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Uncovering Wikipedia's geographical biases

Like any platform with a social media slant, Wikipedia contains as much 'point of view' as it does 'facts.' A new Internet platform allows the geographical origins and potential biases of contributors to be revealed.

Wikipedia becomes a news provider with substantial app update

Wikipedia has relaunched its Android app with a major design overhaul and a focus on newsworthy and trending articles. The updated app uses concepts from services such as Google Now to show you suggested content.

Wikipedia celebrates its 15th birthday

Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia used by millions worldwide every day, is celebrating its 15th birthday today. Its founder thinks the site can keep progressing though and wants to see the famous name become the "sum of all human knowledge."

Why Apple, Facebook, Twitter, other tech firms protest CISA bill

Washington - A controversial cybersecurity bill that's now being heard in the Senate faces strong opposition from at least 22 of the world's top technology companies amid concerns that it infringes on users' privacy and civil liberties.

Wikipedia under fire for relationship with academic publisher

Wikipedia is drawing criticism from open-access advocates for its relationship with Elsevier, a pay-to-access academic database company.

Wikipedia blocks accounts linked to paid edits

San Francisco - Wikipedia said that it has blocked more than 300 accounts being used by people being paid to create or tweak entries at the communally sourced online encyclopedia.

Russia lifts Wikipedia ban after it edits drugs entry

Moscow - Russia's media watchdog said Tuesday it had lifted a short-lived ban on Russian-language Wikipedia over an entry on a form of cannabis.

Wikipedia bios of UK MP's were enhanced from inside Parliament

London - Investigation finds that Wikipedia entries which detailed controversies involving UK politicians were 'airbrushed' by computers with IP addresses registered to Parliament.

Wikipedia filing lawsuit to NSA challenging mass surveillance

Wikipedia is to take legal action against the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Justice that will challenge the government's program of mass surveillance of Internet traffic and suggest that this undermines democracy.

Gamergate sucks in Wikipedia with ban controversy

Wikipedia, the online publicly-editable encyclopedia, has issued a restriction on editing to certain users over alleged harassment and violation of civility while editing the "Gamergate controversy" article.

Wikipedia gives photo copyright to monkey

Nature photographer David J. Slater had his camera taken by a crested black macaque in Indonesia who then snapped "selfies." Slater wants to get royalties for the famous photos but managers say he has no right to payments since the monkey took the pics.

Wikipedia changes rules to deter astroturfing

Wikipedia has had a problem with people putting misleading or false edits on pages for some time. They have now changed the rules so that editors must disclose whether they are being paid.

PR firms agree to abide by Wikipedia rules

Eleven large public relations firms have agreed to clean up the way they interact with Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. Some of the companies have been involved in editing pages to favor their clients via pseudonymous accounts.

Op-Ed: Don't just do something different, do the opposite

Radical innovation carries great risks and potentially great rewards. If your current plans and policies are not working then think about doing the opposite.

Wikipedia editors report high numbers of paid-for articles

Wikipedia editors have identified hundreds of user accounts set up to make paid-for entries. This violates the aims and objectives of the online encyclopedia.

Op-Ed: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite upgrade looks OK, but very undersold?

Sydney - The upgraded version of Amazon Kindle paperwhite is designed to eliminate a few of the legacy e-reader problems like battery life and other nuisances. This thing is apparently a lot more potentially useful than you might think at first glance.

Wikipedia to block NSA spies

Founder Jimmy Wales announced that Wikipedia would be introducing security measures to protect site visitors, starting from August 21. This comes as the Guardian revealed that the NSA was also monitoring users who accessed web pages for referencing.

IP within US Senate edited Snowden Wikipedia to read 'traitor'

The description on Edward Snowden's Wikipedia page was edited by an anonymous source within the US Senate to read "American traitor" instead of "American dissident."

Op-Ed: How trustworthy is ‘Wikipedia’?

‘Wikipedia’ is one of the most popular and indeed one of the most trusted sites on the Internet, but just how trustworthy is it, in particular, how much information does it exclude?

Wikipedia 'edit wars' : George W. Bush, among contentious topics

It appears there are many things Wikipedia editors can't agree on, Jesus, George W. Bush and the Prophet Muhammad among them.

Wikimedia Foundation enjoys record 2012 fundraiser

Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that operates Wikipedia, the online, free encyclopedia announced on December 27 that it had raised a record $25 million in record time during its 2012 fundraiser.

UK MPs told: If you want to edit your Wiki entry, do it at home

London - British Members of Parliament are being told: if you need to edit your Wikipedia entry, better to do it at home rather than be caught in the act.

Wikipedia articles replace term paper in University of Utah class

Salt Lake City - The old fashion term paper is being replaced by an Internet sensation in one University of Utah classroom, where students can write articles for Wikipedia in lieu of a term paper for class credit.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney's Wikipedia page locked down

The Wikipedia page of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, along with other members of his party, have been locked so users can't edit any content.

Russian Wikipedia blackout in protest against Internet censorship

Wikipedia's Russian website has declared a 24-hour-long blackout and boycott in protest against a child protection bill which they say would lead to Internet censorship in that country.

Jimmy Wales petitions against extradition of Richard O’Dwyer

Richard O’Dwyer, 24, is to be extradited from the U.K. to the U.S. on copyright charges. Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia has started a petition against this.

Wikipedia warns users some ads may be infected with malware

Wikipedia has warned this week that users seeing advertisements on any of its pages may be infected with malware. The website emphasizes the company is a non-profit one, supported only by donations.

Encyclopedia Britannica's days in print draw to a close

Encyclopedia Britannica, the standard for reference for over 200 years, has decided to bring production of its printed 32-volume sets to an end. This decision is due to rapidly declining sales and competition with online services such as Wikipedia.

Wikipedia, BoingBoing and others blackout in protest of SOPA

Wikipedia's English-language site is leading a protest against the new Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that major Internet companies consider draconian. Wikipedia, along with some others, will "blackout" on Jan. 18 for 24 hrs.

Op-Ed: SOPA 'not proceeding' but sites still going dark

Sydney - SOPA is on hold, but Wikipedia’s “strike” threat for tomorrow and similar action by Reddit and Boing Boing are still going ahead. The White House has expressed less than fizzy enthusiasm for anti piracy proposals and is asking for help from users.
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Wikipedia Image

English version of Wikipedia During the Jan 18th 2012 blackout.
English version of Wikipedia During the Jan 18th 2012 blackout.
Adrienne Alix  President of Wikimedia France 2010
Adrienne Alix, President of Wikimedia France 2010
Adrienne Alix, with kind permission.
Ebola virus.
Ebola virus.
Wikipedia turned its site black to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) on Jan 18th 2012
Wikipedia turned its site black to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) on Jan 18th 2012
The Explore feed in the new Wikipedia Android app homescreen
The Explore feed in the new Wikipedia Android app homescreen
Wikimedia Foundation
Wikipedia turned its site black to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) on Jan 18th 2012
Wikipedia turned its site black to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) on Jan 18th 2012
Courtesy Wikipedia
U.S.S. Chancellorsville
U.S.S. Chancellorsville
U.S. Navy
Blackout of Wikipedia Russia against new bill.
Blackout of Wikipedia Russia against new bill.
Screen capture
Petition by Jimmy Wales to try and stop extradition of Richard O Dwyer
Petition by Jimmy Wales to try and stop extradition of Richard O'Dwyer
Screen capture
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales
Photo by Joi Ito
Wikipedia turned its site black to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).
Wikipedia turned its site black to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).
Courtesy Wikipedia
The Lady Anne  Lady Moura and Pelorus.
The Lady Anne, Lady Moura and Pelorus.