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Women News

Surgical studies are biased against using women

An analysis of papers published in several surgical journals has revealed an overwhelming reliance on male subjects and male-derived cells, and consequently less female subjects or female cell lines are used.

Op-Ed: Republican poll of women: 'Barely receptive' to GOP policies

Washington - Politico broke a story yesterday that concludes female voters view the Republican Party as "intolerant," "lacking in compassion" and "stuck in the past." The poll was commissioned by Republican Super PACs: Crossroads GPS and American Action.

Women need testosterone, a new study reports Special

Testosterone hormone replacement can be vital for women who are deficient, but too much testosterone leads to unwanted effects. A new study finds the right balance.

Most women believe they look 5 years younger than they are

A new study undertaken in the UK has found that the majority of women believe that they look five years younger than their actual age, after taking a survey run by skincare brand Lancome Advanced Genefique.

New outcry as Erdogan tells female reporter to 'know your place'

Istanbul - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan faced a new outcry on Friday over his attitude to the media and women after he branded a prominent female journalist a "shameless woman" and told her "to know your place".

India outrage over fashion shoot echoing gang-rape

Mumbai - An Indian fashion shoot sparked outrage and calls for legal action Wednesday for showing a woman being assaulted on a bus, echoing a fatal gang-rape that shocked the nation.

Pakistan acid attacks on women cast pall of fear

Quetta - A recent spate of acid attacks in a region of Pakistan previously untouched by the crime has sparked an impassioned debate about rising Islamisation that is forcing an increasing number of women to stay at home.

Don't laugh loudly, Turkish deputy PM tells women

Istanbul - One of the most senior members of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government sparked an outcry on Tuesday after declaring that women should not laugh loudly in public.

ISIS orders genital mutilation of women and girls in Mosul, Iraq

Mosul - The UN has reported that militant Islamist group ISIS has ordered all girls and women, aged 11 to 46 and living in and around the city of Mosul, to undergo female genital mutilation. The potential number of victims was quoted as approximately 4 million.

Worldwide FGM ban sought at 'Girl Summit'

London - British Prime Minister David Cameron called on Tuesday for a worldwide ban on female genital mutilation and child marriage as he launched the first UN-backed "Girl Summit" on issues that affect millions around the globe.

Wider parking spaces for Chinese women drivers spark controversy

A shopping mall in Dalian, in northeast China's Liaoning Province has opened a female-only car park that features wider parking spaces to make women feel comfortable when parking.

Op-Ed: Are more Jewish women staying single?

More Jewish women are staying single (at least longer than their peers) and have a lower than average birth rate, at least according to one author.

India court convicts teenagers over Mumbai gang-rapes

Mumbai - A Mumbai court convicted two teenage boys Tuesday over separate gang-rapes that shocked the city in a verdict that came days after an Indian minister said juvenile suspects should be treated as adults in rape cases.

India court suspends death sentences for Delhi gang-rape

New Delhi - India's top court Monday suspended the death sentences of two of the four men convicted of the deadly gang-rape of a student in New Delhi, an attack that triggered international outrage.

Anger over Australian campervan firm's 'misogynistic' slogans

Sydney - An Australian campervan firm known for the eye-catching slogans graffitied on its vehicles Monday faced outrage on social media after thousands signed an online petition against its "misogynistic" messages.

Church of England approves women bishops

York - The Church of England on Monday voted to allow its first ever female bishops, ending half a century of divisive wrangling over the role of women.

Half of dead in Gaza airstrikes are women and children

Palestinian Health Ministry reports say that at least half of the dead and wounded in the current Israeli bombing campaign aimed at Gaza are women and children. Gaza age demographics support the Ministry's assertions.

Female students twice as likely to end up in debt from stress

New research has shown that female students are twice as likely to end up in debt at university as their male counterparts owing to poor personal finance skills and the large amounts of stress placed on them.

New EU executive likely to be stacked with 'men in grey suits'

Brussels - The EU boasts several powerful women -- indeed German Chancellor Angela Merkel may be the continent's most powerful person -- but the top jobs being decided for its European Commission are likely to be overwhelmingly filled by men.

Why some women may need testosterone

Do some women need to take testosterone and, if so, should they? One group of researchers thinks that the answer is yes, although the U.S. FDA is yet to be convinced.

U.S. Navy gets its first four-star female admiral

Washington - The U.S. Navy has promoted a woman to the rank of a four-star admiral for the first time in its 238-year history, a milestone for females in the American military.

Op-Ed: The dumbest argument against Hobby Lobby

It might seem hard to be too critical of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to allow Hobby Lobby to deny its female employees insurance that covers contraception.

Viral video: New ad urges women to stop saying 'sorry'

A new ad from the company Pantene is urging women to stop unnecessarily apologizing for things they shouldn't be sorry for. Perhaps due to the 'empowering' message, the video has 'gone viral'.

Australia cancels 'Honour Killings Are Morally Justified' talk

Sydney - A planned talk on whether honour killings can be morally justified as part of Sydney's Festival of Dangerous Ideas has been cancelled following public outrage, officials said.

Mormon women's leader says excommunicated from church

Los Angeles - The Mormon church has ex-communicated the founder of a prominent women's group for "conduct contrary" to its laws and order, according to an email cited Monday by the woman involved.

Egypt refers 13 to trial over Tahrir sex attacks

Cairo - Egypt's prosecution service on Saturday referred 13 men to trial for alleged sex attacks on women at Cairo's Tahrir Square, including during inaugural celebrations for new President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

UN urges end to impunity for PNG sorcery attacks

A senior United Nations envoy has urged an "end to impunity" in Papua New Guinea for sorcery-related attacks but rejected using the death penalty as punishment, a report said Friday.

ScribbleLive Chat: Addressing the shortage of women in STEM jobs

If you've ever been curious how women can find more jobs in the career fields known as STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) you'll want to check out the archived live-chat that took place June 12.

LEGO introduces female scientists

LEGO will market what it’s calling a “female minifigure set” depicting three women scientists (a paleontologist, an astronomer, and a chemist). The move comes after the company was criticized for only having models of male scientists.

Women react to seeing their vagina for the very first time

An online blogger and personality decided to give women a chance to get a close and personal look at themselves, offering a way for them to see their vagina for the very first time.
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Women Image

Hunter Valentine
Hunter Valentine
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
Benue State in Nigeria
Benue State in Nigeria
How To Understand Women
How To Understand Women
The rankings.
The rankings.
World Economic Forum
Men who are looking for short-term companionship are more interested in a woman s body than those lo...
Men who are looking for short-term companionship are more interested in a woman's body than those looking for a long-term relationship, who focus on a woman's face, researchers have found.
Nad Renrel
Ginger selling market woman. Kathmandu
Ginger selling market woman. Kathmandu
Memorial March of Edmonton
Memorial March of Edmonton
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
Female Ninjas in Iran.
Female Ninjas in Iran.
Video screen capture
Women chatting on a cellphone
Women chatting on a cellphone
Memorial March of Edmonton
Memorial March of Edmonton
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
File photo: Indian women
File photo: Indian women
Simon Williams / Ekta Parishad
Women in Army  (L-R) Corporal Amanda Wright  Corporal Cindy Veenman and Captain Karin Cann are regul...
Women in Army, (L-R) Corporal Amanda Wright, Corporal Cindy Veenman and Captain Karin Cann are regulars outside the wire of Multinational Base Tarin Kowt. Women of the Australian military, police and civilian agencies deployed at the Multinational Base Tarin Kowt undertake a range of critical roles in support of Australia's joint agency approach in Uruzgan Province. Some of these roles include Afghan National Police development, health services, administrative support, community and political l
wikimedia commons
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
MNC2013 Women in politics workshop
Memorial March of Edmonton
Memorial March of Edmonton
By the year 2020 there will be 24 million more men than women in China  and if these men do not get ...
By the year 2020 there will be 24 million more men than women in China, and if these men do not get married by age 40 they probably won't. This means they'll likely stay reliant on social security in old age.
Mark Belokopytov
Laurel Holloman
Laurel Holloman
Photo: Miki Turner

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