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Whiskey News

Chemists develop 'synthetic tongue' to test whisky

Aside from the connoisseur, companies that manufacture whisky rely upon traditional chemical techniques such as mass spectrometry to break down a mixture into the individual chemicals to assess quality. A new method takes a different approach.

Review: The mysterious Finlaggan whisky — An Islay gem Special

Edinburgh - Digital Journal presents its seventh selected whisky for review. After tasting the highly popular Glenlivet 12 year-old last time we're looking at something altogether rarer and more mysterious: Finlaggan.

Over 15,000 bottles of whiskey stolen in Irish daylight raid

Dublin - Police in Ireland are hunting a criminal gang that escaped with more than 15,000 bottles of whiskey and gin in an audacious daylight heist.

'Whisky powered' cars being considered

Glasgow - The company Celtic Renewables has partnered with a Belgian pilot plant to bring its bio-fuel made from whisky production residue to an industrial scale.

Whiskylicious Toronto

Toronto - Toronto has plenty of alcohol inspired events that take place throughout the year, from beer and wine festivals to the harder libations. Now the city will have it's first self-guided Whiskey trail.

Op-Ed: Whisky review #2: Jameson Special

Dublin - In the second of our series of whisky reviews we're going to look at Jameson Irish Whiskey, a beautifully smooth blended whisky.

Man who allegedly drank $102,000 of historic whiskey charged

Pittsburgh - A woman who owns a historic Bed and Breakfast in Pennsylvania has brought charges against the man who allegedly drank several cases of vintage whiskey. The man denied these allegations, but DNA tests show his DNA profile was present on the bottles.

Review: Jana Kramer plays wedding crasher in new 'I Hope It Rains' video Special

Country singer Jana Kramer released the music video for her new single “I Hope it Rains” on July 15. It is the third radio single from her eponymous debut album, which came out on Elektra Records.

Review: Whisky Live 2013 hits London Special

Whisky Live, the global show extolling the delights of the world's finest whiskies, was in London this weekend. Digital Journal was in attendance.

Hey bartender, bourbon drinkers tip more

A recently released study is getting the attention of bartenders and wait staff, pointing to wine and beer drinkers typically leaving smaller tips than those drinking bourbon or other spirits.

Man turns blind after drinking vodka

A 65-year-old man in New Zealand who lost his sight after mixing vodka and diabetes medication regained his sight after taking a bottle of whiskey.

Toddler Sonny Rees, 2, served 40% whiskey at Frankie and Benny's

Swansea - Sonny Rees, on his second birthday, drank half a glass of 40 percent proof whiskey through a straw, after an employee at Frankie and Benny's restaurant in Swansea accidentally served him spirits instead of the fruit juice his mother ordered.

Missouri man finds pre-Prohibition whiskey hidden in his attic

Saint Joseph - A Missouri man was doing some repair work in his home when he stumbled upon a stash of pre-Prohibition whiskey underneath the floorboards in his attic.

Authorities confiscate 44 gallons of moonshine

These days as most narcotics units are chasing meth and other drugs, moonshine happens to shine at the center of a recent arrest in Alabama.

Scotch Whiskey on Ice in Antarctic Since 1909 to be Defrosted

It’s good news for a producer of alcoholic beverages that was given the go-ahead by the New Zealand government to go for the buried gold in the Antarctic. Gold that is in the color of Scotch whiskey that has been frozen on ice since 1909.

Japanese whiskey voted the best in the world

Japanese whiskey is voted the best in the world in an international competition. It is the first time in history that a whiskey from outside Scotland has won this honor.

Op-Ed: Which one is the Real McKoy?

With an idiom like 'The Real McKoy' meaning 'The Real Thing' or 'The Genuine Article' it seems to be a little curious that the origin of the phrase itself is also debatable. Delve into obscurity with me and let's find out more about The Real McKoy.

Make Whiskey and Water change Glasses without the Use of another Glass

A bet involving changing whiskey and water change glasses without the use of any other glass, straw or any other means.

Just a wee drop Doris!

I'll just have a wee drop Doris. Just a tad in this tiny plastic glass please...

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Whiskey Image

Sonny Rees drinks Whiskey
Sonny Rees drinks Whiskey
Nina and Howell Rees
A peak into the old part of the Portmarnock Hotel & Golf Links  Co. Dublin  where parts of the origi...
A peak into the old part of the Portmarnock Hotel & Golf Links, Co. Dublin, where parts of the original Jameson estate are to be found.
Jameson Original Whisky
Jameson Original Whisky
Jameson Special Reserve  Jameson Gold Reserve  Jameson Limited Reserve  & Jameson Rarest Vintage Res...
Jameson Special Reserve, Jameson Gold Reserve, Jameson Limited Reserve, & Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve
Historical whiskey pot still at the Midleton distillery complex of Jameson in Cork
Historical whiskey pot still at the Midleton distillery complex of Jameson in Cork
Stephan Schulz
Screenshots of historic whiskey found hidden inside the South Broadway Manor Bed & Breakfast in Penn...
Screenshots of historic whiskey found hidden inside the South Broadway Manor Bed & Breakfast in Pennsylvania.
South Broadway Manor Bed & Breakfast