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Famed guitarist Laurence Juber talks about his new album Special

The former member of Paul McCartney's '70s high-fliers Wings - and a prolific and highly acclaimed musician in his own right - is getting ready to release a new album. Digital Journal was curious to learn more.

How diseases travel on the wings of birds

Unalakleet - Local Environmental Observer Network in Unalakleet, on the northwest coast of Alaska, has reported an alarming finding. Birds that are normally parasite-free have been found to contain parasites unknown to the territory.

Butterfly eye-spots help ward off predators

Biologists have found that patterned coloration on the wings of butterflies (sometimes called "eye-spots") are an effective means of distracting predators from vital body parts.

Hummingbirds work hard in unfriendly skies (video)

Swirling air can make hummingbirds work harder to hover, according to a new study. This happens when the air’s vortices open wider than a bird’s wing.

Migrating birds fly fast and efficiently

Birds migrating in a V formation turns are experts of the well-timed flap. Each bird is able to match the up-and-down path traced by the wing tip of the bird in front of it, a new study discusses.

Photo Essay: Little creatures in the Savannah Botanical Gardens Special

Savannah - The fauna at the Savannah Botanical Gardens is as interesting, and beautiful in its own way, as the flora. Creatures small and great live in the gardens, including colorful dragonflies.

Domino's Pizza introduces donut shaped pizzas

If pizza isn't good enough for you, hopefully Domino's Pizza's solution will accommodate your needs by putting together all the classic fast food restaurant menu items.

Op-Ed: ‘Wings’ soars onto home video

Wings, the first film to ever win an Oscar for best picture and the only silent film to claim the prize, is available on Blu-ray on January 24, 2012.

Silent film, first Oscar winner soars again

Note and update: This was first posted as a blog on Dec. 6. But, now it is here and worth another visit. Now that "The Artist" is making the rounds and has won the Golden Globe, here is another look into the past.

Op-Ed: Bush Brown Butterflies and Courting

I happened upon this curious study regarding courting patterns of the bush brown butterfly and found it amusing that when it comes to courting, the males and females do take their turns. Nice to know there’s equality amongst the sexes.

'The Black Widow' sets new speed-eating record

Buffalo - A 105 pound woman who calls herself “The Black Widow” managed to gobble down more chicken wings in 12 minutes than could any of the large men competing against her at the National Buffalo Wing Festival.

The Red Wings defeat the Coyotes in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

The fifth-seeded Detroit Red Wings defeat the fourth-seeded Phoenix Coyotes in Game 7 of the first round in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Flying on a Wing and a Prayer Champ Downs 203 Wings in Food Fest

If you’ve been wondering why there’s a shortage of chicken wings for Super Bowl Sunday, a champion eater who winged his way to victory might be one of the culprits.

Mini Chopper, Jet Powered Solo Flyer Do da Vinci Proud

Leonardo would be proud. Some 500 years after the Florentine visionary sketched one man flying machines the dream is made real In Japan a one man chopper took to the air and a Swiss pilot completed the first flight of a human with jet powered wings.

Chestnut Takes A Bite Out Of Wing Bowl 15

Defends His Title By Consuming 182 Chicken Wings

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Detroit Redwings
Detroit Redwings
Laurence Juber:  Fingerboard Road
Laurence Juber: 'Fingerboard Road'
Jeff Abraham
The Wings of Change
The Wings of Change
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A barn owl in flight.
A barn owl in flight.
Kristina Servant
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International Space Station solar array wings are featured in this image.
International Space Station solar array wings are featured in this image.

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