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Microsoft reacts to 'incredible outpouring' of Paint nostalgia

Microsoft has responded to the massive community reaction that followed its deprecation of its classic Paint app yesterday. The company acknowledged there was "incredible" nostalgia for the 32-year-old program and promised it would remain available.

Microsoft officially deprecates Paint after 32 years

Microsoft Paint, the company's fan-favourite Windows drawing app, is being deprecated 32 years after its release. Microsoft confirmed the next Windows 10 update will see support for Paint come to an end. It will however remain available.

Microsoft brings Linux to the Windows Store as it embraces devs

Microsoft has announced that the Ubuntu Linux distribution is now available within the Windows Store. It lets you access Linux terminal features from your Windows PC, without dual-booting. It's a reflection of Microsoft's changing attitude to developers.

'Microsoft 365' combines Windows and Office into a single service

Microsoft has unveiled a new headline cloud subscription offering, "Microsoft 365." It brings together the company's existing Office 365 cloud productivity software with Windows 10 Enterprise edition. It's an all-in-one approach to software licensing.

Almost a quarter of Windows users would switch to a Mac: survey

A new survey of U.S. computer customers has found that Apple continues to enjoy strong brand loyalty with its followers. 21 percent of respondents currently using a Windows machine said they'd like to switch to Mac.

Britain's brand-new aircraft carrier 'runs Windows XP'

HMS Queen Elizabeth, the UK's new £3.5 billion aircraft carrier, reportedly uses Windows XP as its computer operating system. The flagship vessel left the dockyard for the first time this week. It quickly sailed into fears of a potential cyberattack risk

Windows XP updated to defend against 'nation-state' cyberattacks

Microsoft has taken the highly unusual step of releasing a new set of Windows security updates for unsupported operating system versions. The company said the patches come in the wake of WannaCrypt and provide protection against "nation-state actors."

Microsoft planning Cortana overhaul with new 'conversational' UI

Microsoft is reportedly testing a new Windows 10 Cortana interface that is more "conversational," akin to Google Assistant. Cortana is also moving from the taskbar, near the Start button, to the system tray, next to the Action Center icon.

Microsoft makes Windows more accessible in new preview build

Microsoft's latest Windows Insider preview build has introduced a set of new accessibility features that will make Windows easier to use for people with individualised input requirements. They include expanded Braille support and an improved narrator.

Latest Windows 10 Insider build packs in scores of new features

Microsoft has announced a new Insider Preview version of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update that includes a substantial list of new features. The company has revised the look of the Start Menu and Action Center and added new Microsoft Edge features.

Microsoft's massive Windows 10 Mobile overhaul pictured in leak

Microsoft's new "adaptable shell" for Windows 10 has been pictured for the first time after an internal build of the operating system was released by the company last week. It shows Microsoft's radical plans for its next take on Windows Mobile.

Leak: Microsoft creating Windows 10 edition for 'Advanced PCs'

A leaked build of Windows 10 has revealed Microsoft is working on three new versions of the operating system designed for "advanced PCs." The company looks set to revive its Workstation branding last used over 20 years ago to offer extended features.

Report: Microsoft is rebooting Windows 10 Mobile again

Microsoft is reportedly planning another complete overhaul of Windows Mobile in an effort to gain relevance in the smartphone industry. Continuing a pattern that's now all too familiar to fans, the company is heading back to the drawing board.

ASUS thinks its new premium laptops are 'the edge of beyond'

ASUS has debuted several new high-end laptops today which it claims will push the boundaries of computing with new consumer-focused designs and experiences. The powerhouse notebooks and convertibles are characterised by high-performance internals.

Microsoft still has millions of PCs to upgrade to Creators Update

Microsoft has detailed the progress of the rollout of the Windows 10 Creators Update, released to consumers last month. The company said that around 20 percent of all devices have now got the update. It explained why yours may still be left waiting.

Microsoft makes Windows even more pen-friendly

Microsoft has detailed a new set of pen-focused features in Windows 10 designed to give creatives the freedom to emulate real writing on a digital display. It has expanded its Windows Ink platform with new "building blocks" to simplify ink input.

Pirated Windows copies helped to spread the WannaCry ransomware

The WannaCry ransomware that made its way around the globe last week may have been aided by the use of pirated Windows versions. According to security researchers, the widespread use of illegal copies gave it a foothold in some regions.

Microsoft launches first Windows 10 preview with all-new UI

Microsoft has released a new development version of Windows 10 to Windows Insiders, including elements of the new design language and Fall Update features introduced on-stage earlier today. It's debuting an app that lets you create "photo stories."

iTunes is coming to Microsoft's Windows Store in surprise reveal

Apple and Microsoft have announced that iTunes is coming to the Windows Store in a surprise reveal today. The addition will give the Store a much-needed boost, increasing its visibility. iTunes is one of the world's most popular Windows desktop apps.

Windows 10's next big update is coming in the fall

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be getting another major feature update later this year. The company will debut a new design language, bring back a top-requested OneDrive feature and introduce new "storytelling" apps.

Microsoft unveils Fluent Design to make Windows 10 look new again

Microsoft has officially announced it is working on a complete overhaul of Windows 10's design using a new visual language called Fluent. Previously leaked as Project NEON, Microsoft is aiming for a cohesive and modern experience built around animations.

Microsoft could unveil the next Surface in Shanghai this month

Just a few days after launching its latest Surface device, Microsoft has sent out invitations to an event later this month where it could unveil another. The briefing will "show the world what's next" and includes an appearance by Surface's creator.

Microsoft is making phones 'but they may not look like phones'

Microsoft has once again reaffirmed its commitment to its smartphone business. Days after its phone revenue crashed to the floor in the company's latest earning call, CEO Satya Nadella has given another indication that something revolutionary is coming.

Microsoft's new Windows 10 S forces you to use Edge and Bing

Microsoft has confirmed that its new Windows 10 S operating system will not allow you to change the default browser or search engine. You'll be forced into using Microsoft Edge and Bing, although you can still install alternative software.

Microsoft unveils its first proper laptop

Microsoft has officially unveiled its first PC with a traditional laptop form factor. "Surface Laptop" joins Microsoft's existing range of Surface-branded devices, offering a premium laptop experience targeted towards college students and mobile workers.

Microsoft goes after classrooms with $189 'Windows 10 S' laptops

Microsoft has announced a new version of Windows 10 designed to compete directly with Google's Chromebooks. Aimed at classroom environments and younger users, Windows 10 S is a cut-down Windows that only supports apps from the Windows Store.

Microsoft experiments with putting tabs in every Windows window

Microsoft is toying with a major rethinking of the core Windows desktop. The company is considering a new layout for apps that would see every window fitted with a tab strip reminiscent of your web browser. Multiple app instances would display as tabs.

New Windows update could boost battery life by over 10 percent

Microsoft has announced details of an upcoming Windows power saving technology that could lead to substantial battery life improvements. The next major Windows version will be able to intelligently manage background apps to cut down power consumption.

Microsoft patched Windows flaws in new NSA leaks back in March

Microsoft has said it patched Windows flaws allegedly exploited by the NSA in an update in March, before they were leaked. The company has not disclosed who alerted it to the issues in an unusual move that's added to the mystery.

Microsoft's infamous Solitaire game was built by a summer intern

Microsoft's Solitaire game, included with Windows PCs for generations, has long been presented by the company as a way to teach new computer owners how to use the mouse. According to the intern who created it, it was actually built 'out of boredom.'
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New features coming to Windows 10 in  Anniversary Update
New features coming to Windows 10 in 'Anniversary Update'
Windows 10 Start screen [Preview build]
Windows 10 Start screen [Preview build]
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Xbox Game DVR on Windows 10
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An example battery report from a defective Surface Pro 3
DWAYNE972 / Microsoft Support Forum
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Teens react to Windows 95 in a Fine Brothers video
Fine Brothers
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Office Hub preview in Windows 10 - Image via MSPoweruser
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HP Pavilion desktop
HP Pavilion desktop
Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10061.
Image courtesy of Softpedia.
Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10061. Image courtesy of Softpedia.
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Xbox at Microsoft's October 2016 event
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Updated 'Blue Screen of Death' in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316, now featuring QR codes
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Windows Hello in Windows 10
Cortana on Windows 10
Cortana on Windows 10
HP Pavilion x360
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Windows 10 Start menu hide app list
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Windows 10 Creators Update
Windows 10 s Continuum feature
Windows 10's Continuum feature
Microsoft Solitaire Collection has reached 100 million unique users
Microsoft Solitaire Collection has reached 100 million unique users

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