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Windows News

Microsoft hints at the Surface Phone with new Windows 10 for ARM

Microsoft has announced that the Windows 10 desktop can now run on the ARM-based processors used in mobile devices. The development hints at the emergence of a new class of devices capable of powering smartphone and desktop experiences.

Microsoft and Intel create a smarter Cortana and enhanced PCs

Microsoft has announced a partnership with Intel that will see the two companies collaborate to improve digital assistants, security, AI and mixed reality on Windows 10 PCs. Project Evo will create more capable future devices with enhanced functionality.

Microsoft Home Hub uses your PC as a centre for the entire family

The success of Amazon's Echo and rival smart speakers and home automation hubs has created rumours that Microsoft is planning something similar. According to a new report, the company's actually creating something more ambitious, based on your current PC.

Windows 10 getting a much-needed UI overhaul with Project NEON

Microsoft is planning a major visual overhaul of Windows 10 for launch in 2017, according to recent reports. The new design language will clean up Windows 10's current inconsistencies and introduce a more refined look based on animations and transitions.

Microsoft now sharing Windows 10 telemetry data with third party

Microsoft has begun to share telemetry data collected from computers running Windows 10 with a third-party company, according to reports today. Security firm FireEye will have access to data from "every" Windows 10 device as part of a new partnership.

Dell's Stack was a Windows Phone that could have be a gamechanger

Dell and Intel collaborated to create a 6.4-inch mini-tablet running Windows 10 Mobile, according to a report this week. The two companies had big plans for the device, the fate of which is unclear. The phone was built around Microsoft's Continuum tech.

Microsoft explains why it's still building Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has again reaffirmed its commitment to supporting and developing Windows 10 Mobile. The smartphone platform now has less than one percent total market share but Microsoft still considers it important to have an OS that runs on mobile hardware.

Controversy over Google's disclosure of bug in Microsoft Windows

Google has publicly detailed a "critical" bug in Windows just 10 days after reporting it to Microsoft. Google has come under fire for releasing details before a fix is available but the company insists it is "protecting users" by doing so.

Microsoft removes 90,000 apps from the Windows Store

Microsoft has removed over 90,000 apps from the Windows Store, according to reports today. It follows warnings to developers about updating their apps' age ratings. Apparently, many publishers have not paid attention and have had their products withdrawn.

Microsoft's Surface Dial is a radical new take on PC peripherals

Microsoft has introduced a new kind of PC input device at its 2016 Surface hardware event. Surface Dial is a wireless rotational peripheral with 3,600 precision points that places shortcut buttons, toolbars and radial menus at your fingertips.

Microsoft announces the Windows 10 'Creators Update'

Microsoft has officially unveiled the Windows 10 Creators Update, the first major release of the OS scheduled to launch in 2017. It adds a range of new features aimed at "bringing ideas to life," including tools for 3D modelling and mixed reality.

Microsoft's Surface Studio is the company's first desktop PC

Microsoft has announced its first ever desktop computer, the $2,999 Surface Studio. The 28-inch all-in-one PC offers a touchscreen display, sixth-generation Intel processors and an integrated discrete GPU for gaming and 3D modelling.

Microsoft CEO admits company 'clearly missed' the smartphone race

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has admitted the company missed the smartphone trend altogether with its ill-fated Windows Phone OS. He said he intends to change Microsoft's image through next-gen technology including its HoloLens mixed reality headset.

Microsoft stock soars to record high on back of Surface success

Microsoft's stock has reached an all-time high, breaking a record set in 1999, after its latest earnings report. The company shrugged off falls in revenue from smartphones and Xbox with exceedingly strong growth in cloud software and Surface computers.

Ockel's 'desktop PC in a tablet' raises $100k in a day

A device claiming to be the world's most versatile mini PC is raking in thousands from its crowdfunding campaign. The Ockel Sirius A blends a tablet form factor with desktop PC functionality, giving you a full Windows experience in a mobile device.

Microsoft Paint is getting a complete overhaul, 3D object support

Microsoft Paint has been in Windows for almost as long as the operating system has existed. The app has changed little over the decades but that could change soon. Leaked videos reveal Microsoft is working on a complete overhaul with 3D object support.

Samsung launches a cylindrical PC to distract you from the Note 7

Samsung has revealed a high-performance consumer-oriented desktop computer. The compact device appears to have been styled after Apple's Mac Pro. It has a distinctive cylindrical design that saves space and helps with cooling the high-end parts inside.

Microsoft reveals some of the next Windows 10 features

After shipping the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft is now working on the next batch of features set to be released in early 2017. Last week, it launched a new Insider Preview that provides a first glance into some of the coming improvements.

Windows 10 usage is now in decline

Microsoft's Windows 10 is experiencing a decline in usage for the first time since its launch. The dip, indicated by two metrics, is entirely unexpected and has not been fully explained. It suggests Windows 10 is falling out of favour with customers.

Moscow to replace Microsoft software with Russian alternatives

Moscow - The city of Moscow has announced it will replace Microsoft software with programs made within Russia. The decision was made after a call from President Vladimir Putin to reduce the country's dependency on foreign software, a potential security risk.

Windows 10 to keep you safe online with new browser sandbox

Microsoft has announced a significant security enhancement coming to Windows 10 as part of the Redstone 2 software update next year. The company has further expanded Windows Defender to help you stay safe online, isolating the browser from your PC.

Microsoft Windows could soon track everything you do on your PC

Microsoft has patented a technology that would see it almost continually spying on Windows users. The company's software would be constantly listening for "triggers" and sending data home. Microsoft thinks it would be beneficial to customers.

Microsoft told to compensate Windows 10 users with ruined PCs

Consumer rights group Which? has announced a public challenge to Microsoft over the launch of Windows 10. It called on the company to "take action" over a myriad of issues on the platform, suggesting it pay compensation to users.

Lenovo denies conspiring with Microsoft to block Linux on its PCs

Lenovo has come under fire for appearing to block installations of alternate operating systems on its Windows-powered flagship laptops. The systems are locked down from the factory, preventing users from choosing their own software to run.

'Skype for Life' to replace dizzying selection of Skype clients

Microsoft recently closed down its Skype office in London for reasons that are now becoming clear. It is said to be building a cross-platform Skype client to run on any device, putting an end to the confusing mass of interfaces currently available.

You can now run multi-window Android in a window on your PC

It's now possible to run Remix OS, the popular desktop-oriented Android distribution, on top of a Windows machine. It allows you to interact with Android apps and games from your computer. Remix OS includes its own Start menu and multi-window support.

100 million people now play Solitaire on Windows

Microsoft has announced that over 100 million people have now played Solitaire on Windows 8 or 10. It makes it one of the most popular and far-reaching games ever created, showing the mass appeal of the simple titles that come bundled with Windows.

Microsoft admits Windows 10 update just broke millions of webcams

Microsoft has admitted that it broke millions of the world's most popular webcams with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. An internal change to the way in which webcams are controlled has left devices unusable, including with Microsoft's own apps.

Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs will soon get updates like Windows 10

Microsoft has announced it is changing the way it releases updates for Windows 7 and 8.1 computers. Going forward, it will use the same approach as it does for Windows 10, wrapping all security and reliability updates up into a single monthly release.

Windows Holographic is coming to your Windows 10 PC next year

Microsoft has announced that all Windows 10 PCs will be capable of supporting Windows Holographic mixed reality experiences next year. In partnership with Intel, the company will allow you to run holographic apps on your mainstream computer.
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Windows Image

Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10061.
Image courtesy of Softpedia.
Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10061. Image courtesy of Softpedia.
Steve Ballmer
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.
Photo by Barnaby Jeans
The Windows Store in Windows 10
The Windows Store in Windows 10
HP Pavilion All-in-One
HP Pavilion All-in-One
The logo of Microsoft s Windows Store
The logo of Microsoft's Windows Store
This image shows just how reflective the X205TA s display is. Don t expect it to be easy to use in d...
This image shows just how reflective the X205TA's display is. Don't expect it to be easy to use in direct sunlight or bright environments.
Windows 10 UI inconsistencies across Microsoft s own News  Music and People apps
Windows 10 UI inconsistencies across Microsoft's own News, Music and People apps
New features coming to Windows 10 in  Anniversary Update
New features coming to Windows 10 in 'Anniversary Update'
The  Get Windows 10  dialog is appearing in the system tray of Windows computers  prompting users to...
The "Get Windows 10" dialog is appearing in the system tray of Windows computers, prompting users to reserve their free upgrade
Screenshot of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316
Screenshot of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316
HP Pavilion x360
HP Pavilion x360
The Photos app in Windows 10
The Photos app in Windows 10
Xbox at Microsoft s October 2016 event
Xbox at Microsoft's October 2016 event
Windows 10 s Continuum feature
Windows 10's Continuum feature
The Asus Eeebook X205TA
The Asus Eeebook X205TA
Windows 10 for small tablets
Windows 10 for small tablets
You can now  Show more tiles  on Windows 10 Start to have four-column groups
You can now "Show more tiles" on Windows 10 Start to have four-column groups
The Lumia 735 s hidden notification LED can be seen as a faint cut-out to the left of the speaker
The Lumia 735's hidden notification LED can be seen as a faint cut-out to the left of the speaker
These indicator lights could have been much better placed. The left-most (power) light is currently ...
These indicator lights could have been much better placed. The left-most (power) light is currently illuminated green but it is still so dim that it is hardly visible
Multitasking in Windows 10
Multitasking in Windows 10

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