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West africa News

Ancient green building technique taking hold in West Africa

In semi-arid regions of West Africa, circumstance has created a housing crisis, and for many rural families, money is in short supply. The Nubian Vault Association is now helping people to build homes using an ancient green technique - mud bricks.

Liberia Experiences another Ebola death

Ebola Virus has resurfaced in the West-African regions — leading to calls for stronger steps to counter the persistent nature of this catastrophic epidemic.

These Adidas 3-D printed sneakers are made from ocean waste

Paris - During the climate talks in Paris earlier this week, Adidas unveiled a new type of sneaker that has a 3-D printed mid-sole fashioned from recycled polyester and gillnets. The company did this in partnership with the group Parley for the Oceans.

Just why has Ebola been so terrible in West Africa? Special

Bethesda - The Ebola crisis, which has ravaged parts of West Africa since December 2013, has been propelled by a host of factors. This week a leading National Institutes of Health scientist set out the reasons.

African vulture populations declining at alarming rate

After experiencing an alarmingly swift decline over the past several decades, six species of African vultures are now likely to qualify as 'Critically Endangered' by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Canadian company stops Ebola drug trial for lack of results

Trials have ceased of what was thought to be a promising drug to treat West Africans infected with the Ebola virus. Canadian company, Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, announced that its TKM-Ebola drug trials in Sierra Leone have been stopped.

Ebola point of origin traced to bats

Conakry - The Ebola epidemic in West Africa may have been triggered by bats in Guinea, according to a new research paper. However, other scientists question this theory due to a lack of evidence.

U.S. CDC issues new Ebola threat alert

London - One year on from the first Ebola case in Guinea, the U.S. CDC raises a new warning about the potential spread of the virus and notes that more needs to be done to slow down the spread disease.

Ebola outbreak 2014 — Virus detected in seminal fluid

The number of people infected with the Ebola virus has risen to over 16,000, with the death toll almost 7,000, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). But now WHO is reporting that the virus is also found in seminal and vaginal fluids.

Op-Ed: Ebola is not a world crisis

New York - No amount of television news coverage of front page stories is going to convince Americans that Ebola is a threat. It simply isn’t. It is not a world crisis, either.

Mali sees first Ebola case while death toll nears 5,000

Malian Health Minister Ousmane Kone spoke on state television on Thursday, confirming the country's first case of Ebola. The victim is a two-year-old child who tested positive for the virus after returning from Guinea.

Op-Ed: Ebolabama the latest problem of Barack Obama

Dallas - With all the attacks on President Barack Obama over Ebola it needs to be remembered that the disease has been known to exist since 1976.

Russian Health Minister: Three Ebola vaccines six months away

Moscow - On Saturday, Russian Health Minister, Veronika Skvortsova disclosed to journalists that three Ebola vaccines will be ready within the next six months.

Patient in Richmond, Virginia being evaluated for Ebola

Richmond - A local health clinic on Southside Richmond, Virginia contacted the Virginia State Department of Health Monday after a patient walked in off the street complaining of a low-grade fever. The patient also had traveled to Liberia within the past two weeks.

Op-Ed: France leads Europe into War on Terror

After failing to organize an international coalition to battle Muslim extremists in Mali, France has become embroiled in its own “war on terror” as Western allies offer meager support from a safe distance and nearby West African nations stay out.

Photo essay: Yoruba dining etiquette 101. Eating with the fingers Special

Ibadan - In some parts of the world, eating a meal with your fingers is considered vulgar or at best a concession in informal situations. In Nigeria, however, favorite dishes must be eaten with the fingers because they just don't taste right eaten with cutlery.

Cholera outbreak sweeps though West African coastal slums

Lagos - Health officials say that a cholera epidemic, one of the worst in years, is sweeping through the coastal slums of West Africa. The disease is spreading through Freetown and Conakry, capital cities of Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Guinea Bassau promises a warm welcome to Gaddafi

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has vowed to never leave the land of his ancestors. If he changes his mind though and fancies trying out exile, he will receive a warm welcome from the West African republic of Guinea Bissau.

Niger forms anti-corruption body

Following concerns that widespread corruption was discouraging investors, an anti-corruption body aimed at stepping up the fight against graft has been created in the uranium rich West African nation of Niger.

Refugees flee Ivory Coast

Thousands of refugees are fleeing violence in the politically unstable Ivory Coast in West Africa. Charity ActionAid reported more than 22,000 refugees have already crossed the border into neighbouring Liberia.

Chocolate manufacturer Hershey linked to child labour

Washington - Hershey, one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the U.S., is lagging behind other companies in taking steps to ensure decent working conditions in its supply chain, a report has said. The company has even been linked to child labour.

Aid agencies say West Africa on the brink of starvation, need aid

Niamey - Two of the largest humanitarian agencies, Oxfam International and Save The Children, are stating that the western region of Africa is on the brink of starvation. The aid agencies launched campaigns that appealed for $10 million just to help Niger.

45 die as bus overturns in Cameroon, West Africa

Yaound - At least 45 people have been killed in a bus accident in the West African nation of Cameroon. Reports say the driver was asleep at the wheel.

Pirate Attacks Spread To West Africa: Tanker Crewman Killed

Pirates have struck in the waters of the West African nation of Benin, killing a sailor. Reports say it is the first attack off Benin and experts warn of more attacks to come in West African waters.

UN to Ground West Africa Humanitarian Air Service

The United Nations said it is shutting down its Humanitarian Air Service in West Africa due to a serious lack of funding.

Polio Campaign Kicks off in West Africa

Fifty-three million children under five are expected to be reached across eight West African countries in a coordinated polio immunization campaign.

Why can't mariners shoot back at Somali pirates?

A very interesting debate is being waged on the website of AFRICOM about the role of Task Force 150. This multinational anti-terrorism task force patrols the Gulf of Aden between Yemen and the Horn of Africa.

WFP Humanitarian Air Service in Jeopardy

World Food Programme (WFP) warned that vital air services providing humanitarian support to hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people in West Africa are jeopardised by a shortage of funds.

Man returns from holiday with some unwelcome souvenirs

A British man returned from a holiday in West Africa recently, only to discover he had brought maggots home with him. The maggots were found under the man's skin.

Penis Thefts in Congo Raise Fears

West Africa is still enamored with the concept of witchcraft and has recently been deluged with calls to radio shows, the police and rumours of "thefts" occurring to some men.
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Abidjan  capital of Ivory Coast in West Africa
Abidjan, capital of Ivory Coast in West Africa
Thousands of people have been infected with cholera. If untreated  the disease can be fatal.
Thousands of people have been infected with cholera. If untreated, the disease can be fatal.
Growing human population has increased deforestation in Africa  which reduces chimpanzee habitat  dr...
Growing human population has increased deforestation in Africa, which reduces chimpanzee habitat, driving the species toward extinction, and accelerating climate change.
the Jane Goodall Institute
The popular perception of male Lions is that they don t hunt and spend most of their day lazing abou...
The popular perception of male Lions is that they don't hunt and spend most of their day lazing about. However, Lions will aid in hunting, and obviously need to hunt if they aren't part of a pride.
The Republic of Cameroon.
The Republic of Cameroon.
Workers stand atop a completed modular home built using the Nubian Vault technique.
Workers stand atop a completed modular home built using the Nubian Vault technique.
Nubian Vault Association
Masons are trained in the Nubian Vault technique.
Masons are trained in the Nubian Vault technique.
Nubian Vault Association
The spectre of hunger looms as drought hits West Africa
The spectre of hunger looms as drought hits West Africa
Timm Guenther / Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0
To enter some buildings  visitors must be screened or checked for a fever. A reading at or above 38....
To enter some buildings, visitors must be screened or checked for a fever. A reading at or above 38.6 degrees Celsius (or 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit) means you will not be allowed to enter.
CDC Global
Vaccines need to be empowered as Liberia gears up for yet another stint with Ebola
Vaccines need to be empowered as Liberia gears up for yet another stint with Ebola
European Commission DG ECHO

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