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Wind turbines News

Changing wind turbine design can help protect birds

Wind turbines are part of many renewable energy strategies and the adoption of wind power, along with other renewable sources of energy, can assist with meeting carbon targets. However, many wind turbines cause bird deaths. A new design has been proposed.

Harnessing the power of the wind — It's all in the blades

Since wind and solar power as renewable sources of energy has taken off, wind turbine blades have gotten larger - so much so that the really gargantuan turbines are generally installed in offshore wind farms.

Anti-icing system for cold-climate wind turbine markets debuts

At the cold climate conference WinterWind in Sweden, Vestas introduced an advanced anti-icing solution to boost the business case for wind power plants in cold climates by removing ice build-up on turbine blades.

How predictive analysis is helping the energy sector

A few days after predictive analytics software began monitoring wind turbines in Iowa last March, an anomaly was spotted by a data-science model in a wind turbine’s gearbox. After a few hours of repairs, the wind farm owner avoided catastrophic failure.

3M partnership will use drones for wind turbine maintenance

Santa Cruz - To reduce wind turbine downtime that can affect annual energy production, 3M has announced an agreement with Camp Six Labs to apply 3M products to wind turbine blades using soon-to-be-developed robotic applicators.

Owl wings may lead to noise-reduction mechanism in wind turbines

A new study that looked carefully at how an owl's wings act as noise-suppressors could lead to a solution that would allow aircraft, helicopters, drones and wind turbines to operate quietly.

Functional life of wind turbines enhanced by strength testing

From the inception of the renewable energy revolution globally, we have seen great strides in technology, from photovoltaic cells to longer-lasting energy storage batteries. Now, the focus has turned to improving the functional life of wind turbines.

Great Plains gets over half its power from wind for first time

Little Rock - On Sunday, February 12, 2017, wind turbines for a short time powered more than 50 percent of the electricity demand on the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) grid, a first for a grid in North America.

New evidence for wind turbines posing risks to birds

San Fransisco - Wind turbines have many advocates as a low-cost source of ‘green’ electricity. However, depending on where the turbines are cited, there is a risk of birds being killed.

Wind turbines produced enough energy to power Scotland for a day

On Sunday, high winds in Scotland boosted renewable energy output. As a result, Scotland's entire electricity needs were met.

Funding to explore impact of ‘green energy’ on nature

London - Green energy has many advocates, but do some projects harm the natural world? A research foundation is investing $3 million to explore future scenarios for U.K. energy to see how groundwater and natural habitats would be affected.

These new wind turbines are designed to look like trees

A lot of people moan about how wind turbines make the countryside look bad. Clean, renewable energy often comes at a price. Enter "turbine trees" — one company's way of tackling the issue of aesthetics in sustainability.

Floating wind turbines — the next generation of wind-farms

Brest - French companies Nass & Wind and naval defence contractor DCNS recently presented details of their next generation floating wind turbine development programme at the Thetis Marine Renewable Energy show held in Brest on April 10 and 11.

US and UK Collaborate on Floating Wind Turbines

UK-US government investment is set to be a driving force in new floating wind turbine technology. UK energy secretary Edward Davey announced that a collaborative investment effort will be made to build a number of experimental floating wind turbines.

Offshore wind farms at risk from hurricane damage

Pittsburgh - Offshore wind farms being proposed for the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico sit in hurricane paths and as a result, almost half of the planned turbines for these farms could be destroyed over a 20-year period.

Op-Ed: Turning rubbish into energy — The Kenyan way

Africa has long been regarded as a basket case and a bottomless pit for aid, but now, with a little help from their President and a foundation, Kenyans are doing something for themselves: building wind turbines from scrap metal.

Two studies on effect of wind turbines on health released in Jan.

An independent panel of experts in Massachusetts has released a report on the health hazards posed by wind turbines. Although the panel found no conclusive evidence of serious health problems, their findings left the door open for further research.

Bat Deaths From Wind Turbines Explained

The mystery of why large numbers of migratory bats are killed by certain turbines of southern Alberta’s wind farms every year may have been solved by a comprehensive University of Calgary research project.

Wind Turbines, 1932 Version, Costs $1 million, Generates 130 Million kilowatt hr

A $1 million Giant Wind Turbine can generate 130 million kilowatt hours enough to power 144,000 homes per year.

World's First Building-Integrated Wind Turbines

Bahrain World Trade Center uses Wind Turbines to generate electricity for its buildings.

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Goldwind Americas is offering free training to coal miners to become wind farm technicians.
Goldwind Americas is offering free training to coal miners to become wind farm technicians.
Goldwind Americas
The tool gives suppliers insight into how their products are performing in the field  and if enhance...
The tool gives suppliers insight into how their products are performing in the field, and if enhancements are needed, DigitalClone can simulate how the reconfigurations will impact the life predictions.
Sentient Science
Wind generators in Facinas (Tarifa  Cádiz  Spain).
Wind generators in Facinas (Tarifa, Cádiz, Spain).
Dennis Murczak
The Tehachapi Wind Farm turbines collectively produce about 800 million kilowatt-hours of electricit...
The Tehachapi Wind Farm turbines collectively produce about 800 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, enough to meet the residential needs of 350,000 people every year.
The Center for Land Use Interpretation
Artist s impression of a Winflo offshore wind-farm with floating wind-turbines.
Artist's impression of a Winflo offshore wind-farm with floating wind-turbines.
Winflo - DCNS Press Release
Uptake Technologies

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