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Whistleblowers making their mark on business world

Paris - UBS, Danske Bank, Cambridge Analytica and now Renault-Nissan: the probe into Carlos Ghosn demonstrates the growing power of whistleblowers as transparency requirements tighten in the corporate world.

Russia shuns 'swindler', 'defector' doping whistleblowers

Moscow - Russia has turned on the whistleblowers who blew open the doping and corruption scandal that threatens to see the country's athletes barred from the Rio Olympics.

Whistleblower criticizes USDA's high-speed inspection process

Last week, the Government Accountability Project (GAP) released affidavits from four USDA inspectors with the agency's high-speed inspection pilot program (HIMP) raising serious questions about the program.

Snowden still sleeps well despite death threats — new interview

Moscow - Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, last week gave an interview to German broadcaster ARD, broadcast on German television Sunday evening. In the interview, Snowden claims the NSA indulged in widespread industrial espionage.

Op-Ed: Perhaps Robert Gates should go to prison with Edward Snowden

Washington - Both the New York Times and the Guardian have had editorials that have suggested that there should be a pardon for whistle blower Edward Snowden, who leaked numerous classified documents showing the vast extent of NSA snooping.

Edward Snowden receives coveted 2013 Sam Adams Award (video)

Moscow - Edward Snowden, NSA Whistleblower, has received the Sam Adams Award for 'Integrity in Intelligence' in Moscow from a group of fellow whistleblowers. The group is interviewed on the video. Snowden's father is also in town visiting his son.

Snowden disclosures: EU votes for in-depth inquiry on NSA spying

Strasbourg - The European Parliament adopted a resolution, Thursday July 4, giving the go-ahead for the Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee to conduct an in-depth inquiry into the US surveillance programs.

Op-Ed: Obama refuses to pardon or commute sentence of CIA whistleblower

Washington - Obama has not punished anyone for the torture practices revealed by the CIA whistle-blower John Kiriakou. Indeed, Obama has allowed evidence to be destroyed.

Rights campaigner Tatchell slams Manning Pride honour reversal

Britain’s best-known human-rights campaigner has issued a damning criticism of the organisers of San Francisco Gay Pride, who have revoked the nomination military whistleblower Bradley Manning as Grand Marshal of this year’s Pride parade in June.

Glenn Greenwald: Obama offers little sunshine for Sunshine Week

Washington - Central to Obama's campaign for president back in 2008 were promises of an open and transparent government. Obama repeatedly denounced Bush for being "one of the most secretive administrations in our nation's history".

American contractors tortured by US military in Iraq can't sue

Chicago - A federal appeals court has ruled that two American contractors who were imprisoned and tortured by the US military in Iraq cannot proceed with a lawsuit against former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Video: Julian Assange addresses the UN General Assembly

London - Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday evening, in an event called "Strengthening Human Rights."

Video: Naomi Wolf interviewed about torture and whistleblowers

In an interview with author and journalist Naomi Wolf, we hear that the U.S. classifies torture, but punishes those who tell the truth. The current crackdown on journalists, whistleblowers and activists is discussed in detail.

Video: 'Not even in the Cold War's darkest days'

Washington - The video features an interview with former CIA officer, Ray McGovern. The U.K. government's recent actions with regard to Julian Assange and the sovereignty of the Ecuadorian embassy are discussed.

Pentagon report: DoD whistleblowers left vulnerable to reprisals

An internal report by the Pentagon says reporting misconduct or waste of money might get U.S. military personnel punished.

Whistle-blower helped secure $30.26 million

Bay Saint Louis - A whistle-blower from the Naval Oceanographic Office helped secure $30.36 million in settlements from the former director, deputy director and government contractors.

US nuclear workers given whistleblower protection

Washington - A final ruling covering workers’ concerns over handling “nuclear and environmental retaliation complaints” has been handed down by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and establishes policy protecting nuclear industry whistleblowers.

Op-Ed: An Open Letter to President Obama and Secretary Gates

Nelson - The appalling treatment of Pfc Bradley Manning by the US authorities has dismayed me ever since I first became aware of the issue. Therefore i have written and sent an open letter to President Obama and Secretary Gate which I have also published here.

Whistle-blowers say disasters from storms can be avoided (Part 6) Special

President Obama and his men did their jobs during the recent emergency in North Dakota last week. I'm reminded by this what someone said once. There are two kinds of folk, those who do and those who protect their jobs. New Orleans had the latter., Anonymous Whistleblower Site, Taken Offline

A California district court has ordered the website, a site where whistleblowers can post documents anonymously, be taken down and has now been cut off from the internet.

“Wikileaks” – A Web Site for Whistleblowers

The site seeks to provide a means to get stories publish internationally and encourage collaboration on issues while protecting its users.

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