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The new Raspberry Pi is 'camera shy'; reboots after flash shot

Users of the new Raspberry Pi 2 credit-card sized computer launched earlier this week are discovering that the device appears to be "camera shy" with several owners noting that using flash to take a photo of the device causes it to freeze and then reboot.

Microsoft may be building a gadget that mixes a laptop and phone

We're going to learn a lot about the next version of Windows on Wednesday. Presumably, we'll find out when the preview build will launch, new features aimed at consumers rather than enterprise users, and changes to how the Windows Store works.

Microsoft unveils Windows 10

San Francisco - Microsoft has skipped a number as it officially unveiled its newest operating system, Windows 10, in a Tuesday press conference.

Next Microsoft Office includes the return of 'Dark' theme

In recent weeks, various bits of information on the next Windows have been circulated but Microsoft's other big money-spinner, Office, has remained hidden in the background. Yesterday that changed however as some images of the next Office appeared online.

Leaked video details Windows 9 start menu, virtual desktop

A leaked video of the "Windows Technical Preview" details features of the yet to be released Windows 9 Threshold Build 9834 operating systems.

Microsoft China posts Windows 9 launch teaser

Earlier today, Microsoft China wrote a post on its Weibo page that not only confirms that the "Windows 9" name is intended for the next version of the company's operating system but also that it will be "coming soon."

Microsoft removes 1,500 spam apps from the Windows Store

Microsoft's acknowledgement of the presence of illegitimate, spam apps in the Windows Store has come to fruition with the removal of 1,500 apps from the store and subsequent refunding of purchasers.

Lenovo will continue to sell small Windows tablets

Last week it was found out that Lenovo stopped selling its 8-inch Windows tablets in North America, due to a steep drop in consumer demand.

Top 10 Windows antivirus software packages worth checking out

The selection of antivirus software can be overwhelming, but this guide explains the specs of the top 10 Windows-friendly software packages, according to data compiled by Find the Best.

Windows Phone 8.1 launching June 24th

A page on the Microsoft Support website appears to confirm that Windows Phone 8.1 will begin deploying on June 24th after being formally announced with a developer preview at Microsoft BUILD last month.

Microsoft announces new Kinect for Windows to arrive this summer

Microsoft has revealed that the new version of Xbox Kinect for Windows, based on the unit supplied with the company's Xbox One console, will be released later this year in the summer.

Op-Ed: Fousquare’s Windows 8 app could lead to bigger and better things

If you thought that Foursquare was just another way for people with smartphones to announce their whereabouts to the world, their new Windows 8 app should surprise you.

Microsoft to cut manufacturer price for Windows by 70 percent: Bloomberg

Microsoft Corp is reducing the price of Windows 8.1 for manufacturers of low-cost computers and tablets by 70 percent to compete with cheaper products like Google Inc's Chromebooks, Bloomberg News reported on Saturday, citing source...

Microsoft Windows 8 lags predecessor in first-year sales

Microsoft Corp's Windows 8 system has racked up more than 200 million license sales since its launch 15 months ago, according to Tami Reller, its head of marketing, lagging Windows 7 which sold 240 million within its first year.

Apple sells more computers than all Windows PCs combined

If Apple devices are tallied together — Macs, iPads, iPhones and so on — the combined sales surpass those of Windows PCs for the first time.

Windows 7 'back by popular demand' thanks to HP

HP is hoping to rope in consumers with the enticement of Windows 7. For a limited time, HP is selling new computers that run Windows 7 instead of Windows 8… and offering big savings to consumers.

95% of ATMS use outdated Windows XP: Is a crisis looming?

Microsoft has announced that the company will not provide support for the long-lived Windows XP operating system after April 8. Considering the fact that XP is still so widely used, are businesses and ATMs at risk of a security crisis?

Microsoft planning Windows 9 launch in April 2015

Microsoft is currently working on the next version of the Windows operating system and has a tentative release date of April 2015.

Video: Passersby amazed by mannequins of 'not-so-perfect' people

Not everyone is perfect in this world. Pro Infirmis, an organization for the disabled, did something amazing earlier this month, which astonished passersby on Zurich's popular shopping street, Bahnhofstrasse.

Warning issued about Windows XP bug

Microsoft has issued a warning about a bug in Windows XP. The flaw could let attackers take over a computer, and evidence suggests the weakness is being exploited by cyber-criminals.

iPhone 5S users facing 'Blue Screen of Death' crashes

It looks like Apple is experiencing quality control issues with the latest iPhone release. iPhone 5S users are complaining about several issues surrounding their devices.

The Pirate Bay launches PirateBrowser to bypass censorship

The Pirate Bay recently celebrated their 10th anniversary. The infamous peer-to-peer torrent tracking site posted on their blog that they did not think they would make it this far, but they did.

HTC8XT becomes Sprint's first Windows Phone 8 device

While HTC is best known for their Android One line, they have not forgotten about Windows Phone 8 users. The HTC 8X line, or more specifically, the 8XT model can now be found on mobile carrier Sprint's website.

Op-Ed: Why Microsoft's management structure reorganization won't work

On July 11, 2013, during a memo to employees, Steve Balmer announced the need for a corporate reorganization in order to innovate with greater speed, efficiency and capability in a fast changing world.

New Samsung tablet to run Windows and Android

The first of its a kind: a dual action tablet. The new Samsung Ativ Q tablet will be designed to run both the Windows 8 and Android operating systems.

Microsoft's latest build project is codenamed 'Blue'

Microsoft's latest technology 'build' (from which new products and updates are launches) has been codenamed 'Blue'. Tech sites have started to speculate as to what this might mean for future Microsoft updates.

Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

Steven Sinofsky, chief developer of Windows 8 and Surface tablet, left Microsoft as announced by the company in a press release Monday.

Op-Ed: Problems surfacing on Microsoft's Windows Surface Tablet

Microsoft's developments have been known for quite some time now. Their intentions are quite clear that they wish to release their own tablet to this fast growing market to compete with the Apple iPad and Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Note editions.

Windows Surface now available for pre-order

The Microsoft Windows Surface tablet is not taking pre-orders. Although not in stock, eager customers can call dibs on the only tablet by Microsoft.

Toyota recalls 7.4 million cars

The car manufacturer Toyota has recalled over seven million vehicles worldwide, including some Yaris, Corolla and Camry models, over faulty window switches. Owners of vehicles covered by this safety recall will receive a notification letter.
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Windows Image

The mocked-up Windows 9 logo used by Microsoft China on their Weibo posting on 02/09/2014 teasing th...
The mocked-up Windows 9 logo used by Microsoft China on their Weibo posting on 02/09/2014 teasing the launch of the upcoming operating system
Microsoft China
 The Day Pauses   Botanica  Lower East Side.  I actually find the process of editing phone photograp...
"The Day Pauses", Botanica, Lower East Side. "I actually find the process of editing phone photography to be far more of a zen experience than editing my digital photos," Gucwa explains. "It could have something to do with the more tactile quality of phone photo editing apps. They're designed to streamline the editing process with results that are strikingly beautiful. It's an exciting time in terms of the sheer number of innovations being made on a regular basis in mobile photography."
Vivienne Gucwa
 Over East Broadway   Lower East Side. 
Vivienne Gucwa began posting her photos of NYC in 2010  re-d...
"Over East Broadway", Lower East Side. Vivienne Gucwa began posting her photos of NYC in 2010, re-discovering her hometown on foot.
Vivienne Gucwa
Windows XP logo
Windows XP logo
Bill Gates & Paul Allen
Paul Allen (left) and Bill Gates shortly after signing a major contract with IBM to write software for their upcoming line of PCs in 1981.
Photo courtesy Microsoft
The new Xbox Kinect for Windows
The new Xbox Kinect for Windows
The mocked-up Windows 9 logo used by Microsoft China on their Weibo website on September 2  2014
The mocked-up Windows 9 logo used by Microsoft China on their Weibo website on September 2, 2014
Digital Journal illustration
The logo of Microsoft s Windows Store
The logo of Microsoft's Windows Store
A New York car tries to protect itself from the oncoming Hurricane Irene
A New York car tries to protect itself from the oncoming Hurricane Irene
A Squirrel appearing to peer through my window might have been seeking hidden nuts nearby or hinting...
A Squirrel appearing to peer through my window might have been seeking hidden nuts nearby or hinting the bowl of critter treats in the backyard needed replentishing.
A password screen on Windows home page
A password screen on Windows home page
From inside Jamaica Inn. The window is a homage to the smuggling past.
From inside Jamaica Inn. The window is a homage to the smuggling past.
Steve Ballmer
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.
Photo by Barnaby Jeans