl plead not guilty

New Delhi - Eight men accused of raping and murdering an eight-year-old girl pleaded not guilty Monday to the horrific crime that has sparked revulsion and brought thousands to India's streets in protest.

Fighting Marielle's war: women battle on after Rio councilor's murder

Rio De Janeiro - It has been a month since the murder of Marielle Franco, a black Brazilian activist who fought her way out of the slums to become a popular councilor, in a killing which made headlines around the world.

Pakistan police arrest 10 men for ordering 'revenge rape'

Islamabad - Police in central Pakistan have arrested 10 men for ordering the rape of a woman as revenge for a rape allegedly committed by her brother, officials said Tuesday.

Poland takes step towards stricter abortion law

Warsaw - Polish lawmakers Monday voiced support for a ban on abortions in the event of foetal abnormality, paving the way for further restrictions for women in the mainly Catholic nation that already has some of Europe's strictest termination laws.

Pulling no punches: Saudi woman boxer breaks exercise taboo

Jeddah - Throwing punches in a gym tucked away from prying eyes, a Saudi female boxing trainer asserts a right long denied to many women in the conservative kingdom -- the right to exercise.

Turkish women fill Istanbul to demand greater rights

Istanbul - Thousands of Turkish women on Thursday thronged central Istanbul for a demonstration on International Women's Day to demand greater rights and denounce violence.

Iraqi women 'reclaim their rights' with Mosul marathon

Mosul - Nearly 300 women ran through the streets of Iraq's Mosul on Thursday, in a demonstration of their freedoms eight months after the city was retaken from the Islamic State group.

France to 'name and shame' companies that pay women less

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday marked International Women's Day with a pledge to "name and shame" companies that pay women less than men for the same work.

Spanish women stage unprecedented strike for rights

Madrid - Spain marked International Women's Day Thursday with an unprecedented strike in defence of their rights that saw hundreds of trains cancelled and countless protests scheduled throughout the day.

India's all-women railway crew derail sexist attitudes

Jaipur - Mahima Dutt Sharma rolls her eyes when men make excuses to gawk at her inside the booth where she checks tickets at India's only interstate train station run entirely by women.

Women vastly outnumbered at top global conferences: study

Apo - Female speakers are outnumbered by men by three to one at Europe's top international meetings including the Davos summit and Munich Security Conference, a report revealed on Thursday.
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Women Image

men wearing skirts at demonstration in Turkey for women s rights.
men wearing skirts at demonstration in Turkey for women's rights.
Two market women in conversation. Durbar Square  Kathmandu
Two market women in conversation. Durbar Square, Kathmandu
Rural women of Tripura  India are collecting leafy vegetables (creepers) from road side. Often child...
Rural women of Tripura, India are collecting leafy vegetables (creepers) from road side. Often children too join in collecting such vegetables. These vegetables grow naturally along the road side, wasted land etc. Many of these naturally grown (without human interference) have medicinal value too.
Benue State in Nigeria
Benue State in Nigeria
Memorial March of Edmonton
Memorial March of Edmonton
United Methodist Women Board of Directors Meeting
United Methodist Women Board of Directors Meeting
A woman transports her goods on a donkey on Mount Elgon slopes in Kapchorwa  eastern Uganda on Octob...
A woman transports her goods on a donkey on Mount Elgon slopes in Kapchorwa, eastern Uganda on October 20, 2010. Transportation is a problem in the area which has poor roads.
The authors claim this is the first study to experimentally analyse the relative importance of faces...
The authors claim this is the first study to experimentally analyse the relative importance of faces and bodies as whole components. Previous research has examined the qualities that make faces and bodies attractive, such as symmetry and waist-to-hip ratio.
Karmen Pedaru; one of Estonia’s many  many supermodels.
Karmen Pedaru; one of Estonia’s many, many supermodels.
Christopher Macsurak
At a Turkish university  you can find  covered  and  uncovered  women
At a Turkish university, you can find "covered" and "uncovered" women
Women in Army  (L-R) Corporal Amanda Wright  Corporal Cindy Veenman and Captain Karin Cann are regul...
Women in Army, (L-R) Corporal Amanda Wright, Corporal Cindy Veenman and Captain Karin Cann are regulars outside the wire of Multinational Base Tarin Kowt. Women of the Australian military, police and civilian agencies deployed at the Multinational Base Tarin Kowt undertake a range of critical roles in support of Australia's joint agency approach in Uruzgan Province. Some of these roles include Afghan National Police development, health services, administrative support, community and political l
wikimedia commons
Sheba Chhachhi s close up work is very impressive.
Sheba Chhachhi's close up work is very impressive.
Hunter Valentine
Hunter Valentine
Women protest Namibian police intention to arrest girls wearing mini-skirts.
Women protest Namibian police intention to arrest girls wearing mini-skirts.
How To Understand Women
How To Understand Women
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. [ Frank Herbert. Dune. ]
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. [ Frank Herbert. Dune. ]
One of Sue Williamson s striking portraits.
One of Sue Williamson's striking portraits.
File photo: Indian women
File photo: Indian women
Simon Williams / Ekta Parishad
Memorial March of Edmonton
Memorial March of Edmonton

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