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Wheat News

Argentina becomes first country to approve genetically modified wheat

Buenos Aires - Argentina has become the first country to approve the growth and consumption of genetically modified wheat, the country's agriculture ministry announced Thursday.

Tackling wheat rust in Texas

Austin - Wheat is one of the most common grains in the world. The plant is, however, vulnerable to attack from a fungus that causes "rust." A new type of crop has been bred that is resistant to the disease.

GM crops do not always work as expected

Hertford - A genetically modified wheat has failed tests in the U.K. The crop was designed to repel pests and grow a more hardy variety of the grain.

Pete Evans' paleo diet for children suspended from publication

Australian celebrity chef Pete Evans' paleo diet cookbook for children has been suspended from publication over health concerns associated with a baby formula concoction made from bone broth and worries that a paleo diet may not be suitable for children.

Whole grains may help lower the risk of early mortality

According to a new study, consuming more whole grains is linked with reduced early mortality. This seems especially so for deaths due to cardiovascular disease. However, such diets cannot, it seems, combat cancer.

New treatment against wheat viruses

A technology has helped wheat become resistant to viruses. The technology involves genetic engineering, although more environmentally sustainable options are possible in the longer-term..

Review: Kick the grain save the brain

Dr. David Perlmutter, MD, author of Grain Brain, provides abundant evidence for the direct correlation between diet and brain health. He supports a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates.

New non-GMO ‘super wheat’

Seattle - Botanists have discovered a wheat gene that can be used as a vehicle to transfer key genes from other plants to wheat. The discovery will allow farmers to develop new robust wheat varieties without having to resort to GMO crops.

American farmers fighting wheat fungus outbreak

This year's soft red winter wheat crop has been hit with fusarium head blight, a fungal disease that develops if it rains during the critical growing period for wheat. Known as "head scab," the disease will have a broad impact on farmers and consumers.

Gluten sensitive? Maybe it isn’t gluten

Some people who think that they are gluten sensitive may not actually be so. Instead, they could be sensitive to something else entirely.

Researchers breeding disease-free wheat

Researchers have found a way to breed disease-resistant wheat. The breeding is aimed at creating wheat that is able to cope with a fungus found mostly in Australia.

Trial GM Monsanto wheat ends up in a farmer's field

U.S. authorities are trying to understand how an experimental genetically modified wheat ended up in an Oregon farmer’s field. The concern is that GM wheat could be mixed up with other crops across the U.S.

Iran agrees to 'barter' with Pakistan for wheat

In return for debts owed by Pakistan for the supply of electricity from Iran, Iran has agreed to barter for wheat from Pakistan which is worth $9 million.

Farmers sue Monsanto over GMO wheat strain found in crops

This week complaints were filed in U.S. Federal Court against Monsanto Co. The plaintiffs allege the bio-tech giant failed to protect the U.S. wheat market from unauthorized wheat it had been testing several years ago.

Japan blocks US wheat after Monsanto GMO strain found in Oregon

Tokyo - Japan blocked the import of some types of American wheat on Thursday following the discovery of an unauthorized strain of genetically modified Monsanto wheat growing on an Oregon farm.

Studying ancient wheat may lead to better varieties

Kansas - Researchers have begun to map the genetic code of ancient wheat with a view to using the information to help select stronger and more robust varieties for food.

Op-Ed: Mississippi River — Sandbagging our way to flood control

Natchez - Mississippi River floodwaters continue moving south, leaving in their wake thousands of flooded homes and businesses and millions of acres of flooded land, an event Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, in his comfort zone, urged citizens to be wary of.

Weather is responsible for worldwide wheat price speculation

Bad weather in Canada, Russia and elsewhere means that world wheat prices are being driven up artificially by speculation, claim market analysts and others, including the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Argentine dockworkers strike may cause further wheat price rise

A planned 48-hour strike by Argentine dockworkers may further inflate global wheat prices, following on increases set in motion in the wake of Russian wildfires.

Worldwide movement against genetically modified wheat grows

After Monsanto announced its plan to revisit GM wheat last year, having received the support of an international farmer's coalition, a worldwide movement opposing the yet-to-be developed grain product is growing.

Ottawa researchers uncover clue to cause of type 1 diabetes

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the University of Ottawa have discovered what may be an important clue to the cause of type 1 diabetes.

FAO Says April Food Prices fell

The Food and Agriculture organizations says that in April food prices fell; others warn against over optimism; many of the factors that have boosted food prices had not gone away.

Deadly Wheat Fungus Discovered in Iran

A new and virulent wheat fungus, previously found in East Africa and Yemen, has moved to major wheat growing areas in Iran, the FAO reported today. The fungus is capable of destroying entire fields.

Bread Pasta Prices Rise

With the rise in the price of wheat consumers can expect to pay more for bread and pasta for example in the near future; on the other hand farmers are seeing improved profits and opportunities.

Whole Grain Diet Reduces Chronic Disease Risk

Diets with high amounts of whole grains may help achieve significant weight loss, and also reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, according to a team of researchers.

Ugg99 fungus threatens wheat production

The last major epidemic of stem rust occurred in North America in the early 1950s, when a strain of stem rust destroyed as much as 40 percent of the continent’s spring wheat crop.

Wheat gets genetic boost from the past

Scientists have found a way to boost the protein, zinc and iron content of wheat

No Nutritional Gain from Organic Wheat

Organically grown wheat may have different labeling and a higher price in stores, but it contains essentially the same profile of nutritional substances.

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Very yummy looking handmade bead
Very yummy looking handmade bead
Wheat Field.
Wheat Field.
Lauren Tucker
Wheat growing
Wheat growing
Wheat is susceptible to the same pathogens as other food products grown outdoors.
Wheat is susceptible to the same pathogens as other food products grown outdoors.
Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat  Carbs  and Sugar--Your Brain s Silent Killers  by Dav...
Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers, by David Perlmutter
Digital Journal photo
Grain Silos located in Prosper  TX.
Grain Silos located in Prosper, TX.
Madison Berndt
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Photograph showing the difference between wheat and goatgrass
Photograph showing the difference between wheat and goatgrass
Stevens County Noxious Weed Control Board

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