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Wii News

Nintendo has a new plan: Mobile games and new consoles

During a press conference today, Nintendo revealed that it is finally going to enter the mobile gaming market in partnership with DeNA, releasing games featuring Nintendo characters to smartphones. A new console, "Project NX", is also in the works.

Review: The King of Kart — Mario Kart 8 Excites and Excels

Mario Kart 8 (MK8) serves as a deluxe version of Mario Kart 7 (MK7). Mario Kart 7 is famous for its colorful display, the ability to exchange ghost data to play online or play wirelessly in multiplayer mode, and underwater racing.

Nintendo ends production of the Wii

Nintendo announced this morning that it is officially ending production of Wii console. This particular gaming system was the first of its kind and allowed the Japanese company to get back into the console gaming wars.

Can video games help children with dyslexia?

A new study surprisingly suggests that children with dyslexia may read better after playing action video games that stress mayhem, rather than literacy.

Archos entering portable gaming industry with the GamePad

Archos, historically being a smaller player in the mobile communications industry, is taking another leap towards making a mark with their latest release.

Nintendo unveils Wii U games

Los Angeles - At the E3 video games show in Los Angeles, Nintendo have unveiled some of the new games for their anticipated new games consul - the Wii U.

Study finds that active video games don't improve kids' fitness

Results from a Baylor College of Medicine study, published in the Pediatrics journal, show that there may be fewer benefits to active video games than parents think.

Nintendo Wii U and its touchscreen controller

Nintendo's next game system, dubbed Wii U, has been confirmed for having touchscreens built into its controllers. Also, Wii U will sport high-def video.

Buy food, fashion, furniture directly from Wii in Japan now

November 1 began a new Wii service for the Japanese consumer. Over 10,000 items became available 24 hours a day to purchase through their Wii console.

3-year-old dies after mistaking gun for Wii controller

Tennessee - A toddler in the US has accidentally been killed after shooting herself with a pistol that she mistook for a Nintendo Wii controller.

Netflix coming to Wii

Beginning in the spring United States Nintendo Wii users will be able to rent movies with the Netflix service and watch them on their Wii consoles.

$16 Million for Family After Water Drinking Contest Death

The family of a woman from California who died in 2007 after taking part in a water drinking contest organized by her local radio station has been awarded $16 million in damages.

Promotion Contest for Toki Tori

In preparation for the May 22nd launch of iPhone game, Toki Tori , in conjunction with the celebration of the one year anniversary of the WiiWare game, Chillingo and Two Tribes have created a contest of creating promotional ideas for the new game.

Children's Foundation Honors Teri Hatcher and Nintendo of America

Starlight Children's Foundation's annual "A Stellar Night" gala saw Nintendo honored for its long-running corporate sponsorship, including the manufacture of "Fun Centers" featuring Wii consoles, and Teri Hatcher honored for being awesome.

No surprise, Wii on the rise, PlayStation2 price drops

As reported at the Game Developers Conference, Nintendo's Wii sales are up and the PlayStation2 price is down. The PlayStation3 price didn't budge.

Guitar Hero Ace shreds his way into the record books again

To celebrate the launch of the second annual Guinness World Records 2009 Gamer's Edition, the nation's best Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock player visited New York City for a mesmerizing, record-breaking shred session.

Doctors fear a rise in 'Wii injuries'

British researchers have issued a warning that playing Nintendo Wii for long periods of time is bad for your health. They say it causes a variety of injuries including the most common type of injury: “Wii knee."

Evergeek Gift Guide '08: Videogame Systems and Gear

Tis the season to spend money you don't really have. On the upside, a new videogame system or some related gamer gadgetry is a surefire smile maker. Plus, it's the kind of gift that will literally keep on giving for several years to come.

Sex Toys For the Nintendo Wii, Truth Or Hoax?

Come September 9th of this year we can possibly expect a very interesting toy to come out for the Nintendo Wii. But, the authenticity of this new gadget is questionable.

The Beat Goes On With Rockband

In an effort to keep Wii and PS2 Rock Band fans happy (what with the total lack of downloadable songs), Harmonix and MTV Games have put together Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1.

The Times makes 'Sony-Wii' blunder

Ever heard of the gaming console the 'Sony Wii' before? If not, don't worry, The Times newspaper has - it mentioned it in an opinion piece about GTA this weekend.

Mike Capps, The Wii is "Like a Wired Virus"

President of Epic Games (Gears of War, Unreal Tournament III), Mike Capps lashes out in a frenzy towards the casual gaming system, Nintendo Wii.

Wii FPS guns for 360-level graphics

High Voltage Software has finally unveiled a brand new first-person shooter for Wii called The Conduit. With this game, they are aiming to make the best looking game for the Wii.

Rock Band will be limited on Wii due to lack of hard drive

The upcoming Rock Band for the Nintendo Wii will be restricted on downloadable content due to the fact that the console does not have a hard drive.

Virtual Games No Replacement for Real Exercise

Recently, Wii Sports and Dance Dance Revolution have become one of the most popular ways to get active. They get your children off the couch and involve them in some sort of physical activity, but is it enough?

Wii Will, Wii Will, Rock Band You

Harmonix, MTV Games, and Electronics Arts have finally revealed a release date for 'Rock Band' for the Nintendo Wii: June 22. The video game is similar to the well-known "Guitar Hero" franchise but includes more instruments for gamers.

Panasonic Creates Protective TV Screens to Combat Flying Wiimote Accidents

Panasonic has now reinforced a range of LCD TVs with toughened glass inspired by older sets. Why? To protect against airborne Nintendo Wii remotes known to fly off wrist-straps, cracking into pricey LCDs.

Spielberg's First Video Game, Boom Blox, Coming in May

Steven Spielberg’s first video game finally has a name and release date: Boom Blox for Nintendo Wii will debut in May 2008, and the Electronic Arts puzzle game features 300 levels, 30 characters and the ability to build customizable maps.

Nintendo Wii Reinforced as Therapeutic Aid

As the value of Nintendo’s Wii for physical therapy becomes increasingly recognized, another group has publicized its use of the system, this time to help improve motion for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and other conditions.

PaRappa team unveils a new Wii game

Time to pull out your old music sheets, dust off the old uniform and shine your marching shoes. New game, Major Minor is a game of rhythm and about leading a virtual marching band.
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A few of the Wii Controller s adaptions that are shaped to look like guns.
A few of the Wii Controller's adaptions that are shaped to look like guns.
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Wii no Ma Shopping
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