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West nile virus News

Essential Science: West Nile virus causes memory loss

One of the lasting effects of West Nile virus, for some sufferers, is neurological problems including memory loss. A new study links this to an immune reaction.

U.S. official: Zika virus vaccine trials to start by end of 2016

The United States has two potential candidates for a vaccine for the mosquito-borne Zika virus and may begin clinical trials on people by the end of this year. Officials warn though, that there will not be a widely available vaccine for several years.

New way to forecast West Nile Virus outbreaks

A new study has correlated weather conditions and the incidences of West Nile virus disease in the U.S. This could lead to a new means for predicting outbreaks and tracking the spread of the disease.

Call for horses to be protected from mosquitoes

A leading veterinarian in the U.S. advises that horses should be protected from mosquitoes to in order to protect the horse and people from West Nile virus, especially during the heavy infection season in mid to late summer.

Using tobacco to combat infectious diseases

A new generation of therapeutics has been developed from tobacco plants. The therapeutics neutralize and protect mice against a lethal dose challenge of West Nile virus even as late as four days after the initial infection.

Clues offered about Dengue fever

Dengue fever and West Nile fever are mosquito-borne diseases that affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide each year. However, there is no real protection against either of the related viruses. Scientists have been looking into the issue.

Killer of 27 bald eagles identified

Utah's Great Salt Lake is a stopping-off point for as many as 2 million eared Grebes on their migratory route from Canada to Mexico every year. Most years, a small percentage of the grebe population dies from avian cholera.

Mosquitoes in cooler climes are less likely to transmit disease

Mosquitoes which transmit diseases like West Nile fever and Chikungunya fever are less likely to infect people and are also more susceptible to insecticides if they are reared in cooler climates.

West Nile virus linked with U.S. orchards

Researchers have linked mosquitoes, which populate orchards and vineyards, as areas with a greater prevalence of West Nile virus, in the U.S. This relates to the way mosquitoes spread the virus to birds, horses and people.

Arkansas hits record for West Nile deaths

West Nile disease has lashed out this year in many states. Some states, find they are passing previous records for reported cases, as well as deaths.

Dallas Mayor cites state of emergency — Aerial spraying to begin

Dallas - Texas health department reports that the cases of West Nile virus in Dallas and across Dallas county have reached 465 with 17 confirmed deaths so far.

Dallas Mayor declares state emergency as West Nile virus spreads

Dallas - Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has declared the city's West Nile virus outbreak to be a state emergency. The outbreak has killed at least 14 people in the state of Texas so far this year, and 26 nationwide, CNN reports.

Two probable cases of West Nile Virus in Toronto

Toronto - Dr. Howard Shapiro told media at 277 Victoria St. in Toronto that there are two probable causes of West Nile West. Positive test results of the virus will be in early next week.

CDC: West Nile virus disease cases in the U.S., up this year

Atlanta - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning the public to take steps to protect themselves against West Nile Virus (WNV) as the number of cases across the U.S. rise.

Second death from West Nile virus in Greece

As the number of reported cases of West Nile virus in Greece increases to 14, a second person has succumbed to the illness and died.

Five infected with West Nile virus in Greece

Five people have been infected with the mosquito borne West Nile virus, which can cause encephalitis and meningitis. Unusually, those infected were in urban areas of Athens.

Toronto health officials find West Nile Virus in mosquitoes

Toronto - Public Health officials for the city of Toronto say they have detected West Nile Virus in many mosquitoes in the Greater Toronto Area. There have been no reports of humans being infected by the virus this year but officials are cautious.

Another African virus crosses oceans with humans and mosquitoes

An African virus, carried by mosquitoes, is spreading to the west. The virus, called Chikungunya, does not have a vaccine and there is no treatment for it.

First Case Of Mosquito With West Nile Virus In Toronto

Toronto has its first case of West Nile Virus this year. A mosquito found within the city tested positive to the virus. There have been no human or bird cases so far this summer.

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The American bald eagle have made a remarkable comeback from near extinction in the 1960 s.
The American bald eagle have made a remarkable comeback from near extinction in the 1960's.
Jim Bauer
CDC map of reported cases of West Nile virus
CDC map of reported cases of West Nile virus
Mosquito  carrier of dengue fever
Mosquito, carrier of dengue fever
CDC/ William Brogdon