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Withdrawal News

Britain's years-long battle over Brexit

London - The curtain comes down on Britain's membership of the European Union on January 31 after more than three and a half years of disagreements and delays.Here are the milestones in the rocky process.

Trump plans on giving border troops 'force protection mandate'

U.S. troops on the border with Mexico are expected to get authority from President Donald Trump to protect Customs and Border Protection personnel if they come under assault by migrants, two defense officials said.

Brief absence from social media leads to withdrawal symptoms

Psychologists have been examining patterns of social media use and the effects on people who suddenly stop using on-line platforms. The research has revealed addiction-like behavior after time away from social media.

Review: Max Frost back with visually striking video for 'Withdrawal' Special

Singer-songwriter Max Frost is back with his newest music video for "Withdrawal," a song from his new album "Intoxication."

Kiev says starting withdrawal of heavy weapons from frontline  

Kiev - Ukraine's military said Thursday it was starting the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the frontline with pro-Russian rebels, a key step in a stuttering peace plan.

Ukraine president says troops have withdrawn from Debaltseve

Kiev - Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko said on Wednesday that government forces had withdrawn from the flashpoint town of Debaltseve, where pro-Russian rebels have been battling troops for weeks.

Britain's first Muslim foreign minister quits over Gaza

London - Even after the last of Israel's troops had pulled out of Gaza on Tuesday, Britain's first Muslim foreign secretary, Lady Warsi, resigned. She quit on Twitter, not even extending a warning to her government.

Addiction 'off' switch is possible but not a cure

A new report has indicated that it may be possible to 'turn off' withdrawal symptoms deriving from when people refrain from taking illegal substances for a period of time to make it easier for people to stop.

Maine man withdraws $140, ATM spits out $37,000 instead

A man withdrawing money from an automated TD bank machine in South Portland, Maine got a little more than he asked for this week. In fact he got about 263.3 times more than he asked for.

M23 rebels refuse to leave Congo's Goma

Goma - The deadline for M23 rebels to withdraw from the Congo city of Goma, which they captured last week, has passed, and they are still refusing to leave.

U.S. troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024

The plan was for the U.S. to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by 2014. However, this withdrawal may not be as full as planned.

Dutch troops are first NATO contingent to leave Afghanistan

As announced in February this year, when the Dutch government collapsed over the request by NATO to extend their mission, the 2,000 troops of the Royal Netherlands Army are leaving Afghanistan, starting today.

Obama's Afghanistan announcement sends mixed messages'

President Obama yesterday announced his plan to provide 30,000 additional troops and then promised the United States would withdraw from Afghanistan in 2011.

Op-Ed: For Gregg and the GOP is it Party first, Country last?

Republican Sen. Judd Gregg's withdrawal as nominee for Secretary of Commerce could be the latest ploy in a GOP arsenal of blatant attacks to undermine President Obama's efforts in advancing a bipartisan agenda for his administration.

Ottawa: Liberals Will Unveil Afghanistan Amendment

It is likely that Stephane Dion, the leader of the federal Liberal party, will put forward an amendment to the government's confidence motion on the presence of Canadian troops in Afghanistan, calling for troop withdrawal by February.

Senate showdown over Iraq looms

After victory in the House of Representatives, the Democrats efforts to impose a deadline for troop withdrawals from Iraq face there toughest test yet in the Senate.

Sen. Hillary Clinton Calls For Quick Withdrawal From Iraq

In "duelling presidential candidate bills" part II, Hillary, not to be outdone by Barack, has introduced a bill of her own calling for a withdrawal to begin from Iraq in 90-days. "Mine gets us out faster than yours does, nah nah nah nah nah nah".

Defense Secretary Gates Says Troop Withdrawal In 2007 Possible

"I would hope that we would be able to begin drawing down our troops later this year."

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