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Microsoft issues warning about new wormable vulnerability

Microsoft has taken the unusual step to issue a second advisory note in the same month, calling on users of Windows to urgently update their operating systems in order to avoid a new “wormable” vulnerability.

Microsoft is adding new features to the Windows Notepad app

For the first time in a few years, Microsoft has released an update for the Windows Notepad app. This new update is a part of the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17713, or Build 17713.

Microsoft to offer developers more money for apps

In an unprecedented move, Microsoft announced that they're drastically changing how much money they take away from app developers, as a cut of the profits the developers bring in.

Microsoft announces new accessibility tech coming to Windows 10

Microsoft has announced several new accessibility features coming to Windows 10. The company is preparing to rollout improvements to its assistive technologies, including Narrator and eye control. It will make Windows more accessible for all users.

Microsoft patches 'critical' flaw in Windows' Remote Desktop

Microsoft has issued a preliminary fix for a serious vulnerability in Windows' Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). An attacker could leverage the flaw to steal authentication details from a remote desktop session and gain control of a network domain.

Machine learning thwarted 'massive' Windows crypto-jacking attack

Microsoft has revealed that automated threat detection systems thwarted an enormous crypto-jacking malware campaign within 12 hours of its outbreak this week. The attack infiltrated 400,000 computers and used their processors to mine cryptocurrencies.

Security flaws in Microsoft software have doubled since 2013

The number of vulnerabilities in Microsoft's software has more than doubled over the past five years. According to independent analysis of the company's own Vulnerabilities Report, the volume and severity of flaws have grown alarmingly over the period.

Microsoft to boost enterprise security of aging Windows 7 and 8.1

Microsoft is bringing one of Windows 10's headline enterprise features to Windows 7 and 8.1. Despite maintaining that businesses should upgrade to Windows 10 for maximum protection, Microsoft said it wants to help all customers improve security.

Microsoft abandons Windows 10 S after less than a year

Microsoft is to abandon its Windows 10 S variant and replace it with an optional "S Mode" for Windows 10 Home and Pro. The "S" version was devised as a more secure Windows that only runs Store apps. In practice, it's a restrictive platform for many users.

New 'emergency' Windows update removes the last one

Microsoft's released a new emergency Windows update which disables Intel's patch for the Spectre processor flaws. It comes after Intel admitted the update could cause data loss and make computers spontaneously reboot.

Report: Microsoft building new 'modern' Windows 10 version

Microsoft's building a new version of Windows 10 that will break away from the operating system's legacy roots. Intended for devices with conventional form factors, the "Polaris" project will revolve around Windows Store apps and a modular architecture.

Microsoft launches new education PCs and apps from $189

Microsoft's announced a renewed push into the education sector for 2018. The company's launched a new range of Windows 10-powered PCs for the classroom, accompanied by improved software capabilities across its education and productivity suites.

Microsoft confirms update bricks AMD PCs, causes slowdowns

Microsoft has withdrawn its patch for the Meltdown and Spectre processor flaws after admitting AMD PCs have been left unusable by the update. Certain devices with AMD CPUs will be blocked from installing the update, leaving them at risk.

Microsoft issues emergency Windows update

Microsoft has issued an out-of-band security update, for all of its supported versions of Windows. The update is part of a number of fixes designed to protect users against a recently identified processor bug in Intel, AMD, and ARM chipsets.

Microsoft, Qualcomm launch ARM-based 'Always Connected' PCs

Microsoft's launched Windows 10 on ARM, a project that brings its desktop operating system to a new category of hardware. The company has partnered with Qualcomm to build Windows devices with smartphone processors, offering month-long battery life.

Experimental Windows 10 feature adds a whole new way to work

Microsoft's announced an experimental Windows 10 feature that adds a tabbed interface to every app. First rumoured earlier in the year, "Sets" offers a structured way to work with different desktop activities by grouping app instances together in tabs.

HP insists it didn't install spyware on personal PCs

HP has responded to allegations it has silently installed spyware on its consumer PCs. The company is accused of sneaking a telemetry client onto computers in a software update. It's said to make the system sluggish by continually occupying the processor.

Windows 10's search could soon look a lot like macOS Spotlight

Microsoft's testing a major redesign of Windows 10's search that introduces a new design similar to Spotlight in macOS. It's abandoning search's current home inside Cortana in favour of a floating search box that appears in the middle of your display.

Nadella implies Microsoft still working on enterprise smartphones

Microsoft recently confirmed Windows 10 Mobile is no longer in active development. This isn't stopping the company from pursuing refocused mobile ambitions though. In a new interview, CEO Satya Nadella suggested an enterprise device could still be coming.

Microsoft launches Windows 10 update with Mixed Reality features

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the latest version of the OS and the first to include support for Windows Mixed Reality. Microsoft is betting big on bringing mixed reality and 3D content into the lives of consumers.

Microsoft announces Surface Book 2 in surprise reveal

Microsoft has announced the Surface Book 2, the anticipated upgraded version of its detachable laptop featuring improved performance. The surprise unveiling comes on the same day Microsoft's new Windows Mixed Reality platform is introduced to the world.

Windows 10 data collection found to violate privacy laws

A report from the Netherlands has found Windows 10 breaches data protection laws by collecting personal information without letting users explicitly choose settings. Microsoft has said it is assessing the case, claiming privacy compliance is "a priority."

Report: Microsoft planning new modular Windows dubbed 'Andromeda'

Microsoft is reportedly laying down the groundwork for a more modular Windows known as Andromeda. The company wants to rid itself of the 30-year-old legacy components in Windows 10, creating a more agile platform that adapts to different hardware.

Over half of Windows 7 PCs have no antivirus installed

Microsoft's latest security report contains several interesting statistics on Windows antivirus usage. Over half of all PCs running Windows 7 have no antivirus software installed or have it turned off. The situation's not much better on newer versions.

Microsoft: Windows 10 users 'positive' about privacy changes

Windows 10 users have been "positive" about privacy improvements made with the recent Creators Update. Microsoft said that feedback suggests its customers are now pleased with the options available but it recognised there's "still work to do."

Microsoft reacts to 'incredible outpouring' of Paint nostalgia

Microsoft has responded to the massive community reaction that followed its deprecation of its classic Paint app yesterday. The company acknowledged there was "incredible" nostalgia for the 32-year-old program and promised it would remain available.

Microsoft officially deprecates Paint after 32 years

Microsoft Paint, the company's fan-favourite Windows drawing app, is being deprecated 32 years after its release. Microsoft confirmed the next Windows 10 update will see support for Paint come to an end. It will however remain available.

Microsoft brings Linux to the Windows Store as it embraces devs

Microsoft has announced that the Ubuntu Linux distribution is now available within the Windows Store. It lets you access Linux terminal features from your Windows PC, without dual-booting. It's a reflection of Microsoft's changing attitude to developers.

'Microsoft 365' combines Windows and Office into a single service

Microsoft has unveiled a new headline cloud subscription offering, "Microsoft 365." It brings together the company's existing Office 365 cloud productivity software with Windows 10 Enterprise edition. It's an all-in-one approach to software licensing.

Almost a quarter of Windows users would switch to a Mac: survey

A new survey of U.S. computer customers has found that Apple continues to enjoy strong brand loyalty with its followers. 21 percent of respondents currently using a Windows machine said they'd like to switch to Mac.
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The Asus Eeebook X205TA
The Asus Eeebook X205TA
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21% of Windows users want to switch to a Mac
21% of Windows users want to switch to a Mac
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