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Wisconsin News

Vaping suspected in severe lung damage in eight Wisconsin teens

Milwaukee - Eight teens from southeastern Wisconsin were hospitalized over the last month with severe lung damage believed to be linked to vaping.

Foxconn pulls back on $10 billion Wisconsin manufacturing plant

Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn said Wednesday it is shifting the focus of its planned $10 billion Wisconsin campus away from blue-collar manufacturing to a research hub, but it is still committed to creating 13,000 jobs, as promised.

Op-Ed: Foxconn's $10 billion plant getting a pass on environmental laws

Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn won a high-stakes battle to build a massive $10 billion facility in Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker worked to make the facility happen, and even clawed back environmental protections to close the deal.

Avian flu in Wisconsin - The second outbreak in less than a week

The United States is reporting a second outbreak of avian flu, this time on a farm in Wisconsin. The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said on Tuesday the virus found in Wisconsin isn't as virulent as the virus found in Tennessee the other day,

Wisconsin chooses to deny climate change is human-caused

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has quietly and with absolutely no fanfare removed wording from its website that said humans and greenhouse gasses are the cause of climate change. And they have added some false facts, akin to fake news.

In final week, Trump aims to flip Democrat strongholds

Eau Claire - Republican Donald Trump has spent much of the past week in enemy territory, desperate to poach a Democratic state and carve a perilously narrow path to victory in his White House race against Hillary Clinton.

Court: N.C. Racially discriminatory Voter ID law struck down

North Carolina's 2013 voter ID law was struck down on appeal for being passed with "racially discriminatory intent," on Friday. At the same time, in Wisconsin, a similar ruling was handed down in U.S. District Court.

Sanders wins Wisconsin Democratic primary: U.S. networks

Washington - Senator Bernie Sanders has scored a crucial victory over Hillary Clinton in the US state of Wisconsin, throwing a road block in his Democratic rival's march toward the party's presidential nomination.

Strange illness in Wisconsin infects 44 elderly people, 18 die

Federal and state health department inspectors are looking for the source of a deadly bloodstream infection that has already sickened 44 people in Wisconsin and killed 18 since November 2015.

U.S. House bans microbeads in personal care products by 2019

Washington - Several states have passed legislation to put and end to the use of tiny microbeads in beauty products, but now the rest of the nation is catching up. It's all part of an effort to keep the tiny plastic beads out of the ocean and our seafood.

Op-Ed: Wisconsin to begin drug testing welfare recipients next week

Milwaukee - No doubt about it, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's dismal attempt at running for president was a spectacular failure, so perhaps now he's taking it out on those unlucky enough to need welfare assistance.

Police: Man bombs Miss. Walmart for not selling Confederate flag

Tupelo - A Mississippi man, upset that Walmart no longer sells Confederate flags, allegedly tossed a bomb inside one of the big box stores in Tupelo, early Sunday. Marshall W. Leonard, 61, was charged on Tuesday afternoon with planting an explosive device.

Op-Ed: Taxpayers hit with legal fees in states that fought gay marriage

It's been two months since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage and declared it a constitutionally protected civil right, and now, attorneys general and governors who battled against it are receiving a pricey thank-you note for their loss.

Poultry recalled because of unapproved chemical in processing

Ridgeland - AA Poultry Processing LLC of Ridgeland, Wisconsin is recalling approximately 2,191 pounds of chicken products and 21 pounds of turkey products because of the use of an unapproved chemical in the production process.

Madison first U.S. city to ban discrimination against atheists

Madison - This city in Wisconsin is now the first city in the U.S. to protect atheists and other non-religious people from discrimination thanks to an ordinance that was unanimously approved by the city council last Tuesday.

Kentucky and Wisconsin have one big advantage over other teams still alive in NCAA Tournament

There are 16 teams still alive in the NCAA Tournament. But Wisconsin and Kentucky have one big advantage over the rest: Both teams are really tall, even by basketball standards.

Op-Ed: Walker compares unions to ISIS, gets well-deserved slap by Warren

Madison - One thing is becoming very clear about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: Either he is a bumbling fool or he needs to fire his speech writer. When Walker compared unions to ISIS, Sen. Warren handed his cluelessness back to him on a rhetorical platter.

Too many cranberries? USDA steps in to help with oversupply

Madison - Many of you enjoying Thanksgiving this week probably enjoyed a side dish of cranberry sauce or relish to go with your turkey and trimmings. However, what many of you may not know is that we have too many cranberries this year.

Rare medical condition causes man to have 100 orgasms per day

Two Rivers - A man from Wisconsin has been living a non-stop nightmare due to a medical condition that causes him to have up to 100 unwanted orgasms every single day.

Op-Ed: Scott Walker troubles in Wisconsin dashing presidential ambitions Special

Madison - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says the next President of the United States "needs to be a former or current governor and done successful things in their states, taken on big reforms, and who are ready to move America forward.” Gov. Scott Walker, for one?

Green Bay Packers linebacker AJ Hawk tackles fan

Tahoe City - The start of the 2014 NFL season may be over a month away, but players and fans are already chomping at the bit to get underway.

Why the last legal form of dog fighting is taxpayer-subsidized Special

Madison - The practice of hounding is centuries old and represents an example of one of the earliest forms of cooperation between man and dog. In Wisconsin, it is legal to turn a pack of dogs loose on predators such as wolves and bears.

Wisconsin uses cheese to de-ice local roadways

Milwaukee - Wisconsin, a US state is widely known for its cheese production, has found an ingenious way to de-ice many of the state's major roadways by using cheese brine.

Inside the caucus for wolf activists in Wisconsin Special

Madison - This weekend, activists hoping to protect Wisconsin’s wolves are gathering for a caucus to formulate a strategy to better defend the wolf population in the state.

80 Fire departments battle 8-alarm blaze in Wisconsin

Burlington - Over 300 firefighters and paramedics from 80 departments across two states faced down an eight alarm fire at a produce farm in Burlington.

Milwaukee voting integrity hotline respond to voter complaints

Milwaukee - Milwaukee Wisconsin's County District Attorney’s office reported the "usual array of complaints" on Tuesday, including aggressive election observers.

GOP sorry for 'Send Obama back to Kenya' comment

Milwaukee - Jason Thompson, son of former Wisconsin Governor and current Wisconsin GOP Senate candidate Tommy Thompson, told attendees of a Kenosha County Republican Party brunch on Sunday they have the chance to send President Barack Obama back "to Kenya."

White noise: Inside the 'hate music' industry

Washington - A fatal shooting this past August at a Sikh temple by a skinhead in a 'hatecore' rock band shocked the nation. 'Hate music' is little known to those outside of that dark world. What is 'hate music' and is there a link between it and actual violence?

Review: Jimmy Buffett's Wisconsin show never fails to please Special

East Troy - The song "Growing Older But Not Up" could very well describe a trip to see Jimmy Buffett. Not just for us but for him as well.

Sikh temple shooter died of self-inflicted wound

Milwaukee - Wade Michael Page died of a self-inflicted wound to the head, after being shot by police, following the shooting massacre at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
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Wisconsin Image

A crow watched the cloudy day brighten to partly sunny.
A crow watched the cloudy day brighten to partly sunny.
Protests in Madison  Wisconsin
Protests in Madison, Wisconsin
Spring 2012 was still greening and blossoming around Dane County  Wisconsin  in early April  but thi...
Spring 2012 was still greening and blossoming around Dane County, Wisconsin, in early April, but this tortoiseshell cat watched tree-shadows dancing over red granite one crisp, breezy mid-afternoon.
This tortoise cat roams the rocks and shrubs leash-free.
This tortoise cat roams the rocks and shrubs leash-free.
Two crows lingered on high branches and cawed their neigborhood news.
Two crows lingered on high branches and cawed their neigborhood news.
U.S. Senator Russ Feingold  D-WI  Chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Africa  and author of the Fein...
U.S. Senator Russ Feingold, D-WI, Chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Africa, and author of the Feingold Statement on the Fragile State of Democracy in Africa, was defeated in the 11.02.2010 election.
Wikimedia Commons
A crow watches over sunny snow in January in south-central Wisconsin.
A crow watches over sunny snow in January in south-central Wisconsin.
A constructed wetland (CW) is an artificial wetland created for the purpose of treating municipal or...
A constructed wetland (CW) is an artificial wetland created for the purpose of treating municipal or industrial wastewater, greywater or stormwater runoff. However, Foxconn will not be required to construct a wetland.
Finally  willowy branches show through winter-withered leaves.
Finally, willowy branches show through winter-withered leaves.
This Dane County  Wisconsin backyard boasts a  native plant area  -- a.k.a. the weed sanctuary.
This Dane County, Wisconsin backyard boasts a "native plant area" -- a.k.a. the weed sanctuary.
NBC Chicago
Visiting DeKoven Center  Racine  Wisconsin  I imagined I inhabited a still life painting.
Visiting DeKoven Center, Racine, Wisconsin, I imagined I inhabited a still life painting.
After chowing down on a bowl of sunflower seeds  then being chased off by crows  this squirrel waite...
After chowing down on a bowl of sunflower seeds, then being chased off by crows, this squirrel waited in a nearby shrub for another chance.
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
Mary Burke  Democratic candidate for Wisconsin Governor
Mary Burke, Democratic candidate for Wisconsin Governor
Mary Burke / campaign photo

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