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Photo Essay: Businesses proudly display their patches of pumpkins Special

With nearly 158 million Americans celebrating Halloween this autumn and more than 117 million households celebrating Thanksgiving, businesses are featuring the all-American symbol of the season, pumpkins.

Op-Ed: Connecticut Senate passes GMO labeling laws, House adds hurdles

Connecticut is the most recent state in the U.S. seeking to require companies producing foods made with genetically modified organisms to carry labels. This week the state Senate approved a bill that would pass such a law. The House had other ideas.

Whole Foods mixes up chicken and vegan salads

Whole Foods Market Inc. announced Thursday that labels on its curried chicken salad and those on a vegan version of the salad were reversed at some of its stores in the Northeast.

Whole Foods Market sees healthy boost in profits in 2013

Whole Foods Market reported its financial results for its second quarter. The company said sales and profits have been increasing this year.

Whole Foods to require GMO transparency in its stores by 2018

Whole Foods Market is striving to increase transparency of GMOs in foods. It plans to require that all foods containing GMOs sold in its U.S. and Canadian stores are labeled as such. The company intends to have this in place by 2018.

Op-Ed: YouTube censors video exposing Whole Foods on GMOs (video)

Los Angeles - A group calling itself "Organic Spies" released a video two days ago, revealing "GMO lies" at so-called, totally local and organic Whole Foods stores. YouTube swiftly banned the video.

Whole Foods employee's resignation letter goes viral

Toronto - In a scathing resignation letter, a disgruntled Whole Foods employee wrote spending several years on the job was like "falling down a really long, spiky hill." A hill lined with fire and acid, to be more specific.

Fear, death follow Monsanto’s march to control world food supply

Prince Charles was deeply moved when he learned of the plight of Indian farmers killing themselves following their use of genetically modified (GM) seeds, but it has now been found the problem is far worse than anyone thought.

Whole Foods sued over exploding green tea

Nashville - A Nashville man claims to have suffered physical and emotional pain and suffering after a bottle of Tazo Giant Peach Tea he purchased at a nearby Whole Foods store exploded in his home.

Whole Foods 'Buycott' Scheduled for Sept. 1

In response to the Left-driven boycott of Whole Foods Markets over CEO John Mackey's Wall Street Journal Op-Ed opposing the ObamaCare bill, the National Tea Party Coalition is scheduling a 'buycott' encouraging the public to shop Whole Foods on Sept. 1.

Op-Ed: Supporters of Glenn Beck and Whole Foods Challenge Boycotts

Fox pundit Glenn Beck and Whole Foods founder and CEO John Mackey have been targeted for boycotts by angry left-leaning opponents as of late. Now the boycotters themselves are being boycotted. That blowback has cost GEICO 6,500 customers.

Whole Foods' customers boycott over CEO's health care comments

After Whole Foods' CEO John Mackey writes an op-ed against government sponsored health care, he finds an uproar among some in his customer base.

Paper or Paper? Whole Foods Market to ban plastic bags

Whole Foods Market joins a growing list of organizations and governments who plan to eliminate the use of plastic grocery bags. The organic food retailer will stop using plastic bags by Earth Day 2008, which is held on April 22.

Whole Foods CEO Caught In Embarrassing Message Board Fiasco

FTC investigation accidentally discovers that for the last 8 years, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey used an online pseudonym (his wife's name spelled backwards) to rant and rave about his own company, make stock predictions and talk trash on his competitors.

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