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How location impacts car insurance rates and what to do about it Commissioned

Many people believe that the main factor determining the cost of an auto-insurance premium is the year and make of the vehicle being insured. In fact, that is far from the truth. Where you live can play a very significant role in determining your rates.

Chihuahuas born without front legs get wheels

Methuen - Three Chihuahuas who were born without front legs now have some custom-fitted wheels to help them get around a little easier.

Glee star Colfer talks of emotion of gay role

Glee star Chris Colfer has revealed that he is going through one of the most meaningful times in his life, thanks to his role in the knockout American series.

Camaro and Challenger being offered by Hot Wheels in limited edition

I can't wait that long, and I'm guessing neither can you. Hot Wheels has come to the rescue with two pairs of limited edition miniature motors.

New York State Bill Would Ban Spinners

New York State is taking fresh legal steps to ban spinning hubcaps and wheels. Bill Number 1640 is presently being considered by the Senate Transportation Committee, and it would make such wheels illegal statewide.

Strange Japanese Walking Motorbike

Those crafty Japanese are at it again.

Audi Q7: The SUV Slayer

Digital Journal — Even before it was even launched, the Audi Q7 was being heralded as the BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne killer. Based loosely on the Pikes Peak concept vehicle unveiled at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show, the Q7 is Audi’s first SUV. With an.

2004 European Car Sales Decline in US

WASHINGTON (voa) - Sales of European cars in the United States took a dive in the first quarter of 2004. Some of the major names in European automaking took a hit during the January through March period, according to the Power Information Network, an a...

Cadillac Turning Heads Again with Boldly-Styled, Powerful, Comfortable SUV

WASHINGTON (voa) - Cadillac once advertised itself as "the standard of the world." But in the 1990s, General Motors' flagship division found itself an also-ran, shoved aside in the race for luxury car sales supremacy in the United States by the likes o...

Ford Celebrates 100 Years of Automaking

WASHINGTON (voa) - The Ford Motor Company is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. American inventor Henry Ford formed the company on June 16, 1903 in Dearborn, Michigan. Ford went on to design a car, the Model T, and a production method - the auto...

Actor Dennis Weaver Crusades for Fuel-Efficient Cars

LOS ANGELES (voa) - Hollywood actor Dennis Weaver is leading a caravan of fuel-efficient cars across the United States to promote alternative fuels and to urge the country to reduce its dependence on foreign oil. The performer and his supporters will d...

Volkswagen Assembles Its Luxury Phaeton Limousine Behind Glass

DRESDEN (dpa) - ­ The stage which German carmaker Volkswagen has chosen to present its flagship Phaeton model is made of glass and steel - and precious Canadian maple. It features the most sophisticated equipment and is also part of the exclusive drama..

Mercedes Cashes In On The Lucrative U.S. Classic Car Scene

STUTTGART (dpa) - For valued customers nothing is too much trouble.When American millionaire Arturo Keller celebrated his birthday recently, two DaimlerChrysler managers set off to congratulate him personally.That's because the car buff has 40 Mercedes...

The Saab 9X - Versatility in Four Dimensions

The challenge of turning a vision of a new Saab concept vehicle into reality was embraced by Saab's Advanced Design studio. They had to meet key parameters, in terms of compact design and packaging, and then develop the many all-important details that ...

New Sportster Marks 100 Years Of Britain's AC Cars

LONDON (dpa) - The best gifts are the ones you give yourself. Maybe that thought was running through the minds of management at British sportscar maker AC when they recently staged a 100th birthday celebratory bash for the company at Brooklands racing...

Car Engineers Get Inspiration From Nature

MUNICH (dpa) - Car makers are going organic. They are increasingly seeking inspiration from the natural biological world.For while new technology has brought many technical advances, it is still far outstripped by evolution.The three-litre engine may b...

Hidden Luxuries: Cars To Keep Your Consumption Inconspicuous

WOLFSBURG, (dpa) - Luxurious car fittings such as refrigerators and fax machines are not the preserve of Rolls-Royces or flashy Ferraris. Many manufacturers offer sumptuous versions of quite prosaic models for motorists who prefer to keep their consump...

2001 Mitsubishi Montero Ltd. SUV's Performance is ''Not Acceptable''

YONKERS, N.Y.- June 20, 2001- Consumer Reports has rated the 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Limited "Not Acceptable" after it tipped up severely on two wheels during CU's emergency avoidance-maneuver tests. The problem was first found during short-course ...

Luxury Automaker BMW To Complete Rover Sale

MUNICH, Germany — German luxury automaker BMW AG will hand over an engine and gearbox factory and pay $93 million to British consortium Phoenix to end a yearlong spat that has clouded its sale of the struggling Rover car business, a BMW spokesman said .

Crash Test Results: Hyundai Santa Fe Is Tops, Ford Escape Disappoints

ARLINGTON, VA - One of three small sport utility vehicle designs, new for 2001, earns a good overall rating based on performance in a 40 mph frontal offset crash test conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The Hyundai Santa Fe ear...

Binz Makes A Benz Bigger

LORCH, Germany (dpa) - The Mercedes-Benz E-class is a large car but when the director of a grand hotel wants to collect a group of VIPs or a delegation, the limousine is often not big enough for all.These are customers who want plenty of seats but have...

Designers Opt For Versatility With New Generation Of "Crossover" Cars

RUESSELSHEIM, Germany (dpa) - Car designers are like cooks - they are always trying to liven up their creations with new ingredients.After using up all the usual spices in the rack though they are looking these these days for fresh ideas, mixing the tr...

"Smart" Headlights Mean Brighter Future Ahead For Motorists

MUNICH - (dpa) - High energy Xenon headlamps are a common sight on European roads but the next lighting revolution is only just around the corner.Ten years after the introduction of high-intensity xenon lamps, which use an arc of light instead of a con...

A Sneak Preview of New ''X-rated'' Models from MG Rover

LONDON - MG Rover Group has taken the unusual step of releasing advance information on no less than three important new MG model ranges due for launch in the autumn of 2001. Each range is currently identified only by its internal project code - 'X10', ...

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Stone  wheel  structures scattered across the Middle East desert.
Stone "wheel" structures scattered across the Middle East desert.
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