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Windows xp News

Op-Ed: Windows 10 mess fix shows how screwed up it is

Seattle - There is a fix for the absurd update KB4532693. The fix is complex, irritating, and the situation it’s fixing is quite unnecessary. Microsoft’s war with Windows 10 is a running commentary on a truly strange string of failures.

Britain's brand-new aircraft carrier 'runs Windows XP'

HMS Queen Elizabeth, the UK's new £3.5 billion aircraft carrier, reportedly uses Windows XP as its computer operating system. The flagship vessel left the dockyard for the first time this week. It quickly sailed into fears of a potential cyberattack risk

Windows XP updated to defend against 'nation-state' cyberattacks

Microsoft has taken the highly unusual step of releasing a new set of Windows security updates for unsupported operating system versions. The company said the patches come in the wake of WannaCrypt and provide protection against "nation-state actors."

Metropolitan Police told it must stop using Windows XP

London - London's Metropolitan Police has been warned to stop using Windows XP or risk citizens' security. The force still has over 27,000 PCs running the outdated operating system and is using taxpayers' money to pay Microsoft for important updates and patches.

Dropbox to withdraw app from Windows XP

Popular cloud storage provider Dropbox has announced it will discontinue support for Microsoft's aging Windows XP this summer. Users will not be able to login to their accounts to access their files and will be automatically signed out in a few months.

Google Chrome to end support for Windows XP and Vista next year

Google has announced that its Chrome web browser will no longer be supported on Windows XP, Windows Vista and some older versions of Mac OS X from next year. Users still have a little time left but the company is keen to get people upgrading.

China builds a Windows replacement that looks like Windows XP

In a bid to move away from reliance on Microsoft's Windows, the Chinese government has built itself its own operating system to use instead. The result, named NeoKylin, looks almost exactly like Windows XP.

Cops to delete LPR data as 80GB hard drive 'keeps crashing'

The Oakland Police Department has decided to delete license plate data after six months instead of retaining it indefinitely. The reason isn't really to give residents more privacy but rather because a Windows XP computer's 80GB hard drive is full.

London Metropolitan Police still uses 35,000 Windows XP computers

A freedom of information request has revealed how prevalent the 14-year old Windows XP still is at key public businesses. The London Metropolitan Police force announced today that officers still use 35,000 XP machines, despite support ending a year ago.

Google commits on Windows XP Chrome updates until the end of 2015

Google has announced that it will continue to provide Google Chrome updates to Windows XP users until the end of 2015, over a year after Microsoft ended support for the aging operating system. Google was originally going to end updates this month.

New vulnerability found in Internet Explorer, Microsoft confirms

Microsoft has confirmed on Sunday night a new vulnerability affecting every version of its browser Internet Explorer. The once popular browser now equates to 26 percent of the internet browsing market.

Op-Ed: What happens to Windows XP after April 8?

After April 8, 2014 Microsoft will no longer provide technical assistance or automatic updates that help protect your computer that runs Windows XP. How will your PC's vulnerabilities be exploited?

Windows 7 'back by popular demand' thanks to HP

HP is hoping to rope in consumers with the enticement of Windows 7. For a limited time, HP is selling new computers that run Windows 7 instead of Windows 8… and offering big savings to consumers.

95% of ATMS use outdated Windows XP: Is a crisis looming?

Microsoft has announced that the company will not provide support for the long-lived Windows XP operating system after April 8. Considering the fact that XP is still so widely used, are businesses and ATMs at risk of a security crisis?

Op-Ed: Oh, give it a rest, Microsoft! Win 9 already?

Sydney - Amid a plague of reports that Windows 8 is dying the death of Mucho No Sales, with only 3.6 percent of computers running 8.1, “excitement” is again on the chopping block with Windows 9, codenamed Threshold.

Warning issued about Windows XP bug

Microsoft has issued a warning about a bug in Windows XP. The flaw could let attackers take over a computer, and evidence suggests the weakness is being exploited by cyber-criminals.

Windows 8 RTM released by Microsoft

TechNet and MSDN websites have commenced to be flooded by subscribers across the globe ever since the windows 8 final version download availability news started circulating.

Op-Ed: XP Mode on Windows 7 works, but there are problems Special

Sydney - I had a few special reasons for getting XP Mode: I needed to access some materials from my old system and to finally play some of my beloved games which Windows 7 won’t run. It turned out to be a good idea, with some qualifications.

Op-Ed: Compatibility mode — A lousy joke for PC owners Special

Sydney - When you buy a new operating system like Windows 7, which is a very good, no-nonsense system in many ways, you don’t expect to have to use old operating systems to run old games. I discovered that just about all my old software simply didn’t run.

Alternatives to Windows Programs

Alternative applications to those Windows Programs.

Windows XP update delayed

Hope you guys weren't waiting for the SP3 update, if so you got a longer wait ahead of you... Just keep your Anti-Virus & Spyware Software up to date...

20 Things the Average Person Doesn’t Know About Windows XP

Discover 20 tips and tricks to make XP your own

Spyware Takes Over on Windows XP

Set to opera music, this user produced a pretty cool video showing how fast a PC can get taken over by spyware. The user browses the web, clicks on a bad link and then it takes over. This is very well produced.

Microsoft Launches Windows XP in New York

NEW YORK - The Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates, stuck with New York on Oct. 25, 2001, to trumpet the release of the company's biggest product in six years: the Windows XP operating system. Appearing onstage at the Marriott Marquis with Rudolph G...

Microsoft to Launch Windows XP in New York City

REDMOND, Wash. - Microsoft Corp. announced that the launch of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system scheduled for Oct. 25 will take place at the Marriott Marquis Theatre, in the heart of New York City's Times Square theater district. Microsoft exe...

What's Next In the Microsoft Case

WASHINGTON - Since a federal appeals court has overturned a lower court's order to break up Microsoft, the parties in the Microsoft antitrust case have three main options: Either the government or Microsoft could appeal to the Supreme Court. Bu...

Gates: ''Every Company Must Have The Ability To Innovate

WASHINGTON - A US appeals court has overturned a ruling that software giant Microsoft must be broken up. In a damning indictment of the trial judge, the court said the earlier ruling had been "tainted" by the judge's actions and it rejected his con...

Windows XP Test Version Downloaded

REDMOND, Wash. — A small number of people were able to download a prerelease version of Microsoft's Windows XP, the new version of the popular operating system, after a tester accidentally made a login name and password available on the Internet, Micro.

Windows XP Launch Set For October 25

REDMOND, Wash. — Microsoft Windows XP, the next version of the widely used Windows computer operating system, will go on sale Oct. 25, Microsoft Corp. officials announced Wednesday. Windows XP, hailed previously by chairman Bill Gates as Microsoft'..

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New Chinese operating system named NeoKylin OS  looks almost exactly like Windows XP.
New Chinese operating system named NeoKylin OS, looks almost exactly like Windows XP.

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