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Egyptian court gives man jailtime for comments about wives

Over the weekend, a popular Facebook user was sentenced to three years in prison after he asserted that many women in Egypt were unfaithful.

Five women rape Nigerian man to death

Five wives of wealthy Nigerian philanthropist Uroko Onoja reportedly overpowered him and forced him to have sex with them. He stopped breathing when the fifth woman was making her way to his bed.

US talking to Bin Laden's wives

Anderson Cooper revealed on his CNN show 360 that United States authorities have been able to meet with the three wives of Bin Laden that Pakistan has been in custody of since the May 1 death of the terrorist.

Bin Laden wife lived at compound for six years

Bin Laden's wife Amal Ahmed Abdullfattah lived at compound for six years, according to media reports. She never ventured out from the upper floors.

Man with 39 wives, 94 children wants to have more

An Indian man who has more than 30 wives and more than 90 children has just announced that he is looking to extend his huge family.

Saudi Judge OK's Slapping Wives

A Saudi judge has given his official recognition of a mans right to physically admonish his Muslim wife if she overspends.

84-year-old Nigerian faces death for 86 wives

A Nigerian Muslim has 86 wives despite Islamic law that says he can only have four wives. The local Islamic organization has passed a death penalty ruling if he doesn’t repent and choose only four wives.

Husbands don't like their wives driving cars in Australia

A poll of 3,000 readers of an Australian magazine revealed only 15 per cent felt comfortable letting their wives or girlfriends drive the car.

UAE father of 78 children seeks new brides to reach 100

Daad Mohammed Murad Abdul Rahman, the Emirati father of 78 children is planning to fulfill his goal of fathering 100 children by 2015. He is seeking new wives to reach his goal but he has to divorce

Convicted Bigamist says: Eight wives are not enough

In ATLANTA, Georgia a traveling minister who has previously served two years in prison on bigamy charges has been jailed after at least four more women said he proposed to them.

How Many Wives Would You Like To Have?

Men may have up to four wives under Islamic law.

Saudi man injured after joint assault by two wives

A Saudi man lost a sliver of his nose in an attack by his two wives after he jokingly threatened to marry a third woman.

China facing shortage of wives

China has a policy of one child per family now and this will cause a shortage of wives they fear in less than 15 years.

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