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Womb News

Amazing video of unborn baby clapping along to mother's song

An astounding video of an ultrasound scan of a baby clapping hands to the song, "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!" has become a big hit on YouTube.

Man finds out he has a womb, will undergo hysterectomy

A businessman feared he had cancer when he discovered blood in his urine, but he was left in shock, after doctors discovered that he had a womb that was fully functioning.

French surgeon leaves surgical pliers in young mother's womb

A young woman gave birth to a child in a Normandy hospital in November and has been experiencing pain ever since. This week she found out why. The surgeon who operated on her left a pair of surgical pliers inside her womb which were there for weeks.

Indian commercial surrogacy rises; laws enhanced for surrogates

India has been a consistent leader in global outsourcing. From manufacturing to other BPO and KPO services, India has steadily provided competitive services at cut-rate prices. Today, the Indian labor pool is leading a new sector: outsourcing pregnancies.

Fetuses practice communicating distress using facial expressions

Durham - So that babies can communicate pain and distress soon after birth, new research has discovered they rehearse wrinkling their noses, raising eyebrows and moving their lips and cheeks in the womb.

Review: New on DVD for March 26 Special

This week’s releases include a family friendly feature; a couple of films about family; significantly different crime dramas; and an Oscar-worthy performance.

Pastor says birth control pill causes fetuses to embed in womb

Colorado Springs - Colorado radio host and pastor, Kevin Swanson, is known for his odd and extremely conservative comments, but a recent segment on his radio show have many people scratching their heads.

Cinematic-MRI captures twins 'fighting' in womb, live birth

London - A fascinating video shows a pair of twins "fighting" inside the womb before they were born. The remarkable footage, captured by the Imperial College London's fetal care center, is the raw unprocessed movie image taken by the cinematic-MRI machine.

Top 5 photos of animals in the womb

Scientists are showing us what other mammals look like in the womb, thanks to revolutionary four-dimensional scanning technology. Here are the top five photos of animals in their mothers' wombs.

Time-lapse video: 'How a face forms in the womb'

A time-lapse video produced for the BBC series "Inside the Human Body" shows the stages in the development of the facial features of a fetus. The time-lapse, based on scans of the developing embryo, uses 3-D models of the developing face.

Mother's life saved by son who kicked tumour while still in womb

Petersfield - In a truly remarkable story, Layla Stephen – a 36-year-old mother from Petersfield, Hampshire – had her life saved by her unborn son, Hadley, who miraculously pushed a cancerous tumor into her appendix when moving around in her womb.

Mother agrees to donate womb to daughter

Eva Ottoson, a 56-year-old from Sweden, is set to become the first woman to have her womb transplanted into her own daughter.

Womb transplants could be two years away

Scientists in Britain say womb transplants could be just two years away from going mainstream. The new development could offer new hope to women who are unable to have children.

Killer stabs woman multiple times cuts baby from her womb

A pregnant woman was killed and her nearly full-term baby was cut from the womb. The baby is listed in serious condition.

Womb transplant pregnancy success

Swedish scientists says four sheep have become pregnant after having their wombs removed and then reconnected.

Woman Pleads Guilty in Womb Attack

Woman pleads guilty to trying to give another woman a womb with a view.

Womb Transplants May Be Infertility Solution

Brain-dead organ donors seen as a "supply" for organ donation

The first remarkable close-up pictures of animals in the womb

"Using a combination of three-dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras, the team were able to show the entire process from conception to birth."

New York doctor given go-ahead for world's first womb transplant

Doctors are hoping to carry out the world's first womb transplant and have begun interviewing prospective patients.

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Womb Image

A penguin photographed in the egg
A penguin photographed in the egg
Courtesy Channel 4
A puppy photographed in the womb
A puppy photographed in the womb
Courtesy Channel 4
Photos of various animals in the womb  including elephants
Photos of various animals in the womb, including elephants
Courtesy Channel 4
A different angle of a puppy resting in his mom s womb
A different angle of a puppy resting in his mom's womb
Courtesy Channel 4
A baby dolphin photographed in the womb
A baby dolphin photographed in the womb
Courtesy Channel 4

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