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Op-Ed: WIRED and bleat about NOT terraforming Mars

A new study says terraforming Mars can’t be done “with existing technology”. Well, duh. You don’t say. WIRED and have fearlessly agreed, stating it can’t be done. So there, nerds, says WIRED.

First 'wired' map of the brain produced

Cardiff - If the brain is a giant and powerful computer, then the network of neurons that inter-space the grey and white matter can be thought of as a wiring system.

Mammoth love: babies Lyuba and Khroma charm scientists

Detroit - These two baby mammoths may have died 40,000 years ago, but to scientists involved in a study at the University of Michigan, they are just as beautiful as the day they were born.

Review: Inside the 'Dogfight' between Apple and Google Special

Who'd have thought that in a span of fewer than 10 years, the world would become enamoured with smartphones and tablets? Fred Vogelstein examines the genesis of these two devices as a product of a bitter but fruitful war; the battle of Apple and Google.

Op-Ed: Google Glass goes all corporate and staggeringly stupid

Sydney - Google used to be sharp and fun when they were a startup. Now the corporate castrati have obviously got control. The latest missive from Google says “don’t resell”, and “don’t lend” Google Glass.

Google CEO blasts Facebook, product line

Google founder and CEO, Larry Page, has blasted Facebook, saying they are doing "a really bad job on their products." In an interview with Wired, Page discussed these matters along with subjects including his "10x" philosophy.

In 'Tech Talk' SNL brings a biting commentary on US consumerism

In a biting commentary on the iPhone 5 reviews from American consumer technology media outlets, 'Saturday Night Live' captures a global cultural divide.

Inside NASA's Global Hawks aircraft

Wired reports that NASA's pair of unmanned Global Hawk aircraft, capable of flying up to 30 hours at a time, are assisting hurricane researchers with unprecedented data.

Conde Nast Hit by Recession

Conde Nast has laid off staff and cut production as the economic downturn hits the magazine publisher. The company publishes a number of well known magazines.

Electronic Systems Have Killed, Will Again

"I've logged over 90 [incidents of verified human casualties of a control-system computer incident] in all industries worldwide. The damage ranges from significant equipment failure to deaths."

Iraq Girls' School wired as Death Trap

Soldiers discover a large amount of explosives planted in the girl's school with wires and artillery shell rigged into the building.

Study Finds Empathy may be Hard-Wired into Brain

A study indicates that people with certain types of brain damage show less aversion to hurting others.

Wired Test: 300 Products Reviewed

"Wired magazine editors pick the best cameras, MP3 players, laptops, cell phones, cars and more. All products extensively hand tested -- no robots involved!"

Russia Growls at LiveJournal Deal

LiveJournal creator Brad Fitzpatrick says he was bracing for back-to-back days of integration meetings when, with the ink barely dry on a licensing deal with up-and-coming Russian publisher Sup-Fabrik, he boarded a plane to Moscow last month.

Six Word Stories

This is a cool little article from Wired.

User News Site Purchased by Conde Nast/Wired

Wow. Looks like the year of acquisition continues, as popular social news site gets bought by Conde Nast/Wired.

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