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Wheelchair News

Japan wheelchair user sues over ban from wine tasting event

Apo - A wheelchair user who was stopped from drinking alcohol at a wine tasting event over "safety" concerns is seeking compensation in a Japanese court.The man in his 50s is demanding 1.

Researchers use robotics and AI to make a wheelchair autonomous

Toronto - A collaboration between the academic world and industry has led to the development of a self-driving wheelchair that will be a game-changer for the more than five million power wheelchair users in North America, simplifying their lives.

Elderly woman in wheelchair pushed onto train tracks by man

Leszno - An elderly woman was pushed onto the train tracks by a man she met while on a train. The man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Monkeys trained to steer a wheelchair

Washington - A brain-computer interface has used the brain activity of monkeys to allow them to steer a wheelchair towards a food reward.

Workers at Lowe's repair veteran's wheelchair for free

Staten Island - Michael Sulsona lost his legs in Vietnam. In his own words the Veteran's Administration had refused to give him a replacement chair. So a trio of employees caught him as he was coming in and took it upon themselves to fix his chair for him.

Fluffy chicken, wheelchair bound chihuahua latest Internet stars

Duluth - A two legged, wheelchair-bound Chihuahua named Roo and a cute fluffy chicken named Penny have become the best of friends, while these two are becoming stars on the internet.

Ohio boy receives two new wheelchairs after his was stolen

Cleveland - One of the most heartwarming stories from this holiday season occurred shortly before Christmas, when a young boy in desperate need of a new wheelchair was given even more than he lost.

Lamb thief in Mallorca makes getaway in a wheelchair

Palma - A man with a noticeable limp was seen pushing a woman in a wheelchair, with two whole skinned lambs on her lap. Police became suspicious and decided to follow up on the matter.

A formal introduction to MF Grimm, Percy Carey Special

Los Angeles - Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of talking to lyricist, producer, and comic book writer, MF Grimm, real name Percy Carey.

Op-Ed: Princess in a wheelchair — Interview with author Jewel Kats Special

Toronto - Author Jewel Kats talks about her traumatic childhood accident that left her with lifetime physical limitations, yet only added to the spirit of the children's author who now brings hope to other people’s lives affected by trauma or injuries.

Croizon wheelchair found and returned

Philippe Croizon, French adventurer and quadruple amputee, who became the first limbless man to swim across the English Channel, will have his customized wheelchair returned to him after it was stolen from him last week.

Philippe Croizon wheelchair stolen

Philippe Croizon, French athlete, 45, the first quadruple amputee to swim across the English Channel, has produced a public appeal after someone stole his custom-made wheelchair.

Video: Dog appears to push owner in wheelchair through flood

A video uploaded to YouTube has captured the imagination of thousands of YouTube users. It appears to show a heroic dog pushing its owner on a wheelchair through a flooded street.

Woman in wheelchair choked over last piece of chicken

A disabled woman sat down for Sunday dinner only to be choked by an enraged man because she grabbed the last piece of chicken.

TSA apologizes for detaining 3-year-old in wheelchair

The Transportation Security Administration has issued an apology to a Missouri family after agents detained a 3-year-old confined to a wheelchair.

Houston police shoot and kill double amputee armed with a pen

Houston - A Houston police officer shot and killed a man in a wheelchair, missing an arm and a leg, when he allegedly threatened people with a pen.

Official farewell for 150 Australian Paralympic athletes Special

Sydney - An official event was held at Sydney Town Hall to farewell the Australian Paralympic athletes who will be taking part in London from 29 August to 9 September, 2012.

Disabled Israeli vet sets self on fire: Fifth incident in a week

Tel Aviv-yafo - A 45-year-old disabled Israeli veteran, in a wheelchair, is listed in serious condition and on life support after setting himself on fire in Yehud.

Video: Paraplegic woman bungee jumps in wheelchair

Christine LynX Rougoor achieved an ultimate sports dream when she bungee jumped from a bridge in Whistler, B.C. strapped to a wheelchair. The video of the paraplegic being hurled from the platform has created a viral sensation after it was posted online.

Op-Ed: The TSA agent and the 3-year-old boy in a wheelchair

Chicago - A monitoring group has just released a video of a 3-year-old boy in a wheelchair being frisked by a TSA agent at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. So what's new?

Op-Ed: Lady Gaga egged for wheelchair entrance in Sydney gay club

Sydney - Pop sensation Lady Gaga was at the center of controversy this week, as the 25-year-old star was egged by furious activists in Sydney, Australia.

Wheelchair user's 5000-mile journey from Bangladesh to UK by land

A man injured four years ago in a motorcycle accident and now wheelchair-bound, is set to travel from Bangladesh to his home in St. Helens in Merseyside, north England, a distance of some 5,000 miles, using buses, trains and ferries.

Man is fined for exceeding speed limit while driving a wheelchair

Santa Catarina - A man whose identity has not been released was detained by police and fined for driving a wheelchair over the speed limit without a license on a Brazilian highway.

No Bail for Malicious Teens After Attack on Disabled Canadian

Following a brutal assault on Wheelchair bound Canadian the two teenage attackers have been refused bail. Their hideous attack sickened many over the past few days.

Scientists developed wheelchair controlled by mind power

A Spanish scientist has reportedly developed an amazing wheelchair, which could be controlled by the power of thought. This wheelchair could change the life for those who are even unable to use a conventional joystick.

Wheelchair-bound Woman Kills 15-year-old Girl in Fight Over Man

In what police described as a melee involving an unknown number of people, a wheelchair-bound woman and her mother were arrested for the stabbing death of a 15-year-old girl.

Bush Heckler Punches Wheelchair-Bound Girl

A wheelchair bound girl with cerebral palsy is punched after her parents tell a heckler to quit harassing Jenna Bush at a lecture.

Mother keeps healthy son in wheelchair for five years

A mother who was afraid of her son leaving her kept him in a wheelchair for five years by feeding him medication for an ailment he never had.

Deputy dumps quadriplegic out of wheelchair

Brian Sterner is a quadriplegic and he was being booked at a Florida county jail on Jan. 29 and this past week a surveillance video of Sterner being dumped out of his wheelchair by a jailer has been making rounds all over the news.

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Dies After Being Shocked With Taser 10 Times

And the taser madness continues everywhere as the authorities have fun with their new toys. This time the woman died after being shocked 10 times with Taser guns during a confrontation with police.
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Wheelchair Image

A wheelchair in a church
A wheelchair in a church
Corey Elsen
George Klein with others and his invention  the Klein electric wheelchair  at the National Research ...
George Klein with others and his invention, the Klein electric wheelchair, at the National Research Council of Canada 1953.
National Research Council Canada
Disabled sign.
Disabled sign.
Creative Commons
University of Toronto
Screenshot of video clip showing a boy in a wheelchair being searched by a TSA agent
Screenshot of video clip showing a boy in a wheelchair being searched by a TSA agent
YouTube screenshot
Microsoft continues to introduce new resources for enabling unique Kinect features in your UWP apps.
Microsoft continues to introduce new resources for enabling unique Kinect features in your UWP apps.
Clockwise from left  Marian Daniel (Year 2 ECE)  Patrick Howell (ECE 1T7)  Professor Jonathan Kelly ...
Clockwise from left, Marian Daniel (Year 2 ECE), Patrick Howell (ECE 1T7), Professor Jonathan Kelly (UTIAS) and Maya Burhakpurkar are just a few members of the research team who have developed a low-cost system that enables electric wheelchairs to become partly or fully autonomous.
University of Toronto
Google has announced a new feature for Maps that will indicate wheelchair-accessible transit routes.
Google has announced a new feature for Maps that will indicate wheelchair-accessible transit routes.

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