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Wolves News

Rare wolf sighting in California

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has spotted the first wolf pack in California for almost 100 years. The sighting has led to a debate about encouraging the wolves to stay or pushing them back northwards.

Conservationists applaud as Idaho halts controversial wolf kill

Idaho wolf conservationists are happy, and for good reason. The state has notified federal land managers that it will not reinstate a controversial program to kill wolves in a national wilderness area.

Should wolves, grey whales and lynxes make a come back?

Aberdeen - Should species that have long disappeared be reintroduced into a territory or country? The answer is yes, according to the campaign group Rewilding Britain.

Longest-running wolf study is running out of wolves

A predator-prey study started 57 years ago will have to end, or possibly shift direction next year because the wolves being studied are nearly extinct. The population of predators on Isle Royale is down to three lone wolves.

Op-Ed: GOP Rep. Don Young: Wolves would solve the homeless problem

It seems that being a politician these days is really tough. Alaska GOP Rep. Don Young found out how the hard way when he suggested Thursday that the best way to solve homelessness was wolves. Would this be considered shooting yourself in the foot?

Two bills to strip endangered status of wolves being considered

Wolves have been given a bad rap, based on a number of studies, yet despite evidence that the wolf causes less than five percent of livestock deaths in the U.S., the House of Representatives is considering two bills to take them off endangered status.

Swedish court stops hotly contested wolf hunt

Stockholm - A Swedish court has pulled the plug on a wolf hunt due to start Friday, favouring animal rights activists in one of the country's most hotly disputed environmental issues.

Hunting triggers rise in wolves' stress levels

In territories where wolves are regularly hunted, scientists have noted a rise in hormones responsible for stress in the animals.

Review: ‘Wolves’ sniffs out the details Special

‘Wolves’ is a coming-of-age story about an uninformed werewolf accepting his true nature, meticulously constructed by a first-time director.

Man with chainsaw carves eagles, wolves, other masterpieces

Leonardo da Vinci painted to create works of art. Michelangelo carved marble to create his works of art. Mark Tyoe of Salisbury, New York uses a chainsaw and big tree trunks to create his artwork.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officers gun down rare wolf Special

Chipley - A rare British Columbian wolf named Chaco was shot and killed by Florida Fish and Wildlife officers after flooding knocked down his enclosure at Seacrest Wolf Preserve and he escaped into the countryside.

Why the last legal form of dog fighting is taxpayer-subsidized Special

Madison - The practice of hounding is centuries old and represents an example of one of the earliest forms of cooperation between man and dog. In Wisconsin, it is legal to turn a pack of dogs loose on predators such as wolves and bears.

Bill seeks to remove federal protection for endangered species

Washington - The Endangered Species Management Self-Determination Act, currently in committee in the Senate, seeks to leave protection of endangered species up to the Governors of each state and automatically remove protections for animals after five years.

Idaho game management killing elk after killing wolves

Boise - Ranchers in Idaho are asking the state government to help eliminate some of the state's elk population. The state is halfway through the wolf season, which was said to have been introduced to stop the wolves from attacking elk.

Op-Ed: Federal judge allows wolves to be killed so hunters can take elk

Salmon - A federal judge denied conservationist efforts to stop the trapping and killing of two wolf packs in Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho.

Dogs evolved from wolves due to human domestication

Chicago - A new genetic study of modern canines supports the theory that humans domesticated dogs from wolves, and this happened before humans began to grow crops.

Inside the caucus for wolf activists in Wisconsin Special

Madison - This weekend, activists hoping to protect Wisconsin’s wolves are gathering for a caucus to formulate a strategy to better defend the wolf population in the state.

Wolves have similar social skills to dogs

According to a new study, wolves can learn from humans and have some 'social skills' that are similar to dogs. This is despite wolves and dogs being separated b over 20,000 years.

Reward for information about endangered wolf killings

Six endangered red wolves have been shot in the last month in North Carolina, prompting the federal government to advertise a reward made up of contributions from conservationist organizations.

Yellowstone wolves possibly among those killed in Wyoming

Recent kills by hunters in an area bordering Yellowstone National Park have biologists and wolf-watchers worried that the Lamar Canyon Pack has again been hit by wolf hunters in the area just outside the park.

Op-Ed: Graphic viral images of dying wolves spur debate Special

Images of dead, dying, and injured wolves circulating on Facebook have caused an outcry of opposition and an increase in the number of those visibly opposing wolf hunting and trapping.

Op-Ed: A wolf hunter's perspective and the solution to the debate Special

As the controversy surrounding Montana’s wolves continues to rage, Jason Maxwell took the time to answer questions and provide a hunter’s viewpoint on the issue.

TopFinds: Introducing 'lightsaber' molecules, Montana's wolf hunt

Scientists discover how a new form of matter acts more like Jedi-esque lightsabers. Why Montana wants to hunt its wolves. The latest news about bullying-related deaths in Canada. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

FWS blasted for attempt to remove protections from gray wolves

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is attempting to remove the protections of the Endangered Species Act from the gray wolf over the objections of conservationists and wolf experts.

New way to identify wolves by their howls

Researchers now believe that they can tell wolves apart by analyzing the pitch and volume of their vocalizations (studying the howl that the animal makes).

France: Wolves to be 'educated' not to kill sheep

With French farmers and environmentalists at odds over increasing numbers of wolves killing more sheep, a plan to capture and tag problem predators, 'educating' the beasts into avoidance or identifying them for quicker elimination, is up for discussion.

Russian grandmother kills attacking wolf with bare hands and axe

Perhaps preparing to do the dirty work in preparation for Little Red Riding Hood's arrival, a big, bad wolf picked the wrong grandmother to attack and paid for its mistake with its life.

Washington wolfpack to be destroyed for hunting livestock

A pack of grey wolves that roams the north east area of Washington State and in the south of British Columbia, is going to be destroyed. The pack has stopped hunting wildlife in favor of livestock and farmers want them killed.

Video: Woman's joyous reunion with her wolf friends

A video posted to YouTube shows a joyous scene of reunion between a woman and a pack of wolves she befriended at the Polar Zoo in Salangsdalen, Norway . The wolves expressed sheer delight at seeing the woman again after she had been away two months.

Premier League: Wolves name Connor as manager until end of season

Wolverhampton - Wolverhampton Wanderers have announced the promotion of assistant manager, Terry Connor, to replace Mick McCarthy. Having failed to find a permanent replacement, the club has opted to move Connor up until the end of the season.
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Wolves Image

He snatches another bone and hauls ass again.
He snatches another bone and hauls ass again.
An Arctic wolf.
An Arctic wolf.
Collared wolf from the Druid pack  Yellowstone National Park.
Collared wolf from the Druid pack, Yellowstone National Park.
Doug Smith/NPS
GOP Rep. Don Young explains how to solve homelessness using wolves. (screen grab)
GOP Rep. Don Young explains how to solve homelessness using wolves. (screen grab)
A gray wolf in Yellowstone National Park. Gray wolves are one of the world s most widely distributed...
A gray wolf in Yellowstone National Park. Gray wolves are one of the world's most widely distributed mammals and the most studied large carnivore.
Jeff Burrell -Eurekalert
John Pyper-Ferguson  the star of  Wolves  and  The Last Ship
John Pyper-Ferguson, the star of 'Wolves' and 'The Last Ship'
Jane Weiter/IMDB
2010 cattle predation by species
Data from NASS  2011.
2010 cattle predation by species Data from NASS, 2011.
In France  a proposed National Wolf Plan aims to frighten hungry wolves away from sheep farms  back ...
In France, a proposed National Wolf Plan aims to frighten hungry wolves away from sheep farms, back into remote countrysides to hunt, kill and chow down on deer, boars and rabbits.
Patrick Bell via Wikimedia Commons
A mass of fur from the juvenile elk littered the pasture.
A mass of fur from the juvenile elk littered the pasture.
Wolves pictured in Norway  but across the North Sea in Scotland  wolves have been extinct for at lea...
Wolves pictured in Norway, but across the North Sea in Scotland, wolves have been extinct for at least 125 years.
Wikimedia Commons Taral Jansen / Soldatnytt from Oslo, Norway - Landskonferansen 2010
In this final shot of the wolf  he s picked the carcass clean.
In this final shot of the wolf, he's picked the carcass clean.
Several moose swam over from the Michigan mainland to Isle Royale in the early 1900s.
Several moose swam over from the Michigan mainland to Isle Royale in the early 1900s.
Michigan Technological University
Justin King with Gray Wolf at Seacrest Wolf Preserve
Justin King with Gray Wolf at Seacrest Wolf Preserve
The wolf enters cautiously.
The wolf enters cautiously.

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