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Witch News

'Witch' killings haunt India's remote villages

New Delhi - As he recovers in a children's shelter in eastern India, 17-year-old Ganita Munda is haunted by the sound of his family's screams as a witch-hunting gang killed them in their home.

Tanzania bans witchdoctors to stem grisly albino murders

Arusha - Tanzania has banned witchdoctors to try and stem a surge in murders of albinos, whose body parts are sold for witchcraft, officials said Wednesday.

Two suspected 'witches' hacked to death in Tanzania

Arusha - Two Tanzanian women were hacked to death by men who accused them of casting spells that made them sexually impotent, police said Friday, in the latest killings of alleged "witches".

Grandmother accused of dressing up as witch and abusing child

Oklahoma City - A grandmother from Oklahoma City is being accused of dressing up as a witch and brutally abusing her seven-year-old granddaughter.

Young mother burned alive as witch in Papua New Guinea

Mount Hagen - A young woman has been publicly tortured and burned alive in front of crowd of onlookers, including schoolchildren, in the central highland town of Mount Hagen

Woman in Rajasthan branded a witch and beaten up

Jaipur - The medieval witchcraft age was perhaps the darkest era in Europe when witches were persecuted and burnt alive. However, in the 21st century India, witches are still hounded in the remotest regions.

Teen killed after being accused of witchcraft

London - A court in the UK heard that a 15-year-old boy was tortured and killed by his sister and her boyfriend because they believed he was a sorcerer.

Witchcraft a legal occupation in Romania

In order to avert plunging the government further into recession, witchcraft was legalized in Romania along with other odd occupations like embalmers and astrologists.

Journal detailing witch trials will open to wider audience

Knutsford - The journal containing details of how 33 women were determined to be witches in mid-17th century England is being digitised so that it can be read by more people.

Christine O'Donnell campaign ad parodied on NBC's 'SNL'

Delaware Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell was targeted on NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' last night for her campaign advertisement explaining her status as not being a witch.

O'Donnell campaign ad to Delaware voters: 'I'm not a witch'

In a television advertisement directed at Delaware voters, Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell reemphasizes the fact that she is not a witch.

Brampton man claiming to use magic busted for fraud Special

Brampton - A Brampton man claiming to perform magic is facing fraud charges after being accused of charging people money for his services.

Wiccan in small town Canada Special

Although she risks reactions based on negative stereotypes, Kathy Spearing has no problem talking to people about her Wiccan beliefs. People may picture Wiccans going out in the dark to cast spells, but the reality is much different.

Witch hunts in Papua New Guinea turn fatal

After a local man dies in a car accident, witch hunts begin in Papua New Guinea, claiming innocent lives of women believed to be witches.

In Gambia, Witch Hunts Are Real

The term “Witch-hunt” is normally limited to the social or political sphere. Not so in the West African state of Gambia.

Nigerian children tortured and killed in the name of witchcraft

In southern Nigeria, children are reportedly denounced as witches by local churches and they are inhumanely tortured or even killed by the pastors as well as by their own parents in the name of exorcism.

Michigan teacher attacked after being accused of being a witch

Now that October is here thoughts turn to Halloween and witches. A good time for teachers to talk about the Salem witch trials in 1692. But does that mean the teacher is a witch?

Angry Mob Attacks Woman Accused Of Being A Witch In India

A woman in India was tied to a tree and beaten by a mob after being accused of being a witch. A journalist in the area who filmed the mob beating reported the incident to the police.

Woman Stripped After Being Branded Witch In India

The 21st century called. They want the witch beating to stop. Just when you think that most of the world is growing up, you read a story like this one. The title says it all..

Amazing magic trick's

Those tricks look impossible he must be a witch

Secrets of Swedish witch hunt revealed

A manuscript containing previously unpublished information about witch trials in northern Sweden has been discovered in a museum archive in northern Sweden.

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