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Review: Whoopi Goldberg at her comedic best at The Paramount Special

Huntington - Multi-award-winning entertainer and television co-host from "The View" Whoopi Goldberg performed her comedy at The Paramount in Huntington, New York on April 26.

Op-Ed: Songs of joy for International Day of Happiness

In June of 2012 the United Nations established the International Day of Happiness to be celebrated on March 20th. Music plays an important part in helping achieve the goals of global happiness called for on this day.

Joy Behar drops out of The View

New York - The View's vivaciously liberal and often controversial redhead Joy Behar has decided to move on from The View after a 15 year residency which has pushed her to the forefront of the American zeitgeist.

Tribeca Film Festival 2013 announces line-up

New York - Along with Sundance and of course Cannes, the Tribeca Film Festival is a make-or-break venue for the world's most innovative and industrious filmmakers.

Review: Sister Act offers divine fun Special

Toronto - Sister Act, the musical based on the 1992 movie, opened in Toronto as part of a national tour following its Broadway run. It's a fun-filled spectacle that cleverly riffs on classic dance tunes while keeping the mood light-hearted.

Review: ‘Being Elmo’ gets to the heart of the furry red monster Special

‘Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey’ tells the story of the voice, hand and heart behind the famed furry red monster, one of Sesame Street's most adored characters.

Nun sues Disney claims she was inspiration for movie 'Sister Act'

New York - A Harlem nun is suing Disney and Sony Pictures alleging her autobiography was the inspiration for the movie "Sister Act" starring Whoopi Goldberg. Delois Blakely claims the studio made the film about her life as a young, Black, singing nun in Harlem.

Whoopi Goldberg smoked pot before Oscar speech

Whoopi Goldberg said on a video that she had smoked marijuana before giving her Oscar acceptance speech in 1991 for the movie Ghost.

Forensic experts on ABC say Mel Gibson tapes were tampered

West Hollywood - Another not so shocking twist in the Mel Gibson saga. Forensic audio/ video experts and editors featured on an ABC interview publicly stated that the "racist rant" tapes have been tampered with and were made for professional distribution.

Whoopi Goldberg defends Mel Gibson, then herself

Following her support of Mel Gibson earlier this week, over the ongoing 'racism' row affecting the Hollywood star, Whoopi Goldberg has now defended herself.

Whoopi: Patrick Swayze Doesn't Have an 'Expiration Date'

Actress Whoopi Goldberg says her friend Patrick Swayze is doing fine and handling life one day at a time. To quell his death rumors, she said "he doesn’t have an expiration date."

Op-Ed: Whoopi’s Clothing Critics Wear Thin On Her

Sick to death of and infuriated by the outspoken and often malicious criticism of her wardrobe by the fashion police, Whoopi Goldberg gave it right back to them in her position as co-host of ABC’s “The View.”

Op-Ed: Hollywood Liberals Get Conservative on Taxes

Whoopi Goldberg is 'mad as hell,' and Alec Baldwin is in a tissy all over taxes. These Hollywood liberal heavy weights aren't upset about tax cuts, but tax hikes. How is that for irony?

Another Co-Host Planned For The View

The day following Whoopi Goldberg's start on The View the show announced they will be adding another to the panel. A fifth co-host will take her seat on Monday, Sept.10. Who will it be? No one is telling

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Award-winning entertainer Whoopi Goldberg
Award-winning entertainer Whoopi Goldberg
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